GW37 tips: what assets should you buy in gameweek 37

Whether you’re on a wildcard, free hit, or you’re using a free transfer this week, it’s important to take your time and consider the best assets available to you in gameweek 37 and that’s what we’d be looking to do in this article.

In this article we’d be looking at some of the best FPL assets to buy, which ones to avoid and which ones you should hold on to in double gameweek 37.

What FPL asset should you buy in gameweek 37

Wilfried Zaha

Zaha has been one of the most in-form players in the Premier League in recent weeks; with the Crystal Palace man blanking only four times in his last ten games. In that period he has scored seven goals, assisted zero goals and picked-up 63 points.

Zaha has also looked sharp in front of goal throughout this season with the Palace man scoring 13 goals from an xG of nine, this means he is out-performing his xG by four.

Zaha has also been taking lots of shots as well which is good for us FPL managers, as this increases his chance of getting a goal. Crystal Palace’s nice fixtures make Zaha even more appealing, with Palace facing Aston Villa and Everton in double gameweek 37.

So if you’re on a wildcard, you’re playing your free hit or you’re using your free transfer, Zaha is one you should consider.

Jordan Pickford

Another player who would be a nice addition if you’re on a wildcard or free hit in gameweek 37, is Jordan Pickford. The Everton man has been in good form of late and has been instrumental in Everton’s fight to stay up.

In his last five gameweeks, he has kept three clean sheets, picked up eight bonus points and has made 20 saves. This is exactly what you want from your goalkeeper in FPL.

You want a goalie who would still give you a couple of points even if he fails to keep a clean sheet and Pickford did just that against Leicester – the Everton goalkeeper made seven saves, picked up two bonus points, and returned six points even after conceding a goal.

Pickford is one you could add to your team this gameweek as he is in good form.

Ollie Watkins/Danny ings

If you’re looking for forwards to add to your wildcard or free hit teams, tthen these two, Ollie Watkins and Danny Ings are really good picks. If you’re on a free hit, then you might even go for the two but, if you aren’t on a free hit and you had to pick one of the two, here are some things to keep in mind.

Watkins has taken more shots in the box than Danny Ings with Watkins taking 20 shots and Ings with 12, Watkins(57) has more touches in the penalty area than Danny ings(33) and Watkins(3.5) also has better xGi(expected goal involvement) than Danny ings (2.2).


From those underlying stats, Watkins appears to be the better pick out of the two as he carries more goal scoring threat. At the same time Danny Ings looked really good against Liverpool and could be a good differential in gameweek 37.

If you’re on a wildcard, you want to be careful with the amount of Aston Villa assets you bring into your team in gameweek 37 as Aston Villa faces Manchester City in gameweek 38.


With Manchester City lacking defensive options, it looks like a good time to go for Zinchenko. Pep Guardiola in one of his recent press conference, said John Stones, Kyle Walker and Ruben Dias are out for the rest of the season. This makes the likes of Nathan Ake and Oleksandr Zinchenko really good picks.

If you’re on a wildcard or free hit, then these two players are solid differential picks that you should consider, as they offer you a cheap route into Manchester City’s defense. Another good thing is, they probably won’t even be rotated.


Richarlison has been one of the popular picks this gameweek and would be a good alternative if you don’t go for both Watkins and Danny Ings.

Not only is the Everton man being sort after, he also looks like he’d be a good captain pick in gameweek 37. Two home fixtures with an FDR of two, coupled with his good form, Richarlison is a major transfer target in gameweek 37 and if you’re on a wildcard, or you’re using your free hit then you should definitely be in your team.

What FPL assets should you hold onto if you’re on a wildcard or free hit

We all know that gameweek 37 is a double gameweek and one thing we don’t want to do is to overlook single gameweek players. So your Liverpool, Spurs and Man City assets are ones you should hold onto.

Spurs face a Burnley team who could be without Tarkowski/Mee, Burnley are also ranked 18th for expected goals conceded this year. With stats like these, you’d be expecting Kane and Son to haul this week and outscore some doublers.

Liverpool also face a Southampton side that has conceded the most big chances so far this calendar year. This means players like Salah, Trent or Robertson have potential to be explosive this gameweek and could also outscore most doublers as well.

If you’re on a wildcard and you leave out these assets it could easily backfire as they highly owned.

What FPL assets should you avoid if you’re on a wildcard or free hit

FPL assets from Burnley and Leicester are the ones we think you should avoid this gameweek if you’re on a wildcard, free hit or you’re using your free transfer.

Leicester really haven’t been great all season and they don’t have much to play for as well so it might be a little risky to go for their assets this week.

As for Burnley, there really isn’t any standout option that we can back completely and for that reason we’d stay clear of recommending their assets.

However, if you already own their assets, maybe a Cornet, Schmeichel, Maddison, Pope then you should still keep them.

GW37 wildcard draft

Gameweek 37 wildcard draft
Gameweek 37 wildcard draft

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GW37 wildcard draft
Gameweek 37 wildcard draft

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