September 23, 2023


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GW38 Wildcard/free hit drafts you should consider

The last gameweek, the last wildcard draft for this season, the 2021/22 season is going to end this weekend. And with the Premier League title race, top four race and relegation battle still in the balance, it promises to be an interesting last gameweek.

Well, if you still have your wildcard or free hit available, then you can be a part of the fun in gameweek 38. There’s no need to panic as we’d be creating numerous GW38 wildcard and free hit draft in this article that could help you scale through this gameweek. Let’s get right into it.

GW38 Wildcard/free hit draft one

GW38 Wildcard/free hit one
GW38 Wildcard/free hit one

In this gameweek 38 wildcard/free hit draft, we’ve gone all in on Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City assets and it’s for obvious reasons – these are teams that have something to play for.

At the back, we’ve decided to go for mid-range defenders that could haul and get a couple of clean sheets as well. Going for mid-range defenders allows us to invest heavily in our midfield and attack. And that’s why we have three premium assets in this GW38 wildcard/free hit draft.

We’ve also excluded Salah in this gameweek 38 wildcard/free hit draft and that’s because we’re looking to get the most in-form premium assets – Kevin De Brunye, Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane are in much better form than Mohammed Salah.

Lastly, we’ve gone for Bowen and Ivan Toney. West Ham vs Brighton has the potential to be high-scoring and that’s because both teams would have a go at each other and in games like that there’s huge potential for returns.

As for Ivan Toney, we just think Leeds with their thin squad would find it difficult to contain Brentford’s attack which has been really good this season and if Brentford are going to score goals, you’d expect Ivan Toney to be amongst the scorers.

GW38 wildcard/free hit two

GW38 Wildcard/free hit two

This is a slightly different GW38 wildcard/free hit draft. In this draft, we’ve brought Foden in for Bowen, Salah for KDB, Vardy for Kane and Alonso for Matip.

And the reason for these changes is for us to have a wider representation of assets across this gameweek. Instead of focusing on just three to four teams, we have now added players from other teams who have good fixtures and are in good form.

GW38 wildcard/free hit three

GW38 Wildcard/free hit

This is a different GW38 wildcard/free hit draft. In this GW38 draft we’ve gone for two premium attackers and the same backline as the others but this time we’ve excluded Man City players.

The truth is these wildcard/free hit drafts are quite similar and it all depends on which areas of the pitch you’d love to spend heavily on.

We are also targeting assets from teams that have a lot to play for and that’s why there’s no much difference in these wildcard/free hit drafts – our options are being narrowed down to a few teams.

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