September 23, 2023


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GW35 wildcard draft and transfer targets: planning for double gameweek 36 & 37

Gameweek 35 is going to be a quite one as it’s not a double gameweek. So the need to make so many changes to our teams won’t be that necessary and many managers would probably roll over their free transfer so that they can have two transfers ahead of gameweek 36.

However if you do have a wildcard then this is the best time to use it as it would allow you prepare for the upcoming double gameweeks which are double gameweek 36 and 37.

That being said let’s now take a look at some players you can add to your gameweek 35 wildcard.

Gameweek 35-37 wildcard draft templates

Our gameweek 35 wildcard draft would be quite similar to the one created in gameweek 34, but this time we’d be suggesting a couple of tweaks you can make to it. This is what our gameweek 34 wildcard draft looked like.

gameweek 35 wildcard draft
gameweek 34 wildcard draft

And here’s how our wildcard draft look like now.

gameweek 35 wildcard draft
Gameweek 35 wildcard draft

This wildcard really isn’t bad at all in fact, with this wildcard draft you’d have 14 double gameweek players in gameweek 36 and six in double gameweek 37. It’s also perfect if you want to bench boost in gameweek 36.

There are a couple of changes that I’d suggest would be Timo Werner to a Richarlison as Everton have consecutive double gameweeks in gameweek 36 and 37 – they face Leicester and Watford in gameweek 36 then Brentford and Crystal Palace in gameweek 37.

Another player you might one to take out of this draft is Teemu Pukki. Yes, Pukki to Dennis is a change you might want to make as Dennis looks to have found some form. He also has much easier fixtures in double gameweek 36, Watford face Crystal Palace and Everton, while Norwich play against West Ham and Leicester.

If you make those changes you’d now have a wildcard draft that would give you 14 double gameweek players in gameweek 36 and six in gameweek 37. Here’s a look at the new draft

Gameweek 35 wildcard draft

Here’s double gameeweek 36 wildcard draft as well with 14 players playing twice.

Gameweek 36 wildcard draft.

And here’s gameweek 37’s wildcard draft.

Gameweek 37 wildcard draft

Gameweek 35 wildcard draft with Man City players

It has now been confirmed that Man City’s game against Wolves would be played in gameweek 36, this means that Man City now have a double gameweek in GW36.

Let’s now take a look at this gameweek 35 wildcard draft done by @FPL__Raptor on Twitter. In this draft @FPL__Raptor includes three Man City assets and creates a team that would enable you to bench boost in gameweek 36.

This team is well optimized for a bench boost in gameweek 36 and would take you all the way to gameweek 38. Feel free to give @FPL__Raptor a follow on Twitter.

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Gameweek 35 transfer targets

If you do not have your wildcard to play this gameweek, then you’d want to target players who have consecutive double gameweeks.

So the likes of Maddison, Vardy (if fit), Cash, Watkins, Philippe Coutinho, Gordon and Richarlison are all good transfer targets. You might also want to target some Crystal Palace players as they have a good fixture in double gameweek 36 and also play twice in gameweek 37. Zaha would be a good option.