September 23, 2023


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GW15 tips: captain picks, wildcards and transfer targets – complete gameweek 15 guide

With gameweek 15 starting right after the conclusion of gameweek 14, we’ve decided to put together a complete guide that would help FPL managers, navigate through this gameweek.

In this GW15 tips post, we’d be sharing our thoughts on several topics and answering some questions that FPL managers have asked ahead of GW15.

We’d be covering captain picks, we’d be creating wildcard teams and we’d be offering insights on which players you should bring into your team ahead of this gameweek.

It’s going to be an interesting article, and links to articles that answer these various questions would be posted here. Feel free to click on these links.

GW15 tips: who are the best Ivan Toney replacements

With only two gameweeks left before the World Cup break, the need for we FPL managers to finish the first-half of this season well, is very important; in other for us to this, we need to transfer in the best and the most in-form FPL assets.

In this article, we’d be focusing on FPL forwards. We’d be taking a look at some of the most in-form forwards in the game and then we’d decide on which one would be the best pick from GW15-GW16.

The best Toney replacement for gameweek 15

Well, there are three players that we’ve got on our radar this gameweek, We’ve got Gabby Jesus, Callum Wilson and Mitrovic. What we want to do, is decide on which one would be a better buy.

In order for us to decide on the best forward to buy this gameweek, we’d be looking at the fixtures of these players, their form and their underlying stats.

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GW15 tips: some of the best wildcard teams for gameweek 15

GW15 is here and if you’ve held onto your wildcard chip to play it this gameweek, then this article is for you. In this article we’d be creating numerous GW15 wildcards, using different strategies.

The three strategies that we’re looking to deploy in each wildcard we create, is: 1. going big at the back2. investing heavily in midfield and 3. going all in on forwards.

So, do make sure to stick around, you’d find this article helpful if you’ve got your wildcard activated this gameweek.

Feel free to check out our various GW15 wildcard teams in article we’re about to link below. You’d find a lot of helpful tips that’d help you as you create your GW15 wildcard team.

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GW15 odds predictions

With GW15 around the corner, we here at raensports have decided to bring to you some GW15 predictions. We’d be looking at the teams who are likely to keep clean sheets, players likely to deliver points, players likely to score and then we’d create our GW15 team with those information.

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