September 23, 2023


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GW30 free hit team: Blank gameweek 30 transfer targets

It is no secret that gameweek 30 is going to be a blank gameweek- with twelve teams blanking and eight teams playing. If you’re not well set up for blank gameweek 30, then more than half of your team would be blanking.

This makes gameweek 30 the perfect time to make use of the free hit chip. With just eight teams playing in this round of fixtures, you might be wondering who the best blank gameweek 30 transfer targets are.

In this article, we’d be creating a list of the best blank gameweek 30 transfer targets, and then we’d make our GW30 free hit team with our transfer targets.

What teams play in blank gameweek 30

There are not many fixtures in blank gameweek 30. In fact, only eight teams play in this round of fixtures:

  • Arsenal
  • Leicester
  • Spurs
  • Wolves
  • West Ham
  • Aston Villa
  • Brentford
  • Leeds

Those are the eight teams who feature in BGW30. Let’s now take a look at the fixtures in blank gameweek 30

If we’re being honest there’s really not that many easy fixtures in this gameweek. The fixtures that have an FDR of two are just

  • Wolves vs Leeds- with wolves having an FDR of two and
  • Leicester vs Brentford- with Leicester having an FDR of two

With that in mind the teams we’d be looking to target in this blank gameweek would be:

  • Arsenal- because of their form
  • Spurs- Also are in good form and have been scoring goals lately
  • Leicester and Wolves- have really good fixtures as they play against Brentford and Leeds.

What Spurs assets should you target for your blank gameweek 30 free hit team

Son and Kane

Kane and Son are the two Spurs assets that we could fully count on and bring into our GW30 free hit team. They would also be the first names on our GW30 free hit team.

The two Spurs forwards have been in great form in recent weeks, with the pair scoring a total of eight goals in their last five games.

They’ve also returned a total of 75 points in their last five games combined. The pair have been great on the pitch and would also be a great duo to target in blank gameweek 30.

West ham is also one of the teams Harry Kane enjoys playing against- Kane has thirteen goal involvement in his last seventeen games against West ham scoring 11 goals and assisting two in that period.

Another really good Spurs player to target for your GW30 free hit team would be Dejan Kulusevski. The Swedish man has picked up a total of 36 points in his last five games- scoring two goals and assisting three in that period.

He’s going to be a good alternative or a good third-player pick if you want to triple up on spurs assets in your blank gameweek 30 free hit team.

What Arsenal assets should you target for your blank GW30 free hit team

Arsenal has been in really good form in recent weeks, and you’d fancy them to get a result in gameweek 30 when they play Villa.

There are a couple of good players to pick from in this Arsenal team- we have Lacazette, Saka, Ramsdale, Martinelli, and Odegaard.

However, if I were to pick three players from Arsenal I would go with Lacazette, Saka and Ramsdale.


Lacazette (£8.3m) has produced five assists and a goal in his last five starts making him the most in-form forward in #FPL

The Arsenal forward has been really unlucky this term with goals, and his underlying stats suggest that he should have more goals than winger Saka.

In terms of assists, he has been over-performing- despite having an xA(expected assist) of 2.32; the Arsenal man has assisted eight goals this season.

In a blank gameweek where there are few options, picking one of the most in-form strikers in the game won’t be a bad idea.


The young midfielder has been Arsenal’s main man in front of goal this season- he has scored eight goals(only Smith Rowe has more, nine).

Saka is a player who looks like he’d get an assist or a goal in every game he plays- he passes the eye test and would be a good buy in gameweek 30.

Over his eleven appearances since GW16, Bukayo Saka (£6.5m) has scored seven goals and supplied four assists. Only Jarrod Bowen has made more attacking contributions in that time.


What a signing he has been for Arsenal this season. The Arsenal shot-stopper has already made seventy saves so far this season and has kept twelve clean sheets.

With Ramsdale in goal, you’re almost guaranteed save points, which in turn results in bonus points- No keeper has collected more bonus points than Ramsdale this season.

However, in blank gameweek 30, Jose Sa would be a much better pick than Ramsdale.

Odegaard and Martinelli are good Ramsdale alternatives. The two midfielders have looked good in the matches they’ve played this season.

