September 23, 2023


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GW10 differentials: Mitrovic and Isak differential replacements – rising through the FPL ranks

GW10 differential picks

Remember this is not your regular differential pick article. This is an article that we are using to conduct an experiment to see just how high up we can finish with a team filled up with mostly differentials.

When we started this experiment, our team was ranked  8,982,796 in the overall world rankings, however after two really good gameweeks we’ve gone up by 865,231 places and we currently sit in 8,117,565.

This week, is no different and we’d be doing the same thing that we’ve always done – we’d be going through some differential picks articles done by FPL experts and then we’d pick our ideal GW10 differential.

Our FPL differential team

GW9 differential team

Here’s what our team looked like last gameweek. In gameweek 9, we made two transfers and took a -4 hit in order for us to bring in Barnes and Castagne from Leicester City.

Well, the transfers did pay off as Barnes and Castagne returned points. We initially wanted to get in Maddison, but couldn’t as we didn’t have enough funds.

This week however, we’re going to make two transfers yet again, this time we’d be taking out Mitrovic and Isak.

In order for us to find the ideal differential replacement, we’d be checking out this article by ALLABOUTFPL: FPL GW10 Differential Picks To Consider Ahead Of GW10 Deadline. Feel free to check it out.

GW10 differential picks: Mitrovic and Isak replacements

In the article published by ALLABOUTFPL, they have three differential forward picks that could be good Mitrovic and Isak replacements and they are:

  1. Anthony Martial vs Everton(A), £6.9, TSB: 0.9%
  2. Ollie Watkins vs Nottingham Forest(A), £7.2, TSB: 2.1%
  3. Roberto Firmino vs Arsenal(A), £7.9, TSB: 3.9%

Those are the three forward replacements that ALLABOUTFPL have recommended and they are really good differential picks. Here some Mitrovic and Isak replacements that we have on our shortlist as well:

  1. Daka – £5.7m – 0.8% – FWD / LEI
  2. Edouard – £5.3m – 1.9% – FWD / CRY
  3. Scamacca – £6.7m – 0.7% – FWD / WHU

Now that we have 6 potential replacements listed, we are now going to decide on which ones to go for. We are going to be picking one from the ALLABOUTFPL shortlist and one from our own Shortlist.

There are two players that standout for us in the ALLABOUTFPL shortlist, and that’s Martial and Watkins. They are appealing to us solely because of their price and their fixtures.

1. GW10 differential pick: Ollie Watkins

Watkins could be a really good buy this gameweek, as Aston Villa face Nott’m Forest a team with the worst defense in the Premier League.

The thing that worries us though, is the fact that Aston Villa themselves don’t score that many goals. So far this season, they’ve only scored 6 goals from an xG of 9.2 that’s really poor and it’s putting us off Watkins.

But here are some really interesting stats that ALLABOUTFPL shares in their differential article:

10 points from the last 5 games despite playing 90 minutes in all these games, What does Watkins do here? The end product always doesn’t tell the entire story. In the last 2 games, Watkins looked really good on the eye test and was in good positions. He also had good underlying numbers in the last 2 games with 5 shots on target, 3 big chances and xG-1.28 despite getting no returns.

FPL GW10 Differential Picks To Consider Ahead Of GW10 Deadline

They make some really good points there and Watkins could be a great addition to any FPL team not just for GW10, but for 4-5 gameweeks.

2. GW10 differential pick: Anthony Martial

The second player that we’re interested in is Anthony Martial. We saw Martial come off the bench against Man City last week and he got himself two goals.

But the thing that scares us is whether he’d be in the starting 11 this weekend. We know he just got back from injury and his minutes might be managed, which is what we’re trying to avoid.

Here’s what ALLABOUTFPL have in their article and we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and go with Martial this gameweek.

Martial is the best option Ten Hag has got currently and ETH would put him straight into the starting 11 vs Everton, with the United attack creating a decent amount of chances, Martial should be amongst the goals.

We also know Martial is a really good player and in the 2019/20 season where he played as a striker, he got himself 200 FPL points after scoring 17 goals and assisting 9.

As for the players on our shortlist Daka, Edouard and Scamacca these are three really good Mitrovic and Isak replacements. The good thing about these players, is that they are not just short term picks rather, they’re players that can stay in your team for a long time.

These players have nice set of long term fixtures and that makes them even more appealing. Another thing that makes Daka and Edouard good picks, is their price.

Going for them this gameweek, means you’d get an extra million in your bank and that money can be used to upgrade players in other areas of the pitch.

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If you’re on a wildcard feel free to give our GW10 wildcard guide a read

Since we are making just 2 transfers this week, the two differential forwards we’d be going for are: Anthony Martial and Scamacca

GW10 differential team

GW10 differential team


Remember this is an experiment and it’s something that we do on a weekly basis, so do feel free to check back again here at raensports next week as we try to climb through the FPL ranks with our differential team.