September 23, 2023


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GW25 free hit team: the best players and teams to target for your gameweek 25 free hit


GW25 is a gameweek where four teams blank and not just four random teams, it is eight teams where majority of the popular FPL players play for. Here are the teams that blank in GW25:

  • Man United
  • Brentford
  • Newcastle
  • Brighton

A blank gameweek for these four teams, mean that it would be difficult for majority of FPL managers to field a team of 11 players – that’s exactly where the free hit chip comes into play.

Using your free hit in GW25, is a great way to set your team up for this blank gameweek. If you’re struggling to field eleven or at least eight players this gameweek, then you should be looking to free hit.

In this article, we’d be creating multiple free hit teams that’d serve as inspiration to FPL managers who are looking to activate their free hit this gameweek.

GW25 free hit tips: Understanding the FPL free hit chip

Before we get into the team creation, let’s talk a little about the FPL free hit chip and when you should play it. Here are some frequently asked questions about the FPL free hit chip.

1. What is the free chip in FPL used for?

The Free Hit chip in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a chip that allows you to make unlimited transfers in a gameweek, with no point deductions.

The changes made will only be applied to that gameweek and will automatically reset to your original team for the next gameweek. It can be used once per season and is usually used to take advantage of favorable fixtures for a gameweek.

2. How many free hits do you get in FPL?

One free hit is assigned to every FPL manager during the course of a season. And this season is no different, all managers have just one free hit chip. Once you activated it, there’s no going back.

3. Does a free hit cancel transfers?

Yes, if you’ve used your free transfer and have incurred a minus, one of the best ways to cancel the minus incurred from excessive transfers in FPL, is by using the free hit chip.

Once the free hit chip is activated, your minus is taken a way and you can make as many changes and transfers to your FPL team. However, once the deadline passes your team would revert back to the way it was before the free hit was activated.

4. What are the rules of free hit in fpl?

To summarise everything, here are the rules of the free hit chip in FPL:

  1. You can only use the free hit chip once per season.
  2. You can activate the free hit chip at any time before the start of the gameweek.
  3. Once activated, you will have unlimited free transfers for that gameweek.
  4. After the gameweek is over, your team will revert back to how it was before you activated the free hit chip.
  5. Any unused transfers from the previous gameweek will not roll over when you use the free hit chip.
  6. You can make as many transfers as you want during the gameweek, but you cannot make any changes after the gameweek deadline has passed.
  7. The free hit chip does not affect your captain or vice-captain selection. You will need to select your captain and vice-captain as usual.
  8. The free hit chip does not affect your budget. You will still need to make sure that your team complies with the FPL budget restrictions.

To find out more about the free hit chip, like the best time to use it in an FPL season, feel free to check out our article on FPL chips and strategies: FPL chip strategy: the best time to use your FPL chips GW23-38.

FPL GW25 free hit team

It is now time for us to reveal our GW25 free hit team,

FPL GW25 free hit team

This is our first GW25 free hit team and we think the strategy here, is quite clear. You can see that we’re trying to get in a lot of players that have double gameweeks.

Doing this increases your chance of getting a lot of FPL points this gameweek and we also think that doing this is a great way to take full advantage of the free hit chip.

Ultimately, when you use your free hit chip in FPL, you want to use it to create a team that is much better than those who aren’t using their chip and that’s why we’re targeting players that double in GW25.

The free hit chip is one of the most powerful FPL chips out there, so make sure to utilize it and use it to its fullest potential.

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More FPL GW25 Free Hit Teams

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There’s no doubt that you’d be looking to captain the right player as you create your GW25 free hit team. And it is a lot harder to select a captain, when you have so many great options to pick from.

To help you with that, we’ve put together this article: FPL GW25 captain picks: Salah, Saka, Odegaard, Arnold the best double gameweek 25 captain. We talk about the best GW25 captain, we talk from Trent all the way down to Saka

Players being targeted in these free hit teams

Here are the players we’ve targeted in our various gameweek 25 free hit teams:

Defenders to buy for your gameweek 25 free hit team:

  1. Bueno – £3.9m – 6.3% – DEF / WOL
  2. Kilman – £4.3m – 2.6% – DEF / WOL
  3. Alexander-Arnold – £7.3m – 16.2% – DEF / LIV
  4. Tarkowski – £4.2m – 1.3% – DEF / EVE
  5. Dawson – £4.8m – 0.9% – DEF / WOL
  6. Zinchenko – £5.1m – 10.2% – DEF / ARS
  7. Gabriel – £5.2m – 13.5% – DEF / ARS
  8. Mykolenko – £4.3m – 0.9% – DEF / EVE
  9. Coleman – £4.4m – 0.9% – DEF / EVE

Midfielders to buy for your gameweek 25 free hit team:

  1. Salah – £12.7m – 23% – MID / LIV
  2. Andreas – £4.4m – 18.3% – MID / FUL
  3. Ødegaard – £6.8m – 26.2% – MID / ARS
  4. Mahrez – £7.5m – 3.8% – MID / MCI
  5. Gakpo – £7.7m – 0.7% – MID / LIV
  6. McNeil – £5.1m – 0.1% – MID / EVE
  7. Iwobi – £5.4m – 1.8% – MID / EVE
  8. Saka – £8.4m – 35.5% – MID / ARS
  9. Podence – £5.3m – 0.8% – MID / WOL

forwards to buy for your gameweek 25 free hit team:

  1. Haaland – £12.2m – 83% – FWD / MCI
  2. Cunha – £5.5m – 0.3% – FWD / WOL
  3. Darwin – £8.7m – 7.7% – FWD / LIV
  4. Nketiah – £6.7m – 9.1% – FWD / ARS
  5. Watkins – £7.2m – 4.7% – FWD / AVL

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There you have it a decent amount of GW25 free hit teams and drafts that can serve as inspiration to you as you create your GW25 free hit team.

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you did, then feel free to check back on our blog, as we’d be sharing more GW25 tips.

In the coming days, we’d be talking about the best GW25 captains, the best long and short-term transfers, predicted line-ups, wildcard teams and we’d also cover odds and predictions for GW25. We hope to catch you there.