September 23, 2023


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GW10 captain picks: is Erling Haaland the best FPL captain once again

GW10 captain picks

23 points in GW9 and if you captained him, you picked up 46 points which is really impressive. Erling Haaland has been every FPL manager’s dream, he’s the perfect example of set and forget.

The question now is, Should you captain Erling Haaland once again this gameweek? Are there FPL assets out there that are better gameweek 10 captains? We’d be providing answers to these questions in this article.

How did our GW9 captain picks perform

Before we get right into our GW10 captain picks, we’d like to take a look now at how some of our gameweek 9 captain picks performed.

5. Raheem Sterling

In fifth place was Raheem Sterling and here’s how he performed – he returned just 2 points as Chelsea went on to beat Crystal Palace 2-1

4. Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son was another player in our GW9 captain picks list and to be honest we expected a little bit more from the Spurs winger, but it just didn’t happen. He had a similar performance to that of Sterling – he returned just two points.

3. Harry Kane

Harry Kane who was third on our list, did manage to get himself a goal and 6 points in last week’s game against Arsenal, which was pretty decent.

2. Mo Salah

In second place was Mo Salah and the Egyptian forward got himself an assist and 5 points in last week’s game against Brighton.

1. Erling Haaland

The player we had in first place, was Erling Haaland and boy did he deliver. Haaland got himself a hattrick, two assists, three bonus points and 23 points.

James Maddison

Maddison was our honourable mention last week and he also did well – he picked up 18 points, scored 2 goals, assisted one and picked up all three bonus points.

Should you captain Erling Haaland once again this gameweek

Erling Haaland is once again the best captain pick in FPL this gameweek. Man City face Southampton in GW10 at the Etihad, which is a really nice fixture and one that we’d be expecting Erling Haaland to do well in.

Haaland’s home form this season has been insane, the Man City forward has scored nine goals at the Etihad in the Premier League this season – all his hattricks have come at home.

Haaland’s underlying stats and numbers have also been really good. His xG, the amount of shots he is taking and the amount of chances he’s getting in games are just ridiculous and that explains why he’s scoring so much.

One of the reasons why FPL managers might be tempted to go against a Haaland captaincy is, probably because they’re trying to climb in their mini-league and we know that to climb, you need to go against popular picks and trends.

But if we’re being honest going against Haaland is a risk on its own. Millions of FPL managers are captaining him every week and if he keeps delivering points, it’s only going to do you more harm than good.

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Haaland is at home, he has a nice fixture he really should be your GW10 captain.

Fun fact: if you captained Haaland from GW1-GW9 you’d have gotten 192 points from him.

GW10 captain poll: who are FPL managers captaining

From this GW10 captaincy poll, we can clearly see that Erling Haaland is once again this week’s clear choice and majority of FPL managers are going with him.

If you’re not having any of this and want to go down the differential route, then here some nice GW10 differential captain picks.

GW10 differential captain picks

5. Wilfried Zaha

There has been a lot of buzz around the Crystal Palace forward this week and that’s because of his amazing set of fixtures – from GW10 downwards, Palace have really nice games.

This gameweek however, they face Leeds United and that looks like a really good fixture for Crystal Palace, it also looks like a good time to captain Zaha.

According to stats, Wilfried Zaha has a 32.5% chance of scoring a goal this week. The question though is, is he a better choice than Haaland? Well, I guess we’d have to find out.

Zaha’s underlying numbers are also quite decent. The Crystal Palace winger has scored 4 goals from an xG of 2.8 and he is also on penalties. He hasn’t got any assist this season, but he’s Palace’s main man and would be a good GW10 captain.

4. Recce James

After a really impressive UCL display on Wednesday, James has got himself back on the radar of FPL managers and he’d be a good GW10 captain.

Chelsea face Wolves this weekend – a wolves side that has scored just 3 goals all season(an average of 0.38 goals per game); you’d expect Chelsea to keep a clean sheet in this one and if that happens, you’re guaranteed 6 points from James which is good.

James also is a player who has the ability to score and even assist. According to FPLFactory’s defenders return odds, Recce James is the second defender who is expected to get some form of attacking return this gameweek.

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If he gets himself a cleansheet, and scores or assists this gameweek, then he actually could be a good Erling Haaland alternative.

3. James Maddison

Maddison is another player that would be a nice differential captain pick. He plays against Bournemouth this gameweek and again, just like the others it’s a nice fixture, one that you’d expect Maddison to do well in.

Last gameweek, Maddison tried to match Erling Haaland but he was just a few points short. This week however, he still can produce similar numbers because of the opposition he’s up against.

In terms of underlying stats, Maddison is seriously over performing. He has got himself 5 goals from an xG of 1.1(that’s just ridiculous), he has also got himself 2 assists from an xA of 1.

He’d be a could differential pick, but personally don’t think he’d outperform Erling this gameweek.

2. Jarrod Bowen

Bowen is another player who has a nice fixture and could be a good differential captain pick. Bowen is up against Fulham this gameweek and in recent games, he has looked like the Bowen of last season.

He’s almost always involved in all of West Ham’s attack, he’s taking shots and he has started scoring goals once again. His underlying numbers aren’t the best, but he passes the eye test – if you watch him, you feel like he’s going to score or assist.

He’d be a good GW10 captain and is one worth considering. Would he outperfom Haaland? No, I don’t think so.

1. Kevin De Brunye

De Brunye could possibly be the best Erling Haaland alternative this gameweek. We all know how good Kevin De Brunye is, he’s a player that creates tons of chances and a player who can score goals.

He just like Haaland, plays against Southampton and you’d expect him to be involved heavily in one way or the other; whether it is by scoring or assisting.

It really is hard to find players that could outscore Haaland, most especially when it is a home game. But, if you have De Brunye and want to go down the differential route, then yeah you can go for it.