September 23, 2023


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GW12 free hit team: blank gameweeek 12 free hit team – Salah, Kane and Mount

GW12 free hit team

With GW12 being a blank gameweek for Man City and Arsenal, a lot of FPL managers are looking to play their free hit. Free hitting in GW12, allows FPL managers with only 5 or 6 players, to field a team of 11 players.

If you have a team with a total of six or five Man City and Arsenal players, then it won’t be the worst time to use your free hit chip.

However, there are other alternatives and better times to play the free hit chip. To find out what we think about free hitting this week, you can check out our: GW12 tips: captain picks, differentials and chip strategy – complete GW12 guide.

In this article though, we’d be be creating a GW12 free hit team, that would serve as an inspiration to those looking to free hit in gameweek 12.

What is free hit in FPL

The free hit is a chip that allows FPL managers make unlimited transfers in a single gameweek. The free hit can be used only once a season.

Can you cancel your free hit after it has been activated?

No, you can’t cancel your free hit after you’ve activated it and confirmed your transfers. Once activated, there’s no going back. So do make sure to think carefully before playing it.

Can you make a transfer and then use Free Hit?

Yes, you can make a transfer and then use the free hit chip. The player transferred in would be added to your team, you also need to note that you won’t get an extra free transfer the next gameweek.

What if you’ve taken a hit, can the free hit help remove it?

Yes, if you’ve taken a hit or incurred minuses and then you play your free hit, those minuses would no longer be counted or deducted from your points total.

P.S: Remember that changes made while using your free hit chip applies only for that gameweek, this means that after GW12, your team would go back to the way it was.

GW12 free hit team

Now, that we have an understanding of how the free hit chip works, we’d now be creating our gameweek 12 free hit team.

GW12 free hit team

Here’s how we’ve decided to set-up our free hit team for blank gameweek 12. The absence of Man City and Arsenal players have allowed us to select players from different teams.

In goal, we’ve gone for Kepa Arrizabalaga who has been in impressive form in recent gameweeks, he’s also cheap and plays for a Chelsea side that have started to keep clean sheets as well.

We’ve settled for a back three and that’s because clean sheets are really hard to come by. So instead of investing a lot on defenders, we’ve decided to invest in other areas of the pitch.

Robertson, Trippier and Dunk are defenders who we expect to keep clean sheets and they could also possibly get us some attacking returns.

In midfield, we’ve gone for players who have nice fixtures and are in good form. Mo Salah seems to have found some form in front of goal, and so we’ve put him in.

Mason Mount has also been impressive for Chelsea since Potter took charge, so he has a place in our team.

Then we have Trossard who plays against a team with one of the worst defenses in the league, in Nott’m Forest- Brighton are a team who create loads of chances and so we expect Trossard to perform well in this one.

Then lastly, we have Zaha who has not been in the best of forms in recent gameweeks, but still makes the sqaud because there really aren’t so many options out there.

The forward line is pretty decent. We have Kane, Firmino and Mitrovic three good strikers who are in really good form. The only issue we have with this forward line is Firmino.

There’s a chance he gets rotated or rested for Darwin Nunez so we’re not really sure about that one. If you don’t want to take the risk, you could go for safer picks in Solanke or Toney, or you could even bring in Nunez and reduce Robertson to a much cheaper defender.