GW10 wildcard draft: some of the best gameweek 10 wildcard to consider

GW10 is here and if you didn’t play your wildcard last gameweek, you must be itching to play yours this week. As usual we always say there’s no perfect time to play the wildcard and if your plan and strategy involves wildcarding in GW10 then we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’d be creating three GW10 wildcard drafts using three different strategies. In one of them we’d be going big at the back, in another we’d invest heavily in midfield and in the last one, we’d go all in, in attack.

Some important things to keep in mind as you wildcard this gameweek

One really important thing to keep in mind as you play your wildcard this gameweek, is that Man City and Arsenal do not play in GW12. So if you wildcard and bring in so many Arsenal and City players, you’d struggle to field 11 players in gameweek 12.

So to get over this, we’ve decided not to go all in on assets from these clubs, at least for now, we’re only targeting Man City assets because they have better fixtures than Arsenal.

Another thing that you should focus on when wildcarding this week, is your bench. The players you have on your bench would help you when GW12 comes around.

Here are some nice bench fodders for your wildcard team.

GW10 budget defenders for wildcard team

  • Castagne – £4.4m – 1.3% – DEF / LEI
  • Schär – £4.7m – 9.7% – DEF / NEW
  • Fofana – £4.4m – 2.6% – DEF / CHE
  • Justin – £4.3m – 1.2% – DEF / LEI
  • Dalot – £4.5m – 7.9% – DEF / MUN

GW10 budget defenders for wildcard team

  • Almirón – £5.1m – 3.7% – MID / NEW
  • Trossard – £6.7m – 8.8% – MID / BHA
  • Rashford – £6.5m – 13.5% – MID / MUN
  • Barnes – £6.9m – 1.4% – MID / LEI

These players that we’ve listed as good bench options for your gameweek 10 wildcard team, also have really nice fixtures in GW12.

Here’s a really helpful fixture ticker done by @HollyShand that can help you identify teams with nice fixtures.

The last tip we’d like to share is that when you pick your Man City assets, you should try to pick players that would allow you to make direct swaps without you taking a hit.

So players like Foden, De Brunye and Cancelo are good picks because you can easily swap these players for Liverpool assets, since these Liverpool players have nice fixtures in GW12.

You could easily just do:

Foden – Luiz Diaz

Cancelo – Trent and

Kevin De Brunye – Salah

1. GW10 wildcard draft: going big at the back

In this GW10 wildcard, we’re going to be going big at the back, we’d be getting in premium defenders and goal keepers and we’d see how this team would shape up.

Before we get into our team, we’d like to see some of the best premium defenders you can get if you’re on a wildcard.

Five of the best premium defenders for your wildcard draft

  • James – £6m – 37.7% – DEF / CHE
  • Alexander-Arnold – £7.4m – 31.6% – DEF / LIV
  • Cancelo – £7.2m – 51.7% – DEF / MCI
  • Perišić – £5.6m – 25.7% – DEF / TOT
  • Trippier – £5.5m – 49.6% – DEF / NEW

These five defenders are the ones we’re going to build our first GW10 wildcard team around. Remember this strategy involves going big at the back, hence why we’re building around these defenders.

Here’s the final team. If your strategy involves going big at the back, then you can get some inspiration from this. It’s not entirely bad and it could pay off.

But the truth is that teams aren’t keeping so many clean sheets again and some of these premium defenders aren’t getting so many goals and assists either, so going big at the back, isn’t the best strategy for now.

This was the template team or the strategy that most FPL managers deployed at the start of the season, but they’ve since moved on from this because of the reasons we stated earlier.

2. GW10 wildcard draft: investing in midfielders

The next strategy you could possibly try to deploy, is one were you focus most of your attention on midfielders. Getting in a good range of midfielders, from premium picks to budget and mid priced assets is another strategy that could pay off this week.

Here are some midfielders we’d be building our GW10 wildcard team around.

Midfielders for your gameweek 10 wildcard team

  • De Bruyne – £12.4m – 34.5% – MID / MCI
  • Zaha – £7.3m – 17.6% – MID / CRY
  • Maddison – £8.1m – 12.8% – MID / LEI
  • Trossard – £6.7m – 8.8% – MID / BHA
  • Bowen – £8.1m – 4.1% – MID / WHU

These five midfielders are the ones you can build your GW10 wildcard team around, if you want to focus on your midfield.

This team is a lot more different than the first one. In this gameweek 10 wildcard team, we’ve gone all in on midfielders, getting in premium ones, mid priced ones and budget ones as well.

Kevin De Brunye, Trossard, Bowen, Zaha and Maddison are all really nice in-form picks and they’d be great addition to any wildcard team.

Because of the prices of these midfielders, we’ve had to go for budget defenders and attackers. Castange, Dalot, Guehi and Scamacca are all really nice budget picks for those who are wildcarding this week.

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3. GW10 wildcard draft: going in on attackers

This is the last wildcard strategy that you can deploy and this strategy involves going in on attackers. There are actually only two premium attackers in the game, which means that this team would be slightly more balanced.

Here are some forward you can bring into your GW10 wildcard team.

FPL forwards for gameweek 10 wildcard

You can only pick three strikers, but here is a list of seven really good forward picks for your GW10 wildcard.

  • Kane – £11.4m – 19.9% – FWD / TOT
  • Scamacca – £6.7m – 0.7% – FWD / WHU
  • Haaland – £12.1m – 82.7% – FWD / MCI
  • Toney – £7.3m – 23.9% – FWD / BRE
  • Jesus – £8m – 69.4% – FWD / ARS
  • Firmino – £7.9m – 3.9% – FWD / LIV
  • Wilson – £7.2m – 1.2% – FWD / NEW

In this wildcard draft, we’ve gone with two premium forwards and one differential mid priced forward in Scamacca. Since we’ve gone with two premiums we really can’t afford to get any more premium midfielder, so we decided to take out De Brunye.

Trossard comes into the midfield in place of Foden because of the lack of funds. We also have a 1million in the bank in case you want to make any upgrades to the players that you have.

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The truth is these various GW10 drafts that we’ve created are all pretty good and each of these strategies have paid off each time this season.

At the start of the season, the big at the back strategy was great but then it slowly faded away as mid-priced forwards started to pick up points and just last week, we’ve seen midfielders perform really well and so if you invested heavily in midfield, you’d have done alright.

These drafts are just for inspirational purposes and you can absolutely take inspiration from the various strategies and create a perfect GW10 wildcard team.

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