October 4, 2023


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GW36 wildcard team: wildcard draft template to consider GW36-38

Two really important gameweeks left and if you’ve got your wildcard available, you have put yourself in a really good position going into the final games of the season.

Gameweek 37 and 38 are two huge gameweeks that you’d need to take full advantage of and with your wildcard, you can prepare a team that would see you through these crucial gameweeks.

In this article, we’d be creating a couple of gameweek 37 wildcard drafts that would see you through the remainder of the season.

Gameweek 37 wildcard draft template

gw37 wildcard draft template
gw37 wildcard draft template

In this wildcard draft we’ve decided not to go all out on double gameweek players especially Aston Villa and that’s because Aston Villa face Manchester City in gameweek 38.

However, we’ve gone all in on Everton and that’s because of the form their players are in at the moment. The underlying stats for Jordan Pickford and Richarlison are really good and their gameweek 37 fixtures make it even better – two home games with an FDR of two is too good to ignore.

We’ve left out Mohammed Salah and have decided to triple up on Manchester City. The reason why Salah has been left out is because of fear of rotation as Liverpool face Chelsea in the FA Cup this weekend.

Other than that it’s a pretty good team that comprises of players in good form.

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Gameweek 37 wildcard draft
Your gameweek 37 wildcard draft

While your team might look pretty decent in gameweek 37, in gameweek 38, it won’t look all that great and that’s because Everton and Aston Villa have tough fixtures on the final day of the season.

GW37 wildcard draft
GW37 wildcard draft

Here’s another way you could set up your team if you’re on a wildcard. In this draft, we’ve decided to go for in-form budget midfielders and defenders.

Zaha, Foden, Saka, Zinchenko, Matip and Cash are all good picks this gameweek. Another good thing about this draft, is that you would be well set up for gameweek 38.

Here’s what your team would look like in gameweek 38

With this team you’d be good to go in gameweek 38, you’d have players who are on form and assets from teams who have something to play for.