September 23, 2023


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GW13 transfer targets: best players to buy gameweek 13

GW13 transfer targets

GW13 is here and the game is back to normal, as all twenty premier league sides now feature. As the gameweeks go by, we’re gradually getting to the first break of the season, which is the World cup break.

If you’ve used your wildcard already, your free transfers are more important than ever.

In this article, we’d be taking a look at some of the transfers FPL managers are making, we’d rank these transfers from great transfers to avoids and then we’d also suggest good long-term picks as well good as one week punts.

10 most popular transfers in GW13

Before, we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

From the image above, we can see what the 10 most popular transfers are this gameweek. A lot of managers are making moves early on and they are trying to get in players who have done well in GW12 and players who have really nice fixtures.

We can say this because we can see a decent amount of Arsenal and Man City players(these two clubs have pretty nice fixtures from GW13-16).

Some important things to keep in mind before making transfers

Before making any transfer, we want you to always have the players stat in mind, his fixtures and also how well he performs on the football pitch.

These three metrics would help you as you make a decision on which players to bring into your team and those three metrics are also what we’d be using when creating our GW13 tier-list.

Here’s a useful and pretty helpful post by @RegretFpl, he has taken his time to provide pretty useful stats that can help you as you decide on which FPL assets to bring into your team.

This Twitter post would help you know how various FPL assets performed in the last gameweek. @RegretFpl provides you with useful stats that can help you make better decisions as you look for players to bring into your team.

GW13 transfer tier-list

GW13 transfer tier-list

Who should you buy in gameweek 13

1. Erling Haaland

From the moves FPL managers are making, it is pretty obvious who the best transfer is this gameweek, and that’s Erling Haaland. A lot of managers must have taken him out because of his blank last week and they are now transferring him back into their team.

If you’re one of those managers who made that move, then Haaland should be top of your list of transfers this gameweek. His stats are impressive and he has good fixtures coming up – which makes him a good long-term pick.

Great transfers for your GW13 team

Well, if you didn’t take Haaland out of your team, here are some nice players worth bringing into your team this gameweek:

  • Foden – £8.3m – 19.9% – MID / MCI
  • Martinelli – £6.7m – 45.9% – MID / ARS
  • Saka – £7.9m – 14.1% – MID / ARS
  • Cancelo – £7.3m – 53.5% – DEF / MCI
  • Saliba – £5.1m – 29.1% – DEF / ARS

These five players would make great transfers this gameweek. They have good fixtures coming up, they are in good form and most of them aren’t all that expensive.

The question that comes up however, is which one should you go for? Should you pick Foden over Saka, Martinelli over Foden, or Saka over Martinelli? The answer is quite simple, Martinelli plus either Saka or Foden.

It all depends on your budget and how you want to set-up for the rest of the season. I personally, would rather have Foden and then pair Martinelli up with Jesus. That way you can of have the right balance in your team.

Either way they’re all great picks and I don’t think you can go wrong with them.

Defenders to buy GW13

In terms of defenders, Saliba and Cancelo are good picks and are great transfers to make this gameweek. In this list of defenders to buy, we’d also add Trent Alexander Arnold, Andy Robertson and Joe Gomez. These are the defenders amongst the big six that have pretty nice fixtures.

So if you’re looking to bring in defenders, then you should go down that route.

Great one week punt transfers for GW13

Ivan Toney is the guy that we have in this category of good one week punts, I mean you could even make that two weeks if you want. He has a pretty nice fixture this gameweek, he’s on form and he’s also really cheap.

So if you’re looking for a good forward, Toney is one worth considering.

GW13 optional transfers

In our tier-list, we have four players in this list, and they are:

  • Salah – £12.8m – 33.2% – MID / LIV
  • Toney – £7.4m – 26.4% – FWD / BRE
  • Trippier – £5.7m – 58.3% – DEF / NEW
  • Almirón – £5.3m – 8.3% – MID / NEW

These four players are in this category, because we think that there are much better options and players. Take for instance Mo Salah, we do think that going for either Foden, Saka or Martinelli would be much better in the long run.

And instead of spending 12.8million on Mo Salah, it’d be much better to go for a cheaper midfielder(Saka, Foden or Martinelli), then one of Trent or Robertson plus Darwin Nunez.

Doing this would give you more than enough Liverpool cover that would potentially outscore Mo Salah.

As for the Newcastle boys, it is more of wait and get them in GW14. They play Spurs this week, and that’s a pretty tough game – it’d be hard for Newcastle to get a clean sheet.

So instead of going in early, it’d be better to get Almiron and Trippier in GW14 when they have much easier games.

We don’t have anyone in bad transfer, and that’s because the players on this week’s list, are all pretty good and would be great additions to any team.

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