GW29 Bench Boost: Our Top Picks for your gameweek 29 bench boost

GW29 is a double gameweek that is perfect for a bench boost. Since 12 teams double, it’d be easy for you as an FPL manager to set up a team and bench full of doublers.

Benchboosting in GW29 is one of the most popular strategies in FPL this season. That’s because a double gameweek this big, won’t happen again in FPL this season.

So, if your bench boost chip is still available, feel free to hop on the GW29 bench boost train – there are a lot of us on it right now. Before we share our GW29 bench boost team, we’d like to help you identify if you should use the bench boost chip this gameweek.

What instances makes a GW29 bench boost ideal

  1. First, you should use your bench boost in GW29, if you have a team that is full of doublers. If you have up to 10 double gameweek players in your team, then you should use the bench boost chip.
  2. If you used your wildcard last gameweek and followed our template team, then you should be bench boosting this gameweek.
  3. If you don’t have your wildcard chip available and you can field a team of at least ten doublers by taking a -4 or -8 hit, then you should bench boost.

What other times can you use the bench boost chip this season

GW34 is the next best time to use the bench boost chip and that’s because it is the next big double gameweek. It’s important to note that it is not as big as GW29 since there are just six teams doubling in GW34.

If you have enough assets from these teams, then it would be a lot easier to bench boost in GW34. The teams that have a double gameweek 34 are:

  1. Brighton
  2. Fulham
  3. Liverpool
  4. Man City
  5. Man United
  6. West Ham

Key Points to Keep in Mind when bench boosting in GW29

  1. Remember that when selecting a team for your bench boost, you would need budget players. That’s why we’ve decided to create two teams using two different approaches as this would help you identify good budget players for each position.
  2. Another thing that you should note when bench boosting, is that you can still bench boost if you have a bench that has only single gameweek players. If you have three Arsenal players, you can still keep them in your team since they have good fixtures.

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Now that we’ve seen the best times to use the bench boost chip, it is now time for us to share a couple of GW29 bench boost squads.

Best FPL bench boost teams for double gameweek 29

Best FPL bench boost teams for double gameweek 29

This is a pretty solid GW29 bench boost team. You can see that in this team, we’ve got 14 doublers and one single gameweek player in Erling Haaland, which is pretty good. When using your bench boost chip you want to try to have enough doublers in your team, so that you can maximize your FPL points. That’s exactly what we’ve done with this team.

With this team, we’ve targeted some of the best doublers this gameweek. In defense, we’ve got full-backs who have the potential of getting clean sheets and attacking returns. That’s exactly why we’ve got the likes of:

  1. Trippier
  2. Estupinan
  3. Chilwell
  4. Shaw and
  5. Alexander Arnold.

These are defenders that play for teams with good fixtures and high clean-sheet odds. In midfield, we’ve got some solid options. The likes of Rashford, Mitoma, Bowen and Barnes are pretty good picks as they are cheap and allow us to invest in other areas of the pitch.

That’s exactly why we’ve decided to target mid-priced midfielders, going for such cheap assets enables us to have a strong bench like the one we have in this team.

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However, you can still target premium assets and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in our next GW29 bench boost team:

GW29 Bench Boost Team: Going in on Premiums

Best GW29 bench boost team

This is another GW29 bench boost team. In this one, you can see that we’ve decided to invest a lot less in our defenders. Instead of going for premium defenders, we’ve decided to go for budget defenders that would enable us to target the more premium midfielder and forward FPL assets.

Doing that has enabled us to get the likes of Salah, Darwin Nunez and Bruno Fernandes. As usual, it is a pretty solid team that has players that can deliver us FPL points. This team is currently predicted to return a total of 145 points, which is 6 more points than the first team.

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Bench Fodders for a GW29 bench boost team

These are ten players that’d be great options for a GW29 bench boost team

  1. March – £5.1m – 9.5% – MID / BHA
  2. Neto – £4.5m – 0.4% – GKP / BOU
  3. White – £4.7m – 11.9% – DEF / ARS
  4. Toney – £7.9m – 41.1% – FWD / BRE
  5. Isak – £6.7m – 3.5% – FWD / NEW
  6. Castagne – £4.4m – 6% – DEF / LEI
  7. Estupiñán – £4.8m – 11.3% – DEF / BHA
  8. Barnes – £6.7m – 1.9% – MID / LEI
  9. Bowen – £8m – 2.7% – MID / WHU
  10. Maddison – £8.2m – 9.7% – MID / LEI


In conclusion, GW29 is a golden opportunity for FPL managers to maximize their points by utilizing the bench boost chip. With 12 teams having a double gameweek, it’s the perfect time to set up a team and a bench full of doublers.

The popularity of bench boosting in GW29 shows how crucial it is for FPL managers to take advantage of this rare opportunity. However, before activating the chip, it’s important to assess your team and make sure that you have enough doublers to make it worth it.

With careful planning and strategic transfers, the bench boost chip could help you climb up the FPL ranks and achieve your desired overall rank.

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