GW30 differential FPL Player In Focus – Jack Grealish

GW30 FPL Player In Focus - Jack Grealish

This is our player-in-focus article, in this series we’d be looking at different FPL assets from different teams. We’d analyze the player-in-focus, Jack Grealish. We’d be looking at his recent performances, his stats and fixtures. After which we’d share our thoughts on whether he’s a good FPL buy or not.

Jack Grealish’s Performances in Recent Gameweeks

Before we go into his stats, we want to first take a look at how Jack Grealish has performed in recent gameweeks for Man City. In City’s last five games, Grealish has started all five of those games. Scoring a goal, assisting two and returning 26 points.

He has been really impressive for Man City in recent gameweeks. However, the performance that has caught the eye of many, including FPL managers, is his performance against Liverpool in GW29.

A match where Grealish put up a show. He scored, assisted and looked dangerous throughout the match. Here’s a look at his stats against Liverpool:

Jack Grealish’s Underlying Numbers and Stats

There’s no doubt that Grealish has been impressive all season. This season alone, Grealish has got himself five goals and four assists in the Premier League, which is already more than he did throughout last season.

Not only is he scoring goals, he is also scoring against the much better sides in the Premier League. This season, he has got himself six-goal involvement against the Premier League’s big six.

His underlying numbers also look pretty decent, against Liverpool he had an xG of 0.65 and an xA of 0.52 which is one of the highest he’s had throughout this season.

Jack Grealish's stats from understat
Jack Grealish’s stats from understat

He’s taking more shots, getting into dangerous positions and picking the right passes. It is no surprise to see him perform this way and deliver FPL points.

Man City and Jack Grealish’s Upcoming fixtures

The next thing we’re going to be looking at is Jack Grealish’s upcoming fixtures in the Premier League. This would help you know whether he’s a great long-term FPL pick.

Man City and Jack Grealish's Upcoming fixtures

From the fixture ticker, we can see that Jack Grealish and Man City have some nice games coming up – five of their seven games have a fixture difficulty rating(FDR) of two which is good. It’s also a great indicator that Grealish is a good long-term pick.

However, the blank in GW32 is something that you need to keep in mind before going in on the City midfielder. It’d be a good strategy to have cover for him when he blanks in GW32.

While he’s blanking in GW32, his double in gameweek 34 is something that you’d be looking forward to. A double against Fulham and West Ham is something that Grealish owners and FPL managers would be looking to capitalize on – transferring Grealish in before his double is one way to do that.

Should you buy Jack Grealish in FPL?

Yes, if you’re looking for a cheap differential Man City FPL player that is guaranteed to start most games in the Premier League then Jack Grealish is a good buy for you.

Overall, Jack Grealish is a really good player. His fixtures, his form, his performances and his game time make him a really good FPL player to own as the season comes to an end.

He’s the cheapest way to get into Man City’s attack at 6.8million, Jack Grealish could prove to be a really solid differential pick for you.

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