GW37 free hit guide: teams to target and players to add to your gameweek 37 free hit team

The last double gameweek of this season, the penultimate gameweek, gameweek 37 is finally here and with five teams doubling this week, it’s a good time to make use of your free hit chip.

If you are looking to move up the ranks, free hitting in gameweek 37 is a good way to do that. With just five teams doubling in GW37, you have an advantage over your rivals if you free hit, you’d be able to create a solid team of single and double gameweek players without taking any hits while your rival might struggle to do this without a free hit.

In this article, we’d be looking at what teams you should target and what players you should add to your GW37 free hit team.

What teams should you target in gameweek 37

Targeting the right team is something we want to get right this gameweek and that’s why we’d be looking to target teams who are in good form and have something to play for.

We also want be careful so as not to get too carried away by teams who play twice because not all of them are in good form and some don’t have much to play for.

That being said, let’s now create a GW37 free hit draft that contains assets from teams that are in good form and also have something to play for.

GW37 free hit draft: teams and players to target

GW37 free hit draft
GW37 free hit draft

This is what our first GW37 free hit draft would look like and the teams we’re looking to target in this GW37 free hit are Everton, Aston Villa, Spurs, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool.

One thing to keep in mind is that Aston Villa and Crystal Palace don’t have much to play for but their form has been really good. With the likes of Zaha, Watkins, Ings and Cash performing well in previous gameweeks, it’s hard to overlook them. They also have really good fixtures this double gameweek.

We’ve also decided not to go heavy on Liverpool this week and that’s because of their FA Cup match and the fear of rotation. So we’ve decided to go for Diogo Jota this week as we suspect he might not start against Chelsea in the FA cup final and might be given a run in the league.

With Man City, we’ve gone for Zinchenko and that’s because City don’t have any more defenders this season with Walker, Dias and Stones being ruled out for the rest of the season. This makes Zinchenko pretty much nailed on for the rest of the season.

We’ve gone for Kane because we aren’t going with Salah this gameweek. We’ve also complete ignored Burnley and Leicester assets and that’s because they are two of the teams we think you should stay clear of in GW37.

Leicester really haven’t been all that great and their fixtures in double gameweek 37 is another red flag. They also have one of the worst attack at the moment – they don’t score that many goals at the moment. So it would be ok to avoid them this gameweek.

GW37 free hit draft: team full of doublers

GW37 free hit draft: a team full of double gameweek players
GW37 free hit draft: a team full of double gameweek players

Well, if you want to have a team full of double gameweek players, here’s a draft you might want to consider. I think these are the best players you can target from the various teams that double this gameweek. Yeah, we know there’s still no Burnley and that’s because there are no stand-out picks that we can back.

Honestly, it’s a really balanced and differential team that could haul in GW37. It’s FPL you never know, weird things happen and the more I look at the team the more I like it.

It all comes down to preference and which one your guts tells you to go for. If you have nothing to play for just try and go for the second team and let’s see how it’d go.

Gameweek 37 free hit draft dilemma and their answers

When you’re on a free hit, you always have to make some really tough decisions, you’d always have to pick between two really good assets and as you saw earlier we had to do the same when we picked Kane over Salah in our first GW37 free hit team.

Now, we’d be helping make some of those tough decisions. The first dilemma is:

GW37 free hit dilemma: Emi Martinez vs Jordan Pickford

@BigManBakar provides really good stats that could help you arrive at a good conclusion in this tweet below.

In this tweet, we can see that in terms of xG conceded per game and Big chances conceded per game, Emi Martinez is better. But when it comes to making saves and picking up bonus points, Jordan Pickford is the better player and that’s why Pickford would be our goalie this gameweek and Matty Cash would be our Villa defensive cover in case they keep a cleansheet.

GW37 free hit dilemma: Watkins vs Danny Ings

@BigManBakar also compares Ollie Watkins and Danny Ings’ numbers under Gerrard. And from his comparisons we can see that Watkins is more of a goal threat – he has taken more shots in the box, has had more touches in the penalty area, has had more big chances and also leads in expected goal involvement.

Well, we’ve gone for the both of them in our free hit draft but if you’re not comfortable doing that, then Richarlison would be a could replacement for either.

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