September 23, 2023


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GW36 triple captain picks: Salah, Son, De Brunye who is the best triple captain pick.

If you’ve got your triple captain chip left, double gameweek 36 is a really good time to make use of this chip. We have a lot of premium assets doubling this gameweek and that’s what makes it even more appealing.

The likes of Mohammed Salah, Kevin De Brunye, and Heung-Min Son are all really good GW36 triple captain picks. While there might be so many options, we can only pick one and that’s what this article is going to help you do.

In this article we’d be analyzing the various GW36 triple captain picks and we’d be hoping you can use our analysis to pick the right gameweek 36 captain.

GW36 triple captain picks: Mohammed Salah

GW36 triple captain pick: Mohammed Salah
GW36 triple captain pick: Mohammed Salah

There’s no doubt that Mohammed Salah would be one of the popular captain picks this gameweek and that’s because of his enormous consistency – Mo Salah has the most goals, most assists and has also picked up the most points in FPL this season.

He is the definition of fixture-proof. The Liverpool winger scores against every side he comes up against and his opponents this week are no different. He has scored a total of nine goals against his opponents this week – five against Spurs and four against Aston Villa in fifteen apperances.

Salah is a man who loves a double gameweek and that shows in the amount of points(38) he has picked up in his previous two double gameweeks this season.

You really have to back Mohammed Salah this gameweek especially when he plays against two defences that aren’t that great.

GW36 triple captain picks: Kevin De Brunye

GW36 triple captain pick: Kevin De Brunye
GW36 triple captain pick: Kevin De Brunye

The Man city talisman is also another really good triple captain pick this gameweek. He has been in sensational form and from gameweek 20 till date, he has picked up a total of 101 points, he also has not blanked in his last four starts for Manchester City, scoring two goals, assisting three and producing 35 points.

Kevin De Brunye’s form and easy fixture in gameweek 36, makes him more appealing than the other GW36 triple captain picks.

However, there’s something to be weary of and that’s Pep’s roullette and that’s one of the reasons why people are staying clear of the Belgian midfielder.

I don’t think him being rotated would be too much of a problem this gameweek and that’s because Manchester City need De Brunye to play in their remaining games as they are involved in a really close title race.

In fact, De Brunye has only be rested twice in Manchester City’s last 16 games and those rest came before UEFA Champions League games and with City done with those mid week UCL games, you’d expect him to start the two games in gameweek 36.

If you’re looking to move up the ranks in your mini-league then De Brunye is the man for you this gameweek. His 10.4% ownerships makes him a really good diferential triple captain pick.

GW36 triple captain picks: Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son just like Kevin De Brunye and Mohammed Salah is another good player to triple captain in gameweek 36. With hauls of 21 and 19 in his last four appearances, it is really hard to look past him.

The second top scorer in the Premier League with 19 goals and the player with the second most point in FPL this season, Son is man worthy of the captains armband.

He has proven time and time again that he can score goals from absolutely anything and that has been the case this season- Heung-Min Son has scored 19 goals while having an xG of 11.59.

Spurs face Liverpool and Arsenal this double gameweek and it would be no surprise if Son got a couple against Liverpool especially when they a really high line.

I think both fixtures are ideal for the Tottenham man and we’d be backing him to get a couple of goals in his two games in gameweek 36.

Who should you triple captain in double gameweek 36

The obvious and safest GW36 triple captain pick is Mohammed Salah. He is a man in good form, a man that scores and creates goals it is only logical to triple captain him.

Well if you don’t want to play it safe this gameweek, then Kevin De Brunye would be the perfect GW36 triple captain. Kevin De Brunye really ticks all the boxes he is a man on form, he has good fixtures and he’s a differential that plays for Manchester City.

You might just be one De Brunye triple captain away from going top in your mini-league or moving really high in overall ranks. So you might just take the risk.