What Leicester assets should you target for your blank GW30 free hit team

The Leicester assets that you should target for your blank gameweek 30 free hit team are Maddison and Barnes. They are the stand-out players for Leicester.

Harvey Barnes has picked up 23 points in his last four starts for Leicester this season- the winger has looked good since his return to the squad.

Maddison is another player who when he is on form, performs consistently. Well, that has not been the case in recent gameweeks- he has blanked in five of his last six gameweeks.

Another player you could consider from Leicester city is Kelechi Iheanacho- In the final 12 matches of last season, Kelechi Iheanacho (£6.9m) notched 90 points with 11 goals, two assists, and 18 bonus points.

He would be a good Maddison alternative.

What Wolves assets should you target for your blank GW30 free hit team

Wolves have a very good fixture in blank gameweek 30- they face Leeds who aren’t in the best of form. The game against Leeds makes it hard to ignore Wolves’ assets this gameweek.

It is almost like you can pick a Wolves asset from every area of the pitch.

The two stand-out picks in Wolves’ defense are Coady and Jose Sa. We all know how good Wolves are defensively. They just seem to keep clean sheets- they play against a Leeds side who are struggling to score goals.

Leeds have scored just four goals in their last six PL games. You’d expect Wolves to keep yet another clean sheet against this Leeds side.

Jimenez would be a good attacking option this gameweek. Leeds has been leaking lots of goals this season- in their last six games, they’ve conceded nineteen goals which is not good enough. We’d be hoping Jimenez can get a few goals against them.

A good Jimenez alternative would be Ivan Toney (£6.5m). Toney has now scored in each of his last five starts, netting seven goals and 44 points across those appearances- Only Cristiano Ronaldo (12) has more goals among FPL forwards than Ivan Toney (11) this season.

What Aston Villa assets should you target for your blank GW30 free hit team

Amongst Villa assets, Coutinho looks like the best pick if you’re going to go down that route. He has looked really good since his return to the premier league. He would be a good player to consider in blank gameweek 30.

One downside to the Coutinho transfer is that he plays Arsenal this gameweek, and that’s not an easy fixture given how good Arsenal have been defensively.

So I’d say he’s a good player to keep if he’s already in your team but if you’re on a free hit, you could go for a Saka, Barnes, Son, Kulusevski, or Podence.

What West Ham assets should you target for your blank GW30 free hit team

It’s really difficult to suggest a West ham player this week. Bowen would have been a good pick if he was fit enough to start in gameweek 30.

Since he is a doubt this gameweek, it is really difficult to tell who the main man for West ham would be. Antonio and Fornals are players you could go for. Other than that, it’s really difficult to tell.

It would be much better to avoid West ham assets this week.

What Leeds assets should you target for your blank GW30 free hit team

If you want to get any Leeds player into your team in gameweek 30, then it’s going to be their main man Raphinha.

Raphinha (£6.5m) created four chances in the match against Norwich and earned one assist. Ahead of a match against Wolves in GW30, the Brazilian showcased his all-round attacking potential- taking three shots and four corners.

Raphinha looks like the player that can make something happen for Leeds and he’d be a good pick in blank gameweek 30.

Blank gameweek 30 free hit team

With the season coming to an end, blank and double gameweeks seem to be increasing, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up.

We’ve created a chip strategy guide from GW30-38.  in this guide, we talk about when the next blank and double gameweeks would be and when to play your chips from now till the end of the season.

Our GW30 free hit is going to consist of three Spurs assets, three Arsenal assets and three Wolves assets because they are the teams in decent form.

The lack of defensive options and Wolves defensive stability is what has made us go for a Wolves triple up in defense in our GW30 free hit team.

And Spurs recent attacking displays is one of the reasons why we’ve tripled up on Spurs attackers in our GW30 free hit team- with Kulusevski, Son and Kane being our three Spurs players.

GW30 free hit team

This would be our blank gameweek 30 free hit team.

Blank gameweek 30 forward picks

Harry Kane



Blank gameweek 30 midfield picks





Blank gameweek 30 midfield picks

Aiit Nouri



Jose Sa

Blank gameweek 30 bench players





That would be our GW30 free hit team draft for now. That could be a few tweaks before the gameweek starts. Regardless though, it’s a pretty good team that can see you through this blank gameweek.