September 23, 2023


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GW30-38 chip strategy: Free-hit, wildcard, bench-boost explained

There’s been a lot of blank and double gameweeks this season, and gameweek 30 is yet another one- with twelve teams blanking in gameweek 30. The truth is gameweek 30 would not be the last blank gameweek neither will gameweek 29 be the last double gameweek we have this season.

With a lot of teams still featuring in the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the Conference League, there’s going to be a few more blank and double gameweeks from gameweek 30-38.

with that in mind we’d be creating a chip strategy guide that would help you deal with the upcoming blank and double gameweeks from now till the end of the season. We’d be guiding you through the remainder of the season, showing you when the next blank and double gameweeks would be coming up and when to play your free hit, bench boost, and wildcard chips.

When are the next blank and double gameweeks

Gameweek 36 is definitely going to be the biggest double gameweek this season- ten to twelve teams double in gameweek 36. Gameweek 33 and 37 are also guaranteed double gameweeks for teams who aren’t in the FA Cup semi-finals and finals.

Another thing worth noting is that teams whose fixtures were rescheduled in gameweek 30 because of their FA Cup involvement would have their gameweek 30 fixture moved to 36.

And teams who have any game-in-hand would be doubling in gameweek 36.

This means the likes of Liverpool and Man City would be doubling in gameweek 36. However, Chelsea won’t be doubling in gameweek 36 because of the double gameweek they had in gameweek 28.

There could still be smaller double gameweeks in Gameweek 31, 32, 34, and 35 for teams who aren’t playing in Europe. So we could see the likes of Burnley, Everton, and Watford have double gameweeks within this period.

As for blank gameweeks, gameweek 33 could be a blank gameweek for teams who are in the FA Cup or teams who play against teams who are in the FA Cup semi-finals.

This means the likes of Aston Villa, Leeds and Wolves might blank in gameweek 33 if Chelsea, Man City, and Liverpool progress to the semi-final of the FA Cup.

The Blank gameweeks all depend on how far teams go in cup competitions so it’s one to keep an eye on.

FPL Chip strategy guide gameweek30-38: When to use your Bench boost

Gameweek 36 is the best time to use the bench boost chip. As said earlier, there is going to be about ten to twelve teams doubling in gameweek 36- you can field thirty players if you play your bench boost in gameweek 36.

It’s also going to be much easier to create a bench boost team in gameweek 36. Because there are going to be a lot of options to pick from- a lot of the popular teams would be doubling in this gameweek- Man united and Chelsea might not double in gameweek 36.

FPL Chip strategy guide: When to use your Free hit

Blank gameweek 30 is the ideal time to use the free hit chip if you don’t have a team that is set up for this. The reason is that a lot of the popular FPL assets are going to blank in gameweek 30.

This means your Liverpool assets, City assets, and Chelsea assets are all going to blank in gameweek 30, making it difficult to have a good 11 in blank gameweek 30. Which makes free hitting a could move.

Let’s take a look at the twelve teams that blank in gameweek 30:

  • Brighton
  • Burnley
  • Chelsea
  • Crystal Palace
  • Everton
  • Liverpool
  • Man city
  • Man united
  • Newcastle
  • Norwich
  • Southampton
  • Watford

And here are the eight teams who play in gameweek 30

FPL chip strategy: how to get past blank gameweek 30

To have a really good team in gameweek 30, you’d have to transfer out the likes of Salah, Trent, or KDB to bring in the likes of Kane, Son, and Lacazette for just one gameweek- it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do that. So yeah free hit in gameweek 30.

However, if you followed our gameweek 28 Wildcard draft, you have nine players that would feature in blank gameweek 30, and you don’t need to free hit this week. 

Which means you could save your free hit chip and use it in gameweek 33 where there might be another blank gameweek.

When else to use your triple captain

If you didn’t captain Salah in gameweek 26 and 27 double gameweek 36, would be another good time to use the triple captain chip on the Liverpool forward.

Gamweeks 33 and 37 would also be an okay time to use the triple captain chip. If there are good fixtures in there, you could use your triple captain on a player who has a double gameweek.

When to use your wildcard

Gameweek 31 would be a good time to make use of the wildcard chip. Why? Because from gameweek 31 we’d start to have an idea of what the fixtures would look like from 31 till the end of the season.

We’d then know what teams have blanks and what teams would have doubles. This makes it easier for us to create a team that would take us from gameweek 31 till the end of the season.

Gameweek 34 is also a good time to use the wildcard chip if you did not make use of it in gameweek 31. Wildcarding in 34 also allows you to prepare for double gameweek 36. By that time, you’d have an idea of what teams have double gameweeks in gameweek 36.

A look at our chip strategy guide from Gameweek 30-38

We’ve provided you with a guide on how to use your chips from now till the end of the season. We’ve told you when the next blank and double gameweeks would be coming up and what chips you could use.

Now we’d be showing you the perfect time to use each chip.

ChipsFree hitWildcardBench boostTriple captain
Gameweeks to use themGameweek 30gameweek 34gameweek 36Double gameweek 31/36
Our chip strategy guide from GW30-38

We are slowly reaching the end of the season- and there’s still so much to play for as FPL managers. Whether you’re trying to be amongst the top 100k, top 10k, the top 10, or you’re trying to win your mini-league, there’s still so much that needs to be done for you to reach that level. Hopefully, this chip strategy guide can give you an edge over your rivals