September 23, 2023


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GW28 free hit team: the best players and teams to target for your gameweek 28 free hit

GW28 free hit team

GW28 is a blank gameweek where six teams blank and not just six random teams, it is six teams whom the majority of the popular FPL assets play for. Here are the teams that blank in GW28:

  1. Man United
  2. Man City
  3. West Ham
  4. Liverpool
  5. Brighton
  6. Fulham

A blank gameweek for these six teams means that it would be difficult for some FPL managers to field a team of 11 players – that’s exactly where the free hit chip comes into play.

Using your free hit in GW28 is a great way to set your team up for this blank gameweek. If you’re struggling to field eleven or at least eight players this gameweek, then you should be looking to free hit.

In this article, we’d be creating multiple free hit teams that’d serve as inspiration to FPL managers who are looking to activate their free hit this gameweek.

GW28 fixtures

GW28 fixtures
14 teams play and 6 teams blank in GW28

What teams should you target for your GW28 free hit

Looking at the fixtures, it is very important to target teams that have relatively easy games and teams that are on form. Based on that, here are the teams you should be looking to target for your GW28 free hit team:

  1. Chelsea
  2. Newcastle
  3. Arsenal
  4. Aston Villa
  5. Spurs
  6. Brentford
  7. Leicester

When else can you play your free hit chip

There are other gameweeks where free hitting would be ideal. Some of those gameweeks are:

  • Blank gameweek 32 – where the teams that make it to the FA Cup semis would be blanking.
  • Double gameweek 29 or 34 or 37 – another good strategy would be to use your free hit in a double gameweek.

Again if you are able to field at least eight players this gameweek, then you should probably hold onto the free hit chip and use it in one of the times we’ve got above.

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GW28 free hit teams

1. GW28 free hit team – 99.5million – 3-4-3 formation

GW28 free hit team - 99.5million - 3-4-3 formation

This is our first GW28 free hit and it’s a pretty solid one. We’ve got players in this team that play for sides that have good fixtures and we’ve also got players that are on form in this team.

In defense, we’ve got three full-backs that play for teams with good clean sheet odds in GW28. In midfield, we’ve got wingers and good attacking midfielders that can get us assists and goals.

And in attack, we’ve got a good-looking forward line as well. We think this attack is great because the players we’ve selected are playing against sides that very rarely keep clean sheets.

Obviously, there are still so many other good players that you could add to your team and to give you an idea of such players, we’d be creating another GW28 free hit team.

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2. GW28 free hit team – 98.6 million – 4-3-3 formation

GW28 free hit team - 98.6 million - 4-3-3 formation

This is our second GW28 free hit team and in this one, we’ve tried to select a different variety of FPL assets and players. You can see here that we’ve added a couple of Chelsea, Leicester, and Newcastle players.

You can also see that we’ve now got a solid bench and a solid starting eleven. You’ve got 1.4 million in the bank and you can use it to upgrade any other area of this team.

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It’s a really solid team, the only issue is that it’s difficult to decide which players start and which ones remain on the bench. Other than that, it is a free hit team you can use this gameweek.

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Players to Target on an FPL GW28 Free Hit

Defenders to target for your GW28 free hit team

Here are some of the best FPL defenders that would be great picks for your GW28 free hit team:

  • Trippier – £6m – 64.9% – DEF / NEW
  • Zinchenko – £5.2m – 14.5% – DEF / ARS
  • Chilwell – £5.9m – 4.4% – DEF / CHE
  • Botman – £4.5m – 5.7% – DEF / NEW
  • N.Williams – £3.9m – 15.2% – DEF / NFO

Midfielders to target for your GW28 free hit team

Here are some of the best FPL midfielders that would be great picks for your GW28 free hit team:

  • Ødegaard – £6.9m – 33.1% – MID / ARS
  • Sterling – £9.7m – 3.4% – MID / CHE
  • Martinelli – £6.6m – 37.5% – MID / ARS
  • Billing – £5.1m – 0.7% – MID / BOU
  • Maddison – £8.1m – 5.9% – MID / LEI
  • Son – £11.6m – 6.5% – MID / TOT

Forwards to target for your GW28 free hit team

Here are some of the best FPL forwards that would be great picks for your GW28 free hit team:

  • Kane – £11.7m – 38.6% – FWD / TOT
  • Havertz – £7.5m – 4.2% – FWD / CHE
  • Iheanacho – £6.1m – 1.7% – FWD / LEI
  • Toney – £7.8m – 39.7% – FWD / BRE
  • Watkins – £7.3m – 9.8% – FWD / AVL


In conclusion, FPL Blank Gameweek 28 presents a unique challenge for Fantasy Premier League managers. With several top teams not playing, it will be crucial to have a well-planned strategy in place to maximize points.

From carefully selecting players from the remaining fixtures to using chips like the Free Hit or Bench Boost, managers will need to be at the top of their game to succeed.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep an eye out for more articles on FPL Blank Gameweek 28, which will be published later this week.

We’d be covering transfer strategies, GW28 clean sheet odds and points predictions, wildcard teams, differential picks, predicted line-ups and captain picks.

These articles will provide more in-depth analysis and insights into how to navigate this tricky gameweek successfully. So stay tuned, and make sure to check back later for more FPL tips and tricks to help you climb up the ranks!