September 23, 2023


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GW16 fixtures, team selection, scout picks and free hit team

So far in our bid to provide FPL managers with GW16 tips, we’ve covered so many interesting helpful topics that have been useful to FPL managers.

We’ve looked at the top performers in GW15, we’ve identified some of our top transfer targets and strategy for this gameweek, and just recently we looked at various GW16 predictions, we covered clean sheet odds, goal scorers odds and point predictions.

In this GW16 team selection article, we now want to use the various tips we’ve shared in those articles, to create our gamewek 16 team. This article would also be helpful for those looking to play their free hit this gameweek.

Gameweek 16 fixture analysis

Before we get right into creating our gameweek 16 team, we first want to look at this week’s round of fixtures and see which games we want to target:

From this round of fixtures, there are a decent amount of games that we can target and here are a few of them:

Teams to target for clean sheets

If you’re looking to get in players or teams that would give you clean sheet points, here are the matches to target:

  • Man City vs Brentford
  • Liverpool vs Southampton
  • Wolves vs Arsenal
  • Spurs vs Leeds
  • Brighton vs Aston Villa

From the list Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Brighton are the ones that have been predicted to keep clean sheets this gameweek.

So, when selecting your GW16 team or free hit team, it’d be nice to get in defenders from these teams.

To find out more teams expected to keep clean sheets, you can check out our: FPL GW16 clean sheet odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions article.

From our predictions article, we also noticed that this gameweek, is one of them ones where a lot points are expected from attacking players and midfielders.

Here are a couple of midfielders that we recommend you can keep an eye on this gameweek, as you select your gameweek 16 team:

  1. Mo Salah
  2. Kevin De Brunye
  3. Wilfried Zaha
  4. Almiron
  5. Trossard
  6. Rashford

Since midfielders are the ones predicted to get most of the points this gameweek, we’re left with just two strikers and that’s going to be Erling Haaland and Solanke

So, in our GW16 team, we’d be going all in on midfielders and defenders, which means that we’d be using the 4-4-2 formation. Let’s now get into our team selection.

Gameweek 16 team selection

Gameweek 16 team selection

This is our final GW16 team. Like we said earlier, we’d be going in on midfielders. This team is pretty balanced and has a lot of players that have been predicted to do well, have good stats and are on form.

We’ve got four premiums in this team, and they are Haaland, Salah, De Brunye and Cancelo. These players realistically should perform really well this gameweek, as they have pretty good fixtures.

This team is also one that would be good for those looking to free hit this gameweek. We know that when free hitting, it is good practice to get in top performing players and that’s why we’ve got four premiums into this team.

The bench is also quite solid, we’ve got two starters in Andreas and Williams, they are there just in the team, in case someone in our main 11 doesn’t start.

To find out more about why we’ve picked the players we’ve picked, we’d recommend you check out our GW16 analysis: Everything you need to know – FPL GW16 tips article.

To also find out more players to target this gameweek, then you can check out our: FPL GW16 transfers: the best gameweek 16 transfer strategy. There we speak at length on which players would be great buys and what players you should avoid this gameweek.

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