September 23, 2023


FPL Tips, News and Chip Strategy

GW10 FPL tips: the complete gameweek 10 tips and guide

With GW10 just a couple of days away we here at raensports have been writing articles and answering some of the questions in the FPL world this week.

In this article, we’d be sharing links to articles that answers some of the questions being asked. This is our GW10 complete guide, this article is meant to help you navigate through gameweek 10.

Who should I transfer in this gameweek

Whether you’re on a free transfer or you’re playing your wildcard, we all sometimes need to make a couple of changes to our team.

In this article, we take a look at what moves FPL managers are making ahead of GW10 and then we ranked the various transfers and shared our opinions on the best players to buy this gameweek.

This article would be nice for those of you who love stats, we took our time to share the underlying stats(xG) of players that we recommended.

Wildcard draft templates for gameweek 10

In this article, we spoke teams to target if you’re on a wildcard, bench fodders, essential tips for a successful wildcard and how to setup a wildcard team that would allow you get past blank GW12.

We also created several wildcard drafts using different strategies as well. This wildcard article would be helpful for FPL managers who have their wildcard active this gameweek.

Gameweek 10 team selection, goal scoring odds and clean sheets odds

With GW10 around the corner, we here at raensports have decided to bring to you some GW10 predictions. We’d be looking at the teams who are likely to keep clean sheets, players likely to deliver points, players likely to score and then we’d create our GW10 team with those information.

Gameweek 10 differential picks

Remember this is not your regular differential pick article. This is an article that we are using to conduct an experiment to see just how high up we can finish with a team filled up with mostly differentials.

In the article we cover a lot of topics and here are some key talking points:

The best Mitrovic and Isak replacements, we spoke about budget forward picks like Daka, Edouard, Scammca, Martial and Watkins and then we shared our opinion on which ones would be great picks this gameweek.