GW11 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 11 wildcard to consider

GW11 wildcard

Six more gameweeks till the world cup break and if you still have your FPL wildcard, then GW11 is not the worst of times to play the wildcard.

If your strategy involves you wildcarding this gameweek, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’d be talking about players and teams to target and then we’d share numerous GW11 wildcard teams all set-up with different strategies.

Some important things to keep in mind as you wildcard this gameweek

One really important thing to keep in mind as you play your wildcard in gameweek 11, is that Man City and Arsenal do not play in GW12. So if you wildcard and bring in so many Arsenal and City players, you’d struggle to field 11 players next gameweek(GW12).

So to get over this, we’ve decided not to go all in on assets from these clubs, at least for now, It’d be good to have just three or four Arsenal and Man City assets and then a really solid bench, so that when GW12 comes around you can turn to your bench.

The last tip we’d like to share is that when you pick your Man City and Arsenal assets, you should try to pick players that would allow you to make direct swaps without you taking a hit.

What teams should you target for your GW11 wildcard

Here’s a nice fixture ticker done by @FPLFocal, he re-arranged the fixture ticker by difficulty from now until the World Cup, this now gives us an idea of teams that have nice fixtures from GW11-16 – these are the teams we want to target.

From the fixture ticker, we can see that:

  • Crystal Palace
  • Bournemouth
  • Everton
  • Man United
  • Aston Villa
  • Leicester
  • West Ham
  • Fulham
  • Wolves
  • Chelsea

These are the ten teams with really good fixtures from now until GW16 according to FPLFocal’S fixture ticker.

The truth however, is that some of the teams with nice fixtures aren’t doing all that great. So, instead of just using the fixture difficulty of teams, we’d be taking the form of these teams into consideration as we create our various wildcard draft.

Our wildcard should be a mixture of both teams who are on form and teams that have good fixtures as well.

1. GW11 wildcard draft: going big at the back

GW11 wildcard draft: going big at the back

Going big at the back is one strategy that could be used by FPL managers this week, but it’s not the best and it isn’t all that effective.

Going big at the back is a strategy that worked quiet well at the start of the season, but it is not as effective now, as we are seeing a lot of points come from the midfield and forward areas of the pitch.

So it wouldn’t be the best of ideas to spend most of your money on defenders as clean sheets are hard to come by. It’d be much better to spend a little in a defense and focus on getting in forward and midfielders.

This GW11 wildcard draft also has a total of four Arsenal and Man City players, which means that when GW12 comes around you’d have to transfer one of them out and hope your bench players play, so you can have a team of 11 players.

Which isn’t a bad strategy, but could it be better? Well, we’ll see.

2. GW11 wildcard draft: going in on midfielders

GW11 wildcard draft: going in on midfielders

This is another strategy that’s completely different to the one we have above. In this one, we’ve gone in on midfielders and we’ve tried to get in nailed-on starters in this wildcard team, cause remember that GW12 comes during the week, so they’d be a lot of rotations.

We’ve only got two premium defenders in this team and that’s James and Cancelo, which is quite alright as it doesn’t affect the balance of the team.

As for Arsenal and Man City assets, we have four in total, which also means that you would have to make a transfer before GW12. One transfer that you could make would be White to Estupinan of Brighton as he plays Nott’m Forest in GW12.

Another thing that was also hard for us to decide on, was whether to go with Foden or Cancelo.

And to be honest, Foden is a much better pick, as we think that Liverpool could score against Man City and that would leave Cancelo on two points if he doesn’t have any form of attacking return.

While Foden could run riot against a shaky Liverpool defense and get himself a couple of goals and assists. We’d leave that to you to decide on whom you want to go for.

3. GW11 wildcard draft: going in on forwards

GW11 wildcard draft: going in on forwards

This is the last and final wildcard team strategy and this one is almost a combination of both going in on midfielders and forwards as we have a pretty solid midfield and a nice forward line.

In other for us to acheive this, we’ve had to make a few tweaks to our team. First we took out Cancelo for Trippier, Fabian Schar for James Justin, Trossard for Almiron, Maddison for Phil Foden and then finally brought in Kane and took out Toney.

This draft just like every other draft, has a total of four Arsenal and Man City assets, which always means that a transfer would be needed before GW12, if you’re to field a team of 11 players.

Defenders being targeted in our gameweek 11 wildcard team

Here are eight GW11 defender picks for those looking to wildcard in GW11:

  1. Joao Cancelo – £7.3m – 53.7% – DEF / MCI
  2. James – £6.1m – 39.8% – DEF / CHE
  3. Trippier – £5.6m – 53.2% – DEF / NEW
  4. Guéhi – £4.3m – 2.2% – DEF / CRY
  5. James Justin – £4.3m – 1.5% – DEF / LEI
  6. Schär – £4.8m – 10.1% – DEF / NEW
  7. Ben White – £4.5m – 5.8% – DEF / ARS
  8. Perišić – £5.5m – 24.3% – DEF / TOT

Midfielders being targeted in our gameweek 11 wildcard team

Here are seven midfielders being targeted by us in our GW11 wildcard team:

  1. Foden – £8.2m – 17.9% – MID / MCI
  2. Martinelli – £6.6m – 45.5% – MID / ARS
  3. Zaha – £7.4m – 19.9% – MID / CRY
  4. Bowen – £8.1m – 4.7% – MID / WHU
  5. Almirón – £5.1m – 6% – MID / NEW
  6. Trossard – £6.8m – 13.5% – MID / BHA
  7. Maddison – £8.2m – 18.4% – MID / LEI

Forwards being targeted in our gameweek 11 wildcard team

Here are four attackers being targeted by us in our GW11 wildcard team:

  1. Scamacca – £6.7m – 1.2% – FWD / WHU
  2. Kane – £11.4m – 20% – FWD / TOT
  3. Haaland – £12.2m – 83.9% – FWD / MCI
  4. Toney – £7.3m – 23.4% – FWD / BRE


The truth is these various GW11 drafts that we’ve created are all pretty good and each of these strategies have paid off each time this season.

At the start of the season, the big at the back strategy was great but then it slowly faded away as mid-priced forwards started to pick up points and just last week, we’ve seen midfielders perform really well and so if you invested heavily in midfield, you’d have done alright.

These drafts are just for inspirational purposes and you can absolutely take inspiration from these various strategies and create a perfect GW11 wildcard team.

For more GW11 FPL tips feel free to check the FPL tips category of our blog, as we’d be sharing some GW11 tips.

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