September 23, 2023


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GW13 wildcard drafts: some of the best gameweek 13 wildcards

GW13 wildcard team

Three more gameweeks left before the World Cup break, if you still have your wildcard, this is one of the best times to use it.

A lot of teams fixtures have taken a positive swing, there’s no more blank gameweek, which means you can now go all in and get assets from so many clubs – if you have your wildcard, then you should play it.

In this article, we’d be creating numerous wildcard drafts using different strategies and we’d also share wildcard drafts created by FPL experts.

These wildcard drafts are created to serve as inspirational purposes, so do make sure to stick around as a lot of helpful tips would be shared.

Some important things to keep in mind as you wildcard in gameweek 13

Since there are only three more gameweeks left, this wildcard draft is going to be targeting teams with nice fixtures from now up until GW16.

Here’s a really nice fixture ticker that can help you identify teams with pretty good fixtures. The likes of Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool would probably be top of the list of teams you would be looking to target if you’re on a wildcard.

I mean, that’s one of the reasons why so many FPL experts had GW13 as one of the ideal times to use the wildcard chip. Using it now, also means that you have enough data to help you as you select your players.

So when playing your wildcard, you want to bring in players that’d be good long-term picks. If you do that, you won’t have to take hits in subsequent gameweeks.

What teams should you target for your GW13 wildcard

Here’s a nice fixture ticker done by @FPLFocal, he has re-arranged the fixture ticker by difficulty from now until the World Cup break, this now gives us an idea of teams that have nice fixtures from now up until GW16.

These are the teams we want to target or keep an eye on, as we create our GW13 wildcard team.

From the fixture ticker, we can see that:

  • Everton
  • Crystal Palace
  • Man City
  • West Ham
  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool
  • Man United
  • Bournemouth

The truth however, is that some of these teams with nice fixtures aren’t doing all that great. So, instead of just using the fixture difficulty of teams, you should take the form of these teams into consideration as you create your gw13 wildcard team.

1. GW13 wildcard draft: going big at the back

GW13 wildcard draft: going big at the back

This is our first wildcard strategy and this strategy involves going big at the back. We’ve tried to spend a decent amount of our budget on premium defenders.

The likes of Cancelo, Trent and Trippier all make up our back three. We’ve tried to get in players with pretty decent fixtures, that would be good long-term picks.

One thing with this draft is, there is just one premium in it and that’s Erling Haaland. That’s also another strategy you can go with, you could decide to pick just the one premium and then use the extra funds in other areas of the pitch.

Defenders you can target for your gameweek 13 wildcard team

Here some more nice defenders that you can consider as you pick your gw13 wildcard team:

  1. Ben White – £4.5m – 5.8% – DEF / ARS
  2. Robertson – £6.7m – 3.1% – DEF / LI
  3. Coady – £4.9m – 6% – DEF / EVE
  4. Saliba – £5.1m – 29.1% – DEF / ARS
  5. Pickford – £4.5m – 5.2% – GKP / EVE
  6. Guéhi – £4.4m – 3.7% – DEF / CRY
  7. Guaita – £4.5m – 3% – GKP / CRY
  8. Mykolenko – £4.5m – 0.6% – DEF / EVE
  9. Gomez – £4.5m – 1.9% – DEF / LIV

This is a list of defenders and goal keepers with pretty nice fixtures from now up until GW16.

Obviously, in the game you can only select 5 defenders, however we’ve taken our time to add four more defenders to the list above, those four are also really nice picks and would be great alternatives to the ones we’ve selected.

2. GW13 wildcard draft: going in on midfielders

GW13 wildcard draft: going in on midfielders

Another strategy that you could deploy when playing your wildcard this gameweek, is going all in on midfielders. In this GW13 wildcard, we’ve gone all in on midfielders and have also added another premium, in Mo Salah.

If we’re being real, both drafts look quite similar and that’s because we’re trying to get in players with pretty nice fixtures. In other to have a pretty decent midfield, we have decided to let go of some of our premium defenders.

Trent and Cancelo have made way for Zaha and Salah. That’s the sacrifice you’d have to make if you want to go all in on midfielders and also have another premium asset in your team.

Midfielders being targeted in our gameweek 13 wildcard team

Here are some more midfielders you can target and add to your GW13 wildcard team:

  1. Salah – £12.8m – 33.2% – MID / LIV
  2. Rashford – £6.6m – 15.9% – MID / MUN
  3. Saka – £7.9m – 14.1% – MID / ARS
  4. Zaha – £7.5m – 22.7% – MID / CRY
  5. Foden – £8.3m – 19.9% – MID / MCI
  6. Martinelli – £6.7m – 45.9% – MID / ARS
  7. Gordon – £5.4m – 2.4% – MID / EVE
  8. Eze – £5.6m – 3.2% – MID / CRY

Since we can only pick five midfielders, we’ve decided to provide a list of eight midfielders you can target or pick from as you pick players for your GW13 wildcard team. We’ve added three extra midfielders and they are Martinelli, Gordon and Eze.

3. GW13 wildcard draft: going in on forwards

GW13 wildcard draft: going in on forwards

This is our finally draft and this is one that we’re pretty drawn to, that’s because of the balance you get with this team. The defense of this team is quite good as it is a mix of both premiums and budget defenders.

The midfield is also really good as well – we have players who are in good form and also have nice fixtures.

The forward line is also another really nice part of this team, as you have forwards who play for really good attacking sides, have good fixtures and are also really nice long-term picks.

You also have 1.1million in the bank, we’d leave you to decide on what to do with that. In all, this is a pretty nice draft and would also serve as a good source of inspiration for FPL managers looking to wildcard this gameweek.

Forwards being targeted in our gameweek 12 wildcard team

  1. Scamacca – £6.7m – 1.2% – FWD / WHU
  2. Kane – £11.4m – 20% – FWD / TOT
  3. Haaland – £12.2m – 83.9% – FWD / MCI
  4. Darwin – £8.8m – 5.7% – FWD / LIV
  5. Solanke – £5.7m – 2.4% – FWD / BOU
  6. Toney – £7.4m – 26.4% – FWD / BRE
  7. Mitrović – £6.8m – 24.8% – FWD / FUL

Here are some additional strikers that you could pick as you create your GW13 wildcard team. We have the likes of Scamacca, Kane, Solanke, Toney and Mitrovic who are all great alternatives to the forwards we’ve picked.

GW13 wildcard drafts created by FPL experts

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, then you can check out some GW13 wildcard drafts created by other FPL experts.

In this one @FPL__Raptor shares what he’d do if he were to wildcard this gameweek:

Here’s another nice draft created by fpltips__ that could help you as you create your GW13 wildcard team:

You can also check out ALLABOUTFPL’S wildcard draft article:

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