October 4, 2023


FPL Tips, News and Chip Strategy

GW12 tips: captain picks, differentials and chip strategy – complete GW12 guide

With gameweek 12 starting right after the conclusion of gameweek 11, we’ve decided to put together a complete guide that would help we FPL managers, navigate through this gameweek.

In this GW12 tips post, we’d be sharing our thoughts on several topics and answering some questions that FPL managers have asked ahead of GW12.

We’d be covering captain picks, differential picks, chip strategy(what FPL chip should be played this week, wildcard or Free hit), we’d be creating wildcard and free hit drafts and we’d be offering insights on which players you should bring into your team ahead of this gameweek.

It’s going to be an interesting article, and links to articles that answer these various questions would be posted here. Feel free to click on these links.

GW12 fixtures and chip strategies

Before we get right into providing any GW12 tips, we would want to have an idea of what this weeks, round of fixtures look like. So here’s gameweek 12’s fixture list:

It’s no news that Arsenal and Manchester City blank this gameweek and because of that a lot of FPL teams are being affected -some FPL managers won’t be able to field 11 players this gameweek.

And this blank gameweek has brought about several questions, questions such as what chip should you use, should I take a hit or should I field just 6-7 players. Well here’s what we think.

What FPL chip should you play this gameweek

Well, in terms of chips to play this gameweek, there are two options: either you wildcard or free hit. So, which one would be the better one to activate this gameweek?

Wildcard vs Free hit GW12

Well, for those managers who have both their wildcard and free hit chip this gameweek, It’d be better to play the wildcard in blank GW12.

Wildcarding in blank gameweek 12, would allow you to easily navigate through the gameweek and still have Man City and Arsenal assets.

You’d also be able to get players at a much cheaper price if you do play the wildcard early. Once again, be reminded that after the World Cup break, another wildcard would be made available to us and so holding the wildcard for too long isn’t that necessary.

Free Hit GW12

Free hitting in GW12, is also a good way to get past this blank gameweek, but in terms of actually utilizing and getting the most out of the free hit chip, GW12 does not offer that opportunity. And here’s why.

It’s a long season and there’s going to be more blank and double gameweeks. The double gameweeks, however are the ones we want to focus on.

A double gameweek is: when a team has two matches within a gameweek. They are usually caused by Premier League fixtures being rearranged. And when this happens, you’re going to get double the point of your various FPL assets.

And that is usually the ideal time to make use of your free hit, Free hitting when there’s a double gameweek, means you’d get double points which is much better than free hitting now, just to field 11 players.

So, in order to get the most out of that chip, it’d be better to hold it and free hit when there’s a double gameweek.

Well, if your team is in a complete mess and you feel the need to free hit, then sure you can give it a go. But if you don’t want to, then you could take a -4 or -8 hit and bring in players that would feature this gameweek.

While you take a -4 or -8 hit, be careful not to take out your Man City and Arsenal assets because after their blank, they have pretty nice fixtures

Gameweek 12 wildcard drafts

A blank for two teams that have been performing well this season, means that a decent amount of FPL managers won’t be able to field a team of 11 players in gameweek 12.

Well, there are a lot of ways to get past this blank gameweek, (1) you can take a hit(-4 or-8), or you could free hit or play your wildcard. No matter what your plan or strategy is, we here at raensports have got you covered.

In this article though, we’d be focusing on creating various wildcard drafts that would serve as inspiration for those looking to wildcard this gameweek.

Link to article:

Feel free to check back on this article for more chips, as we’d be creating wildcard and free hit drafts and we’d also be recommending players to get into your team ahead of GW12.

Gameweek 12 free hit team

With GW12 being a blank gameweek for Arsenal and Man City, a lot FPL managers are looking to play their free hit. Free hitting in GW12, allows FPL managers with only 5 or 6 players, to field a team of 11 players.

If you have a team with a total of six or five Man City and Arsenal players, then it won’t be the worst time to use your free hit chip.

In this article though, we’d be be creating a GW12 free hit team, that would serve as an inspiration to those looking to free hit in gameweek 12.

Link to article:

GW12 transfer strategy

With GW12 being a blank gameweek, the need to make transfers not just one, but two or three transfers is needed – Maddison’s suspension alongside the Arsenal and Man City blank, has made GW12 a little different.

In this article, we’d be taking a look at what moves FPL managers are making in terms of transfers, we’d then look at some James Maddison and Recce James replacements, and then finally we’d give our thoughts on which players you should transfer into your team, this gameweek.

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GW12 predictions: clean sheet odds, scoring odds and point predictions

With GW12 around the corner, we here at raensports have decided to bring to you some GW12 predictions. We’d be looking at the teams who are likely to keep clean sheets, players likely to deliver points, players likely to score and then we’d create our GW12 team with those information.

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Gameweek 12 captain picks: who should you captain this gameweek

After going almost ten gameweeks without bothering to change our captains, GW12 is here and it offers a different proposition – Haaland blanks which makes captaincy wide open and interesting.

There are several good options to pick from this gameweek we have the likes of: Harry Kane, Mo Salah and Trossard.

Find out what the experts have to say regarding captaincy this week in our GW12 captain picks article: