“GW10 Team Of The Week” The Top Gameweek 10 Performers Worth Buying Before GW11’S FPL DEADLINE

Gameweek saw several standout performers, with the likes of Mbeumo, Haaland, Wilson, and Diaby all delivering double-digit hauls. In fact, the gameweek 10’s Team of the Week collectively amassed an impressive total of 132 points. As is customary, the burning question on the minds of FPL managers is which top performer from the previous gameweek(GW10) is a worthwhile acquisition for the upcoming gameweek(GW11).

In this article, we will analyze the standout performers of FPL’s gameweek 10 and subsequently provide our insights on which of these players would make a valuable transfer acquisition for gameweek 11.

GW10 Team Of The Week – The Top Performers

FPL GW10 team of the week
FPL GW10 team of the week

Analyzing the composition of the gameweek 10 Team of the Week, it becomes apparent that the standout performers in the previous gameweek were predominantly midfielders and forwards. This observation is evident from the 3-4-3 formation and the points amassed by players in each respective position.

However, while numerous players secured spots in the gameweek 10 Team of the Week, not all of them are likely to be wise picks beyond this week. For instance, although Palhinha of Fulham showcased a strong performance, his overall underlying numbers and statistics suggest that replicating this performance consistently may be improbable.

Similarly, while Branthwaite and Mykolenko found their place in this week’s Team of the Week, they might serve as reliable bench options, yet it’s unlikely they’ll consistently yield significant FPL returns week in and week out.

Analysis Of The Top Gameweek 10 Performers Worth Buying Before GW11’s FPL DEADLINE

Having assessed the standout performers of GW10 and those who may struggle to replicate their GW10 feats, it’s time to shift our focus towards the players worth buying, based on their gameweek 10 performances.

1. Moussa Diaby

Diaby of Aston Villa emerged as a standout performer in GW10, showcasing a commendable display with a goal, an assist, and securing all three bonus points. Notably, his xG (expected goals) values of 0.31 and 0.32 further underscore his promising performance. Both his overall display and underlying data suggest that he holds substantial potential as an FPL pick.

Aston Villa's Moussa Diaby's upcoming PL fixtures from GW11-15
Aston Villa’s Moussa Diaby’s upcoming PL fixtures from GW11-15

Adding to this appeal are his upcoming fixtures, with three of his next five matches carrying a fixture difficulty rating of two. Notably, during this period, he is scheduled to face Nott’m Forest, Fulham, and Bournemouth, matchups that, on paper, present favorable opportunities for him to excel.

2. Mbeumo

Mbeumo is another player who secured a spot in the FPL GW10 Team of the Week due to his impressive performance. Just like Diaby, Mbeumo made his mark with a goal and an assist against Chelsea. Despite not having an abundance of chances during the game, he capitalized on the opportunities he did have. It’s evident that Mbeumo has become a central figure for Brentford this season, exemplified by his position as their top scorer.

Brentford's Bryan Mbeumo's upcoming PL fixtures from GW11-15
Brentford’s Bryan Mbeumo’s upcoming PL fixtures from GW11-15

However, the upcoming fixtures for Brentford present a mixed bag, as they are set to face Liverpool and Arsenal in their next five matches. Interestingly, we believe that big games could actually work in favor of certain FPL assets, particularly those who excel in a counter-attacking style of play. Mbeumo not only has the potential to score from open play, but his role as the designated penalty taker further enhances his appeal as an FPL pick.

3. Nketiah

Nketiah, hailed as the standout player of the gameweek, clinched a remarkable 17 points, courtesy of his hattrick against Sheffield United, solidifying his status as a player to watch in the upcoming gameweeks. With Arsenal set to encounter a favorable series of fixtures beginning from GW12, it’s anticipated that Nketiah will capitalize on these upcoming matchups.

Arsenal's Eddie Nketiah's upcoming PL fixtures from GW11-15
Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah’s upcoming PL fixtures from GW11-15

Undeniably, Nketiah emerges as an attractive purchase considering his price point, upcoming fixtures, and the strength of the team he represents. However, it’s worth noting that he currently occupies a starting position due to Jesus’ absence as a result of injury, rather than being Arsenal’s primary striker. Consequently, when Jesus returns, Nketiah’s playing time could potentially diminish. Despite this consideration, there is a window of opportunity to benefit from Nketiah’s form by securing him early.

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4. Wilson

Callum Wilson shares similarities with Nketiah, as both players are currently benefiting from their respective teams’ main striker being absent – in Wilson’s case, the absence of Newcastle’s primary forward, Isak. Much like Nketiah, Wilson serves as a more than capable replacement. His consistently impressive underlying statistics remain noteworthy, whether he begins a match or enters as a substitute.

In GW10, he secured a brace and boasted an xG of 1.62, highlighting his potency and active involvement in Newcastle’s offensive plays. While Wilson stands as a promising acquisition, it’s crucial to exercise caution, considering that his playing time may dwindle once Isak returns to full fitness.

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