September 23, 2023


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GW13 team selection: Saka vs Foden, Salah vs Nunez – the best GW13 player picks

GW13 team selection

With GW13 around the corner, we’ve decided to put together a GW13 team selection article. In this article, we’d be taking a look at the fixtures for this gameweek, then we’d look at some players we want to target and then we’d create our GW13 team.

We’d be using stats and transfer trends to create this GW13 team. So do make sure to stick around it’s going to be a fun article.

FPL gameweek 13 team selection

Before we get into this gameweek’s team selection, we want to take a look at the fixtures of players and see which ones have nice fixtures this gameweek.

GW13 fixtures

Some GW13 standout fixtures and players to target

There are a lot of really good fixtures gameweek 13, with a a lot of big teams having decent games that we can be confident about going this gameweek. Let’s now look at some standout fixtures and players we should target from each fixture.

1. Liverpool vs Nott’m Forest

This is a really good game and it’s one that FPL managers would be looking to target. Nott’m Forest have one of the worst defenses in the league and it’s also a game you’d expect Liverpool to do well in.

You’d expect a clean sheet from Liverpool and a couple of goals. Here are some players that you should target from this fixture:

  • Darwin – £8.8m – 6% – FWD / LIV
  • Alexander-Arnold – £7.2m – 19.6% – DEF / LIV
  • Robertson – £6.7m – 3.8% – DEF / LIV
  • Salah – £12.8m – 33.2% – MID / LIV

If you’re looking to bring anyone in from Liverpool, these are the four players that we recommend.

2. Man City vs Brighton

Man City vs Brighton is another fixture that you should be looking to target this gameweek. City just lost to rivals Liverpool and they’d be looking to get back to winning ways this gameweek, which makes this fixture and City players very essential targets.

Here are a couple of City assets you can bring into your GW13 team:

  • Cancelo – £7.3m – 53.5% – DEF / MCI
  • Foden – £8.3m – 19.9% – MID / MCI
  • Haaland – £12.1m – 80.6% – FWD / MCI
  • De Bruyne – £12.3m – 29.6% – MID / MCI

Once again we’ve got four players on this list of players to target. These players however, are the best picks from City and we expect them to get points.

3. Arsenal vs Southampton

Arsenal vs Southampton is another game, where you can get a decent amount of FPL points this week. We talking clean sheets and attacking points as well.

Here are some Arsenal players you should bring into your team this gameweek:

  • Martinelli – £6.7m – 45.9% – MID / ARS
  • Saliba – £5.1m – 29.1% – DEF / ARS
  • Jesus – £8m – 59.8% – FWD / ARS
  • Saka – £7.9m – 14.1% – MID / ARS

Once again there are four players for you to pick from. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to get clean sheet points or you want to go all out on Arsenal attackers.

4. Newcastle vs Spurs

This one is slightly different from the first three fixtures we’ve spoken about in this article. Because in this one, we’re not just looking to target one team, rather we’re looking to get players from both sides.

Here are some players that you could target from this fixture:

  • Trippier – £5.7m – 58.3% – DEF / NEW
  • Almirón – £5.3m – 8.3% – MID / NEW
  • Kane – £11.5m – 23.5% – FWD / TOT

We’ve got three player on this list of players to target, and that’s because we believe that there much better options an assets in other teams.

5. West Ham vs Bournemouth

This is another really good game and there are a couple of really nice FPL assets that would be great additions to any FPL team. If you’re looking for nice one week punts then this fixture can provide you with that.

Here are a couple of FPL assets you can target from this game:

  • Bowen – £8.2m – 5.5% – MID / WHU
  • Scamacca – £6.8m – 2.1% – FWD / WHU
  • Solanke – £5.8m – 3.9% – FWD / BOU
  • Cresswell – £4.8m – 2.4% – DEF / WHU

Once again we’ve got four players, three from West Ham and one from Bournemouth. It’s a fixture that could produce goals, so we’re looking to get in those forward players.

GW13 team selection and player picks

Now that we have an idea of the players we want to buy and target, we now want to create our GW13 team.

GW13 team

Here’s our final GW13 team. In this team we’ve decided to go for a couple of premium players. We have a premium goalie in Alisson, two premium defenders in Trent and Cancelo and then lastly, we’ve got two premium forwards in Darwin and Haaland.

One thing that you’d notice in this team, is that there’s no Saka, Salah or Kevin De Brunye. Here’s why:

Saka vs Foden: who should you buy

Well, we do think that both players would be great additions to any team and you really can’t go wrong with these picks. However, we here are drawn to Foden a little bit more.

The reason being, that with Arsenal assets, you can easily have a pair of Martinelli and Jesus and still have a pretty good team and enough Arsenal cover.

So the points that you’d get from Martinelli and Jesus would be sufficient and it’d be enough cover for Saka.

With Foden, you don’t have the luxury of that. This easiest way to get into Man City’s attack, is Foden, Cancelo and Haaland. No other alternative and so that’s why we’re going with Foden.

Saka however, is a much better FPL asset and that’s because he’s on penalty, he’d play more minutes and he isn’t a rotation risk. But to have balance in our team, we’d simply just go with Foden over Saka.

Mo Salah vs Darwin Nunez: who should you buy

Once again, we’d be going with the less obvious pick and that’s Nunez. Again it’s about the balance of the team.

Having Salah in your team simply means that you probably won’t be able to have one of Foden or Saka, or one of Arnold or Cancelo and that we think isn’t great.

Another thing that puts us off Salah is the position he’s currently playing. It looks like he’s playing as a right midfielder, which means he’s far away from goal and it reduces his effectiveness.

You really don’t want to have your 12.8million asset playing too far away from goal, that just reduces his chances of scoring. So in other to have good balance and enough Liverpool representation, we’ve decided to go for Trent and Darwin.

Having these two allows us to make better use of our funds and also gives us more options. However, if Salah’s position changes, and he then begins to play further up the pitch, then he’d be a good pick.

If you have Salah you should definitely hold on to him, if you don’t, then we’d suggest you go for Trent and Darwin instead.

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