GW34 Captains: Haaland, Rashford, Salah, or De Brunye – Our Top Picks

Gameweek 34 is a double gameweek and just like with every other gameweek, picking the right captain is crucial. There’s no doubt that the top captains for this week are going to be players that play twice. The likes of Rashford, Haaland, De Brunye, Salah and Mitoma are going to be amongst this week’s top captain picks.

Well, you can’t captain all five of these players. Who is the best GW34 captain? In this article, we’ll delve into the latest gameweek 34 captain polls to get an insight into who FPL managers are leaning toward for their captaincy picks. We’ll analyze the popular captain options like Haaland, Rashford, De Brunye, Mitoma, and Salah, and offer our insights into who we believe could be the best captain pick for the week.

Fantasy Premier League GW34 Captain poll

  1. According to the result of the GW34 captain picks poll conducted by ALLABOUTFPL, Erling Haaland of Man City is the player that most FPL managers are looking to captain in gameweek 34, the Man City forward has the most vote, with 79% of managers voting him as their preferred GW34 captain.
  2. In second place, we’ve got Mo Salah of Liverpool. The Liverpool man is being backed by 12% of FPL managers.
  3. In third place, we have Kevin De Brunye of Man City and he has 12 votes.
  4. In fourth, we have Marcus Rashford who has 7 votes.
  5. And finally, in fifth place, we’ve got Diogo Jota who has a total of 3 votes.

Well, from the GW34 captain picks poll it is clear that Erling Haaland of Man City is the popular GW34 captain pick, while Mo Salah is the next best pick after Haaland.

Fantasy Premier League GW34 Captain Picks

Now that we’ve seen the players FPL managers are looking to captain this gameweek, it is now time for us to share our own five-man shortlist of the best GW34 captains.

5. FPL GW34 Captain: Kaoru Mitoma

Brighton’s Kaoru Mitoma ranks fifth on our list of top captains for gameweek 34. Mitoma has been a consistent performer throughout the season, particularly during Brighton’s double gameweeks where he has consistently returned double-digit scores. With Brighton facing Wolves and Manchester United at home in this gameweek, there’s reason to believe that Mitoma will continue his impressive form.

Manchester United’s defense has been vulnerable since the injury of Lisandro Martinez, and Brighton will be looking to capitalize on their defensive frailties. Additionally, the prospect of revenge against United adds extra motivation for Mitoma and his teammates.

FPL GW34 Captain: Kaoru Mitoma

While Mitoma’s last match against Nott’m Forest wasn’t his best performance, he could have earned a few assists if his teammates had finished better. Despite three blanks in his last three outings, Mitoma’s potential to deliver in the upcoming double gameweek makes him a compelling option for fantasy managers.

4. FPL GW34 Captain: Mo Salah

Mo Salah takes fourth place in our captain picks for gameweek 34, as Liverpool face Spurs and Fulham. While Liverpool’s fixtures suggest that goals are likely, we don’t believe that Salah will outperform the players ranked higher on our list.

Our hesitance to recommend Salah as a captain stems from his positioning on the pitch. Liverpool’s new system has pushed Salah out wide, reducing his chances of scoring.

FPL GW34 Captain: Mo Salah

As fantasy managers, we prefer to captain players with a higher likelihood of finding the back of the net, and while Salah is certainly capable of scoring, we feel that there are better options available for the captaincy this week.

Of course, our prediction may prove to be incorrect, and Salah could well deliver a strong performance in gameweek 34. However, based on our analysis, we believe that there are more compelling captaincy options available, and Salah takes fourth place on our list.

3. FPL GW34 Captain: De Brunye

Our third pick for the gameweek 34 captaincy is Man City’s De Bruyne. His standout performance against Arsenal, where he scored two goals and provided an assist in a crucial title-deciding match, and his last four games prior to Arsenal’s game, where he has returned a total of 31 points scoring one goal and assisting four, has earned him a place on our list. Although De Bruyne hasn’t been as consistent in FPL this season as in previous years, we know that he has a different gear when it comes to the title run-in.

FPL GW34 Captain: De Brunye

Last season’s match against Wolves, where De Bruyne scored four goals, is an indication of the type of performance we could expect from him for the remainder of the season. With City looking to secure their third title in three years, and De Bruyne aiming to break his own assist record, we can expect him to play a vital role in the title run-in.

City’s upcoming fixtures against Fulham and West Ham provide a perfect opportunity for De Bruyne and City to get closer to the top of the table. As such, we believe that De Bruyne is a strong captaincy option for gameweek 34, given his ability to deliver in high-pressure situations.

De Brunye’s form means he’s not just a good captain, but he’s also a good player to own from now until the season ends. Find out what other players are essential picks in our: FPL GW34 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 34.

2. FPL GW34 Captain: Marcus Rashford

Our second pick for the gameweek 34 captaincy is Rashford from Manchester United. After his impressive performance against Spurs, where he scored a goal, provided an assist, and earned 12 FPL points, we have high expectations for him this week. Rashford looked sharp, took several shots, and got into excellent goal-scoring positions during that match.

FPL GW34 Captain: Marcus Rashford

Although the game against Aston Villa may pose some challenges due to their solid defense, it is at Old Trafford, where Rashford’s home form has been exceptional this season. Additionally, he has been playing out of position as a striker, which further increases his chances of scoring goals.

Overall, we believe that Rashford has the potential to deliver another double-digit FPL return this gameweek, especially given his recent form and favorable fixtures against Aston Villa and Brighton. As such, he is a strong candidate for the captaincy.

1. The best GW34 Captain: Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland is undoubtedly the best captaincy choice for GW34, having recorded impressive performances in his previous games. In his last game against Arsenal, he scored 14 points, making it three consecutive double-digit returns in his last three games. Within that period, he scored five goals and provided two assists, indicating that he is in red-hot form.

The best GW34 Captain: Erling Haaland

As an FPL manager, it makes perfect sense to captain a player who is in such great form and widely owned by other managers. If you own Haaland, he should be your go-to captain for GW34. For those with the triple captain chip, this could be the best time to use it on Haaland, given his impressive form and favorable fixtures.

Haaland has been exceptional and a standout performer in recent games. Therefore, he is the best choice for captaincy in GW34, and his performance may reward those who captained him with an impressive haul of points.

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