September 23, 2023


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GW12 transfer targets: best players to buy gameweek 12

GW12 transfer targets

With GW12 being a blank gameweek, the need to make transfers not just one, but two or three transfers is needed – Maddison’s suspension alongside the Arsenal and Man City blank, has made GW12 a little different.

In this article, we’d be taking a look at what moves FPL managers are making in terms of transfers, we’d then look at some James Maddison and Recce James replacements, and then finally we’d give our thoughts on which players you should transfer into your team, this gameweek.

10 most popular transfers in GW12

Before, we get into it, letโ€™s take a look at some of the most popular transfers FPL managers are making this week:

10 most popular transfers in GW12

From the image above, we can see what the 10 most popular transfers are this gameweek. A lot of managers are making moves early on and are trying to get in players who have done well in GW11 or players that have really nice fixtures.

What we want to do now in the remainder of this article, is rank these popular transfers and then share our opinion on which transfers would be great for you this gameweek.

Some important things to keep in mind before making transfers

Here’s a useful and pretty helpful post by @RegretFpl, he has taken his time to provide pretty useful stats that can help you as you decide on which FPL assets to bring into your team.

Hereโ€™s a nice fixture ticker done by fpltips__ , they have re-arranged the fixture ticker by difficulty from now until the World Cup break, this now gives you an idea of players that have nice fixtures from GW12-16 โ€“ these are the players you should look to transfer in this gameweek.

GW12 transfer tier list

GW12 transfer tier list

Here’s our GW12 transfer tier list. In this tier list, we’ve ranked the ten most popular transfers this gameweek, from Must buy -bad transfer.

We’d now be explaining why we’ve ranked these transfers this way.

Who should you buy in gameweek 12

1. Mo Salah

Well, from our tier list rankings their are two players that we think are really good transfers not just for this gameweek, but would be good transfers from now up until GW16 and they are, Mo Salah and Phil Foden.

Their fixtures and form are the two things that make them really appealing. This season we’ve seen a lot of teams have two premiums and over the course of the season, it has either been Kane and Haaland, or KDB and Haaland or Haaland and Salah.

However, we do think that now is the time to get Salah into your team. Liverpool look to have made a tweak to their formation, which has now seen Salah move closer to the goal, which wasn’t the case at the start of the season.

We all know the quality Salah has – he is a player that can score against any opponent. His next set of opponents, suggest that he could grab a couple more goals.

Mo Salah stats

If you have the funds to bring him into your team, then sure go for it. The potential is there and he’d also make a great GW12 captain.

2. Phil Foden

When it comes to midfielders in the 8million price bracket, there are two really good standout picks, and that’s Phil Foden and Bukayo Saka.

Phil Foden has been in really good form this season. He has been bagging goals and getting a decent amount of assists as well. His fixtures are good, he’s getting a good amount of game-time and he’s playing for the best attacking side in the League right now.

You really can’t go wrong with Foden and that’s why a decent amount of FPL managers are looking to transfer him into their teams. However, he doesn’t play this gameweek, so it won’t be the best move to bring him in now, if you’re not on a wildcard.

But here’s what you can do. You could either swap Maddison for him in GW13, or when making transfers this week keep a decent amount of cash in your bank so you can easily swap Trossard or any other midfielder out for him.

Phil Foden stats

Great transfers for your GW12 team

There are four players that we have in the category of great transfers you can make in GW12 and that’s:

  • Trippier – ยฃ5.7m – 57% – DEF / NEW
  • Kane – ยฃ11.4m – 22.9% – FWD / TOT
  • Mitroviฤ‡ – ยฃ6.7m – 22.8% – FWD / FUL
  • Toney – ยฃ7.4m – 25.1% – FWD / BRE

These players are all great transfers and are all good long term picks. You’ve got the second highest scoring defender who is on set-piece duty, in Trippier and three of the best forwards in the game.

Of course there are all good transfers, and if you’re on a wildcard or playing your free hit this gameweek, then these players are worth adding to your squad.

And for those who are looking for a Recce James replacement, Trippier is the guy. Trippier does not just give you clean sheet points, he is also heavily involved in Newcastle’s attacks and set-pieces.

Harry Kane would be a really nice second premium asset to pair up with Haaland. However, the reason why we have Salah above Kane is because of Kane’s fixtures. Kane’s fixtures are a little bit tougher than Salah’s.

So even though Kane’s fixture-proof, Salah would probably outscore him, because of his easier run of games.

As for Mitrovic and Toney, these two are great options to pair up with Haaland. Having a forward line of Haaland, Mitrovic and Toney is probably the best way to go right now.

So, yeah these four players are all good players and they’d be great additions to any squad.

Great one week punt transfers for GW12

The players that we have in the optional category of our GW12 transfers tier list, are players that we think would be great transfers just for gameweek 12 only.

What this means is that, their fixtures after GW12, aren’t all that great and they’d be much better options to go for after GW12. The players we have in this category are:

  • Trossard – ยฃ6.9m – 18.4% – MID / BHA
  • Mount – ยฃ7.7m – 7.7% – MID / CHE
  • Dier – ยฃ5.2m – 11.1% – DEF / TOT

Trossard, Mount and Dier are players that we think would be good alternatives for your Man City and Arsenal assets this gameweek.

For those looking to move Martinelli on, then Trossard would be a great alternative for you this week and for those looking to downgrade Brunye or Foden, then Mount would be another nice option this week.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that Trossard has two tough games after his fixture against Nott’m Forest. However, after that, he has two pretty good fixtures. So you might want to hold onto to him if you have a solid bench.

Our GW12 player to avoid

We’ve got Firmino in this category, not because he’s a bad player, rather he’s here because of his price. We do think that there are much cheaper options out there, we have the likes of Solanke, Scammaca, Mitrovic and Toney.

These are really good forward picks that are much cheaper than Firmino. Going for these players would allow you to spend money in other areas of the pitch, like in your midfield or defense.

Firmino is a good player, but there are better ways to spend 8million.