October 5, 2023


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GW13 captain picks: who is the best GW13 captain

GW13 captain

Captaincy this season has been somewhat straight forward, with a lot of FPL managers almost always leaving the captain’s armband on Erling Haaland.

This week however, there are a couple of good GW13 captains that could rival the Man City forward. We have the likes of Mo Salah, Harry Kane, Jarrod Bowen and even fellow Man City teammate, Phil Foden.

In this article, we’d be taking a look at the players mentioned and we’d see if they’re good enough GW13 captains or good Erling Haaland alternatives.

How did our GW12 captain picks perform

Before we get into our GW13 captain picks, we’d like to you to know how our GW12 captain picks performed:

1. Mo Salah

The player we backed last week was Mo Salah. He didn’t perform as expected and he only returned 3 points

2. Trossard

In second place, we had Leandro Trossard and just like Mo Salah, he returned only three points.

3. Harry Kane

Yet another blank. In GW12, we had Kane in third place and just like Salah and Trossard, he blanked but this time he returned two points.

4. Mitrovic

Finally a captain pick who actually turned up in GW12 – Mitrovic got himself a goal and 6 points.

5. Trippier

Trippier was the pick of the bunch. The Newcastle man got himself a clean sheet, three bonus points and nine points. Which was the highest return from our GW12 list of captains.

The best GW13 captain

1. Erling Haaland

There’s no doubt that Erling Haaland of Man City is the best GW13 captain. When compared to other players on our list of captains, Haaland outperforms them.

His stats and underlying numbers are just too good. Not only does he have good numbers, he also passes the eye test. Haaland is a player who is always in the box and every time City attack, they are looking to find him.

He takes a lot of shots in the box and also gets a lot of chances in games. This week he plays Brighton and you’d expect a reaction from Man City and Haaland after their defeat to rivals Liverpool.

If you do have Haaland in your team, then he’s the best player to captain this gameweek.

GW13 captain pick: Haaland stats
GW13 captain pick: Haaland stats

2. Mo Salah

Mo Salah is second on our list of GW13 captains and that’s because of his fixture this gameweek. Liverpool face Nott’m Forest in GW13 and on paper that looks like a really good fixture for a player like Mo Salah.

Nott’m Forest have one of the worst defense in the league and that’s something we’re looking to target. The problem with Salah however is the position he plays.

Salah in Wednesday’s game, looked to be playing as a right-midfielder and not a right-winger and that’s not good, as he looks to be playing further away from goal.

However, this gameweek it looks like he could play as a second striker with Darwin Nunez being a doubt.

If Salah does play in a more central role, then chances are that he could potentially outscore Erling Haaland, If he does not play further up the pitch, then it’d be better to play it safe and go with Erling Haaland.

GW13 captain pick: Salah stats
GW13 captain pick: Salah stats

3. Harry Kane

Harry Kane is another really good GW13 captain and would make a nice Erling Haaland alternative. We all know how lethal and great Kane is when it comes to goal scoring – he is one of the best finishers out there.

The problem with captaining Kane this week is, the fact that he plays a really good defensive unit in Newcastle. Newcastle have one of the best defense in the league and that’s what puts us off Kane.

Kane is great and would make a great GW13 captain, but when you look at Haaland and City, it is really hard to make a case for him. For one, Man City have a much better fixture and you’d count on City to score more goals than Spurs this gameweek.

Haaland also has KDB and some many other players out there who create chances for him, but with Kane, he almost always has to be both the creator and scorer. If you have both players, Haaland is the guy you should captain this gameweek.

GW13 captain pick: Kane stats
GW13 captain pick: Kane stats

4. Phil Foden

Another player that would make a good GW13 captain, is Phil Foden. The Man City winger has been in sensational form this season, scoring six goals, assisting four and has returned a total of 64 FPL points.

Foden is a player who passes the eye test. He takes a decent amount of shots, he gets into box and also has an eye for a pass. He’s also a part of this Man City side that creates so many chances each game.

40 points in his last 4 games is quite impressive, with the form Foden is in, he would make a really nice differential GW13 captain.

GW13 captain pick: Foden stats
GW13 captain pick: Foden stats

5. Jarrod Bowen

in 5th place, we’ve got Jarrod Bowen and he’d be another nice differential pick.

If you’re looking to do something entirely different, or you’re looking to climb up your mini-league, then a player that would make a good differential captain in GW13, is Bowen.

The West Ham man has been in pretty good form this month, getting himself 2 goals and an assist. We know those aren’t Haaland numbers, but again he passes the eye test.

Bowen is a player who looks really dangerous on the pitch and each time he’s on the ball, you feel like he’s going to make things happen.

His underlying numbers look decent and he has also got a nice fixture this gameweek. He’d be a nice differential this gameweek.

GW13 captain pick: Bowen stats
GW13 captain pick: Bowen stats