September 23, 2023


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GW16 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 16 wildcard drafts to consider

GW16 wildcard

If you’ve kept hold of your wildcard, well this is the only time left to play it. Playing your wildcard this gameweek, is going to give you an extra edge over your mini-league rivals.

The fact that you’ve held on to it for this long, means that you have more than enough data to use as you select your GW16 players.

We here at raensports, have also made a comprehensive GW16 tips article that can help you as you go on to create your gameweek 16 wildcard team.

In this article, we’d be creating our own GW16 wildcard team, and we hope it would serve as a source of inspiration to those who are wildcarding this gameweek.

Some important things to keep in mind as you wildcard in gameweek 16

One thing to keep in mind as you wildcard this gameweek is that you don’t have to worry about future gameweeks and your wildcard should be used as a free hit.

This means that when selecting players, you want to target players that have good fixtures and players that are on form. Most of the articles we’ve covered so far this gameweek, would help you identify such players.

So, we recommend you check out our: GW16 analysis: Everything you need to know – FPL GW16 tips article, for a complete gameweek 16 guide. Everything you need to know concerning this gameweek is in there.

In the article, we’ve got fixture analysis, players to target, odds and predictions and we’ve also got our team selection article. Do make sure to check it out.

We’d be making use of some of those tips that we shared in those articles to now create our GW16 wildcard draft.

We’d creating wildcard drafts with three different strategies, in one we’d be going big at the back, in another we’d invest heavily in midfielders and finally our last wildcard strategy would be one were we go all out and get forwards.

1. GW16 wildcard draft: going big at the back

GW16 wildcard draft: going big at the back

In our first GW16 wildcard draft, we’ve decided to go big at the back and what this means is that we’ve spent a decent amount of our budget on expensive defenders.

In this wildcard draft, you can see that we’ve got Cancelo, Arnold, Trippier and Alisson in our defense.

We’ve not done this just for the sake of going big at the back, rather the defenders selected are expected to get us clean sheet points and a form of attacking return.

If you check our GW16 odds prediction article, you’d see what players and teams are expected to keep clean sheets this week. Since we already have an idea of what teams are expected to do that, we’ve gone on to target their assets.

We’ve gone for a really template midfield in this wildcard draft. Martinelli, Zaha, Almiron and Salah are all pretty good picks as well.

They are on form, have good underlying stats and their fixtures aren’t too difficult so we expect them to perform really well.

And up top, we’ve got Haaland(I mean who else would we go for) and Watkins who is a bit of a differential pick. To be honest there are not many good forwards options this gameweek, so we decided to take a week punt here with Watkins.

2. GW16 wildcard draft: going in on midfielders

GW16 wildcard draft: going in on midfielders

We’ve decided to go with an entirely different strategy here, in our second GW16 wildcard draft. In this one, we’ve gone all in and got ourselves four premium assets.

Two of which are midfielders, one defender and a striker. Well, we’ve done this because again like we said, this wildcard is literally a free hit, that’s why we’ve gone all in on the top performing FPL assets.

In order for us to get four premiums, we’ve had to let go of some of our premium defenders and Ollie Watkins. Which means that we’ve now got a couple of solid budget defenders and Solanke.

Once again, the defenders we’ve selected are the ones that are top of the clean sheet odds list; so we are confident to go with them.

It’s a pretty good wildcard draft, and it’s one that we’d be recommending that you try this gameweek.

3. GW16 wildcard draft: going in on forwards

GW16 wildcard draft: going in on forwards

Here’s our final GW16 wildcard draft and this one is a little different from the others. In this one, we’ve decided to go all in on forwards.

We’ve got a forward line of Kane, Haaland and Darwin Nunez. In order for us to achieve this, we’ve had to let go of a couple of our midfielders.

The likes of De Brunye, Salah and Almiron have made way for our premium forwards. We’ve also got two extra players and they are Maddison and Shaw, we expect them to well this gameweek and that’s why they have a place in our gameweek 16 wildcard team.


The truth is these various GW16 drafts that we’ve created are all pretty good and each of these strategies have paid off each time this season.

At the start of the season, the big at the back strategy was great but then it slowly faded away as mid-priced forwards started to pick up points and just last week, we’ve seen midfielders perform really well and so if you invested heavily in midfield, you’d have done alright.

These drafts are just for inspirational purposes and you can absolutely take inspiration from these various strategies and create your GW16 wildcard team.

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