September 23, 2023


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GW11 player picks: Trent, James and Luiz Diaz replacements

GW11 Player picks

A couple of players have picked up injuries and when this happens, it affects the plans and teams of many FPL managers. This week, a couple more FPL assets have joined the list of injured players – Trent, James and Luiz Diaz have all picked up injuries.

In this article, we’d be looking at nice replacements and alternatives for these FPL assets with injuries. We’d be looking at replacements for Trent, James, Mitrovic(if he’s unavaliable), Luiz Diaz, Isak and Martial, so do make sure to stick around.

GW11 replacements for Trent and Recce James

Since these two are defenders, we’d be grouping them together and looking for nice replacements. We’re going to provide you with different options and their stats and leave you to decide on which ones you want to go for.

5. Lewis Dunk

Dunk could be a nice replacement or alternative for Trent and James and it is because of his minutes. Remember that the gap between gameweek 11 and 12 isn’t much, so there would be rotation.

In order for us to get past this, we’d be looking to get defenders that are pretty nailed on.

Dunk also has pretty decent fixtures as well(Brighton face Brentford and Nott’m Forest respectively), he has a decent amount of aerial threat and could get a goal from set pieces.

He’s no Trent or Recce James but he could get you clean sheet points and he’d start football games. You could get him for gameweek’s 11 and 12, after which you look for replacements within the Arsenal and Man City ranks.

4. Eric Dier

Dier is another player that would be a decent alternative to Trent and James. Spurs also have a pretty decent fixture in gameweek 11(Everton) and a slightly tricky one in GW12(Man United).

He also is a good alternative mainly because he’s guaranteed minutes. He also just like Lewis Dunk, carries some goal scoring threat. In fact, Dier himself has scored one goal already this season from set-piece.

We all know how dangerous Spurs are from set-pieces, so getting Dier into your team, wouldn’t be so much of a bad idea.

You could also still look within the Spurs rank for potential James and Trent alternative, the only worry is that the Spurs full-backs are all rotation risks, which means going for them is a tad risky.

3. Marc Cucurella

He’s a Chelsea player and could be a nice James and Trent alternative as well. He’s a full-back who carries a lot of attacking threat, he has nice fixtures, but he’s not guaranteed minutes as we know Chelsea can rotate him.

Other than that, he’s a decent option and one worth considering. Another nice player to consider, would be Ben Chilwel of Chelsea.

Again, he’s quite similar to Marc Cucurella and if he’s guaranteed to start the next two games, then he’s one worth buying.

2. Trippier

Trippier is one other defender that would be a really good alternative, we know he’s owned by a decent amount of people, but if you don’t own him yet, then now would be a good time to bring him in.

He’s on set-pieces(free-kicks and corners) and he’s one who can assist from open-play. Trippier has blanked just two times in his last ten games, giving 49 points in that period.

The issue though with Trippier is that two of his next three games, is against Man United and Spurs but in gameweek 12, he faces Everton.

He’s a nailed on starter and would be a nice Trent and James alternative.

1. Joao Cancelo

Joao Cancelo is a bit of a different pick and one that would require an extra pick for it to be worth it. He’s also a little bit more expensive than Trent and James, but he’s worth every penny.

Man City blank in GW12 and that’s why we said you’d need an extra pick for you to make this transfer work. So, here are some nice defender bench fodders:

  • Jonny – £4.4m – 0.8% – DEF / WOL
  • Guéhi – £4.3m – 2.2% – DEF / CRY
  • Justin – £4.3m – 1.5% – DEF / LEI
  • Kehrer – £4.5m – 0.5% – DEF / WHU
  • Burn – £4.5m – 1.6% – DEF / NEW
  • Estupiñán – £4.5m – 0.5% – DEF / BHA

These are players selected from teams with nice fixtures from now up until GW16. The reason why we’re recommending them alongside Joao Cancelo, is because you could use one of them to replace him when he blanks in GW12.

Joao Cancelo is a really nice buy and his fixtures after the blank gameweek, are also really, really good; if you don’t own him, then now is the time to get him into your team.

Arsenal defenders would also be great alternatives after their blank in GW12, as they also have really good fixtures. You could also apply the same logic we use with Cancelo, with an Arsenal defender.

GW11 replacements for Luiz Diaz

When it comes to Luiz Diaz replacements, there a couple of really good alternatives, as a lot of midfielders in this price bracket seem to have found some form.

Earlier this week, we wrote an article about the best transfers you could possibly make this gameweek and in that article, we touched on two potential Luiz Diaz replacements in Foden and Trossard, so do make sure to check out the article: FPL GW11 best transfers: midfielders, defenders and forwards to transfer to your team in GW11.

A couple of nice Luiz Diaz replacements that we didn’t talk about in that article are, Mason Mount, Jarrod Bowen and Miguel Almiron.

These three players would be great alternatives for Luiz Diaz. We also have the likes of Wilfried Zaha and James Maddison who are in that price bracket and would be great alternatives as well.

1. Mason Mount stats

Mason Mount stats

2. Jarrod Bowen stats

 Jarrod Bowen stats

3. Miguel Almiron stats

Miguel Almiron stats

4. Wilfried Zaha stats

Wilfried Zaha stats

5. James Maddison stats

James Maddison stats

We hope that having the stats of these potential Luiz Diaz replacements, can help you as you make your decision. Remember to always go for long term picks, and always remember to take a look at the fixtures of the players before selecting them.

GW12 is a blank and it is really close to GW11, so also try to select players that are pretty nailed-on. Maddison, Zaha and Bowen are examples of players that are nailed on.

Mitrovic, Isak and Martial replacements

As for forwards, there are a couple of decent replacements for Mitrovic, Isak and Martial. One of them would be Scamacca who has been in decent form for West Ham.

Another one you could consider would be Harry Kane who has been performing very well, he has been scoring and assisting – Kane has scored 8 goals and has assisted two this season.

He has been having a really nice season, but Erling Haaland’s performances have put him under the radar, so if you do reduce James to a cheaper defender, you can use the remaining funds to possibly get Kane in.

Jesus and Ivan Toney are also really decent replacements and alternatives as well. They have good fixtures and are also in good form.