September 23, 2023


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GW15 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 15 wildcards to consider

GW15 wildcard teams

GW15 is here and if you’ve held onto your wildcard chip to play it this gameweek, then this article is for you. In this article we’d be creating numerous GW15 wildcards, using different strategies.

The three strategies that we’re looking to deploy in each wildcard we create, is: 1. going big at the back, 2. investing heavily in midfield and 3. going all in on forwards.

So, do make sure to stick around, you’d find this article helpful if you’ve got your wildcard activated this gameweek.

Some important things to keep in mind as you wildcard in gameweek 15

One thing you want to keep in mind as you create your wildcard team, is that we’ve got just two games left, so it is really important to get in players that have good fixtures, are on form and are not on four yellow cards.

You also want to try to have a really solid bench, because we’re in the business end of this half of the season, which means a decent amount of teams would rotate their players, in order for us not to be affected by this, we’d need a good bench.

We’ve got this nice fixture ticker created by fpltips__ this would help us to identify teams with good fixtures from now up until GW16.

Now that we know what teams have games with good fixture difficulty ratings, it is now time for us to create our GW15 wildcard team.

1. GW15 wildcard team: going big at the back

GW15 wildcard team: going big at the back

This is our first GW15 wildcard team. In this one, we’ve decided to go big at the back. Normally, going big at the back would mean that we target a lot of premium defenders.

Since premium defenders aren’t performing that great we can’t recommend them this week. So, what we’ve done instead is, we’ve decided to bring in defenders from teams that have looked solid so far this season.

We’ve got Newcastle, Man City, Everton, Man United and West Ham cover, which we think is a really solid back line to have for the rest of the season.

We’ve got Ederson in goal as well, and you might not want to do that.

If you don’t want to spend so much on a goalie, then you could use Pickford instead and then downgrade Ederson to Ward who’s way cheaper. This means you’d have extra funds, that you can use to improve other areas of your team.

If you also take Ederson out, you can then remove Mo Salah and get in Kevin De Brunye. De Brunye is a much better pick than Mo Salah and it’d be better to have the Man City midfielder in your team.

You’ve also got 0.9million in the bank and we’d leave you to decide on what you want to do with that.

2. GW12 wildcard team: going in on midfielders

GW15 wildcard team: going all in on midfielders

This is our second GW15 wildcard team. In this one we’ve decided to focus on midfielders. We’ve got five really good midfielders who have nice fixtures and are on form.

In order for us to do this, we’ve had to let go of Callum Wilson and a couple of defenders. We now have a midfield that comprises of Maddison, Rashford, De Brunye, Almiron and Bowen.

We do think it’s a really nice midfield to have. The midfielders in this GW15 wildcard team, serve as nice placeholders. This means that you could easily swap any of them for any other midfielder if you’re not satisfied with their performances.

We know that there are so many good midfielders in the game, but we can’t pick all of them. The ones we’ve selected, have good fixtures in GW15&16.

The likes of Trossard, Foden, Saka(if fit) and Martinelli are all good picks and if you want to get them instead, then go for it.

3. GW15 wildcard team: going in on forwards

GW15 wildcard team: going all in on forwards

This is the last and final GW15 wildcard team. In this one, we’re investing heavily on forwards. We’ve decided to get in Darwin Nunez and Wilson.

Darwin Nunez is meant to give us that Liverpool cover, since we don’t have Mo Salah. This would help those who are in mini-league where their rivals have Mo Salah, in order to combat that, it’d be a nice strategy to get in Nunez alongside De Brunye.

The third striker that we’ve got is Wilson. We’ve done a really detailed article on Callum Wilson as an FPL asset, so do make sure to check that out: Wilson, Mitrovic, Jesus the best forwards to buy GW15.

In the article we’ve just linked, we took an in depth look at the stats of the forwards mentioned and then we ranked them based on those stats and other metrics, after which we decided on who the best forward is.

So, if you still trying to figure out which forward to get, or you’re looking for an Ivan Toney replacement, then that article would be a good read for you.


The truth is these various GW15 wildcard teams that we’ve created are all pretty good and each of these strategies have paid off each time this season.

At the start of the season, the big at the back strategy was great but then it slowly faded away as mid-priced forwards started to pick up points and just last week, we’ve seen midfielders perform really well and so if you invested heavily in midfield, you’d have done alright.

These drafts are just for inspirational purposes and you can absolutely take inspiration from these various strategies and create your GW15 wildcard team.

For more GW15 FPL tips feel free to check the FPL tips category of our blog, as we’d be sharing more GW15 tips.