September 23, 2023


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GW16 analysis: Everything you need to know – FPL GW16 tips

GW16 TIPS: Everything you need to Know

The final gameweek, before the World Cup break is here, and we here at raensports have decided to put together a complete GW16 guide, that would help FPL managers navigate through the final gameweek.

In this article, we’d covering a lot of interesting topics regarding gameweek 16. In this FPL GW16 tips article, we’d be looking at gameweek 16 captain picks, fixtures, team selections and free hit teams, transfer targets, stats, point predictions and clean sheet odds, wildcard teams and many more.

As the week progresses, more articles and tips would be shared in this article, so feel free to check back each day.

GW15 results and stats watch

GW15 results

Before we get into selecting players for GW16, let’s first take a look at how some of our GW15 FPL assets performed. GW15 was one of those gameweeks, were so many troll FPL assets turned up.

We have the likes of Zaha, who scored and assisted after so many FPL managers sold him, we also have Leon Bailey, who got himself a goal, we have Mo Salah who picked up 15 points after a decent amount of FPL manager took him out for De Brunye in GW15 and then finally, we have Callum Wilson, GW15 most transferred-in player, who just returned one point.

In the midst of all of that “chaos” a decent bit of FPL assets still performed well. And even those popular picks that didn’t return points, still had pretty good underlying stats.

To find out how majority of FPL assets performed last gameweek, feel free to check out our: FPL GW15 review: top performers, stats – preparing for GW16.

In that article, you’d find out how many FPL assets performed last week, you’d see what assets played well, but just failed to deliver points.

The article would also help you identify what players you should hold onto, what players you should sell and which ones would be great additions to your FPL team.

Gameweek 16 transfers: best players to buy

After reviewing the stats and identifying GW15’s top performers, we decided to then create a tier-list of the best transfers you can make this gameweek.

In our gameweek 16 transfer tier-list, we took a look at some of the transfers FPL managers are making and then we ranked them from must-buys – bad transfers.

We used the stats gotten from our GW15 review article, to identify some really good defenders, midfielders and forwards that you can buy in GW16. We also spoke about the best transfer strategy to follow this gameweek.

All of that can be found in our: FPL GW16 transfers: the best gameweek 16 transfer strategy. Feel free to check it out.

You can get the stats of Maddison, Salah, Kane, De Brunye, Rashford and many more FPL assets. Do make sure to give it a read. You can also check out ALLABOUTFPL’S complete GW16 guide, for more GW16 tips.

Gameweek 16 predictions

Now that we’ve seen the top performers from GW15 and we’ve identified the players that we want to transfer into our teams, it is now time to see the recommendations of AI and various prediction tools.

In our FPL GW16 clean sheet odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions article, we take a look at what teams are predicted to keep clean sheets, what defenders are likely to have a form of attacking return, the most likely goal scorers and finally we have a look at what player is predicted to pick up the most points this gameweek.

If you’ve read our transfer target article, we recommend you check out our predictions post as well. It’d help you identify some more players to target this gameweek.

Gameweek 16 team selection and scout picks

After analyzing GW15 top performers and looking at the various gameweek 16 predictions, we decided to create our GW16 team. In this team selection article, we used the analysis gotten from all our other previous GW16 articles to create this team and here’s what it looks like: GW16 fixtures, team selection, scout picks and free hit team.

Gameweek 16 wildcard

Now that we’ve done enough research and we have an idea of the players we want to target, we’ve decided to now create numerous gameweek 16 wildcard drafts.

In our wildcard draft article, we make use of three strategies and then we used the information that we’ve got from our predictions article, transfer target article and our top performers post to select a team of 15 players.

Check out our GW16 wildcard draft here: GW16 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 16 wildcard drafts to consider

Would raensports be covering this year’s World Cup fantasy game?

The answer is yes, and if you’re looking to get started in this year’s World cup fantasy game, then check out our How to play FIFA World cup 2022 fantasy | tips, strategy & thoughts article.

The best gameweek 16 captain

This gameweek, there are so many good captain picks, we have the likes of Haaland, Kevin De Brunye, Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Gabby Jesus each of one of these players would be great GW16 captains.

We know that you can only pick one, that’s why we’ve decided to share our opinion on which one of them five would be the best GW16 captain.

Feel free to check out our: FPL GW16 captain picks: Jesus, Haaland, Kane, Salah the best gameweek 16 captain article.

GW16 injury updates

Gameweek 16 is only a couple of hours away and if you’re an FPL manager still contemplating on what FPL assets to buy, captain or sell but you can’t make a move because of injury doubts, then this article is for you: GW16 team news and injury updates: Mitrovic, Haaland and Wilson updates