September 23, 2023


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GW14 clean sheet odds, goal scoring odds and point predictions

GW14 odds predictions

With GW14 around the corner, we here at raensports have decided to bring to you some GW14 predictions. We’d be looking at the teams who are likely to keep clean sheets, players likely to deliver points, players likely to score and then we’d create our GW14 team with those information.

GW14 clean sheet odds: what teams are most likely to keep clean sheets this gameweek

Here are ten teams predicted to keep clean sheets this week:

  1. Arsenal – 51.28%
  2. Man City – 40%
  3. Liverpool – 36.36%
  4. Spurs – 34.48%
  5. Man United – 32.26%
  6. Newcastle – 30.77%
  7. Crystal Palace – 30.3%
  8. Brentford – 25.64%
  9. Fulham – 22.73%
  10. Chelsea – 22.22%

These are the ten teams predicted to keep clean sheets in GW14. Some of these teams you’d almost expect them to get clean sheets, as they have relatively easy fixtures.

Here are the teams, these teams face in GW13:

  • Arsenal vs Nott’m Forest
  • Man City vs Leicester City
  • Spurs vs Bournemouth
  • Man United vs West Ham
  • Newcastle vs Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs Southampton
  • Brentford vs Wolves
  • Fulham vs Everton
  • Chelsea vs Brighton

From the list of teams predicted to keep clean sheets, here is another list of defenders predicted to go on and get some form of attacking return:

GW14 defender scoring odds

From this list of potential defender return odds, we can see that the AI is predicting mostly Arsenal, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool defenders to get a form of attacking return this gameweek.

There are seven full-backs in this list, eight center-backs and one goalkeepeer. For those wondering how these defender return odds are calculated, here’s how:

* The algorithm is combing the clean sheet odds and the goalscorer odds from more than 20 booking sites to give you the best odds for defenders to return fpl points.

GW14 goal scoring odds: 12 likely GW14 goal scorers

Moving on from defenders, we are now going to attackers and here are the 12 forwards predicted to score a goal in gameweek 14:

GW14 goal scoring odds

There really is no surprise in this list, the predicted goal scorers are players that you’d expect to get a couple of goals when they play.

Here’s how the goal scoring odds are calculated:

Our (NEW) algorithm collects the odds from more than 20 booking sites and converts to percentages exluding profit margin. (Xmins) Thereafter, percentages adjusted by players’ expected minutes and availability.

GW14 point predictions

Here are nine players predicted to get the most points in gameweek 14:

GoalAssistClean sheetsReturnPredicted points
Salah £12.7m Midfielder Liverpool0.790.400.461.198.0
Son £11.8m Midfielder Spurs0.750.400.321.157.8
Kane £11.5m Forward Spurs0.850.420.321.277.7
De Bruyne £12.3m Midfielder Man City0.430.680.431.117.2
Saka £7.9m Midfielder Arsenal0.580.420.481.006.9
Erling Haaland £12.1m Forward Man City0.900.200.431.106.9
Jesus £8.0m Forward Arsenal0.760.400.481.166.9
Martinelli £6.7m Midfielder Arsenal0.560.360.480.936.8
Foden £8.4m Midfielder Man City0.450.300.430.746.0

The predicted points data is provided by fantasyfootballhub, feel free to check them out.

GW14 team selection

Now that we know the players predicted to do well this gameweek, we’d now be creating our GW14 team with the information that has been made available to us.

GW14 team selection

P.S: This GW14 team is picked or selected with only this gameweek in mind, we’ve not taken future gameweeks into consideration at all. The purpose of this is to give you an idea of players you can target this gameweek.

You can check out our complete GW14 guide article, in that article we’d be posting helpful tips that would help you prepare for gameweek 14: GW14 tips: captains, fixtures, wildcard drafts and transfer tips

We’ve decided to follow through with the AI’s suggestions and recommendations. We’ve brought in players that the AI has predicted to get the most points, to keep clean sheets and to score goals.

Well, this is going to be the fifth gameweek, where we allow AI decide our team. Last gameweek, the AI did a pretty good job and the team that we went with picked up a total of 59 points, which in fairness wasn’t bad. We’d be hoping for more of the same this week.