September 23, 2023


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GW1 draft tips: some of the best FPL drafts for gameweek 1

some of the best FPL drafts for GW1

With the first deadline only a day away, the time has come for us to start getting our teams sorted. Whatever your plans may be in terms of formation, assets and chip strategy it’s time now time for us to finalizing our teams.

We’ve all created countless FPL draft, since the launch of the game early on in July, however, now we need just one draft and team as we go into GW1.

In this article, we’d be creating numerous FPL draft for GW1, we’d be creating drafts with 5-3-2 formation, 4-5-1 formation, 4-4-2 formation and 4-3-3 formation.

Do make sure to stick around as we create these draft and make sure to check some of our other FPL posts, here on raensports.

FPL 4-3-3 draft with Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Erling Haaland for GW1

This draft is for those who want a team with three premium FPL assets. In this GW1 draft, we have the likes of Harry Kane, Mo Salah and Erling Haaland and this is possible only because of the cheap mid priced assets in the game.

The cheap nature of FPL assets such as Martinelli, Leon Bailey and Diogo Dalot is what makes it possible for us to have three premiums this season.

This looks pretty decent, from the goalkeeper to the last player on the bench – you have players that are going to be regular starters all through this team.

It is also a good team for those who can’t bring themselves to pick between Haaland and Harry Kane.

However, going with three premiums this season, might not be the best move, It is an overkill. We all know that these premiums only provide good value when they’re captained.

You surely can’t captain all three each gameweek and there are cheaper and more effective ways to spread and use your funds.

In this team for instance, the goal keeping area is a bit of an issue and depending on what time of manager you are, that might not be an issue.

Another area of concern is the midfield area. Relying on Leon Bailey isn’t the best of moves and if you do want to make a swap and probably upgrade one of your midfield assets bar Salah, you’d have to get a minus.

Overall though it’s a decent FPL draft that you can use in gameweek 1.

FPL 4-5-1 draft with Mo Salah, and Son for gameweek 1

If your strategy is one where you’re not looking to go big in attack, then this draft is for you. if you’d rather have Son and Salah instead of Salah and Kane then the 4-5-1 draft is one you should consider.

In this 4-5-1 FPL draft we’ve tripled up on Chelsea assets and we’ve tried to get in assets from different teams. This draft though, doesn’t have the strongest of bench.

You only have two players that could play on your bench- that’s Ward and Tomiyasu. For some, that might be good enough, but if you’re one who would rather have a bench full of players that would start, then this draft isn’t for you.

The lack of cheap options in the forward areas of the pitch, is why most FPL managers usually turn to a 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 formation.

FPL draft tips: 4-4-2 draft for gameweek 1

4-4-2 draft for gameweek 1

Different price points in defense, two £8m midfielders, allowing for 1FT moves to switch, Kane (or Haaland 1FT) and Jesus and £0.5m ITB which allows to get to Bowen with 1FT. This is one FPL draft that has the long term in mind.

The purchase of FPL assets from different teams and in different price range allows for flexibility and an effective use of free transfers.

This is a pretty decent draft as well, but the only problem is double Aston Villa in Bailey and Cash. I don’t think Aston Villa is a team you’d want to be doubling up on in the long run.

But from a gameweek 1 perspective, it is a really good team.

Here are some more 4-4-2 FPL drafts that you might want to consider:

4-4-2 FPL draft for gameweek 1

Here’s another really nice looking draft, that you could use ahead of the new season. This draft has a good representation of teams who have pretty good fixtures from GW1-GW7.

It also is a pretty balanced team. It has a really good defense with Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea assets, it has a nice midfield that would allow for easy upgrades and downgrades and lastly, it has a really popular forward pair with Gabby Jesus and Harry Kane.

4-4-2 draft for GW1

Here’s another 4-4-2 FPL draft, and this one I don’t think is as good as the former. Neto and Bailey doesn’t allow for enough flexibility- it won’t be easy to upgrade them without getting a minus.

Other than that it’s a quite okay team.

FPL draft tips: 5-3-2 draft for GW1

5-3-2 draft for GW1

Going big at the back is one strategy FPL managers have been looking to deploy this season and again it’s because of the really nice budget midfielders that are available in the game.

Going for five full-backs in the big six that have the potential of getting clean sheet points as well as attacking returns might not be a bad strategy.

The above FPL draft is looking very red and that’s because of there’s a triple of Arsenal and Liverpool assets.

While this might be good, we want to remember that tripling up can leave you inflexible if another player from that team hits the ground running.

This draft also has two premiums and it has targeted players from teams with really nice set of fixtures from GW1-GW7.

Here are some more 5-3-2 FPL drafts that you could use in GW1:

5-3-2 FPL draft for GW1

This is yet another 5-3-2 draft. In this one, the FPL assets are only from last season’s top five.

We have a decent representation of Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal assets. And if you do need a Spurs asset, then you could easily take out Ruben Dias for Ivan Perisic.

This team also allows for flexibility as the team has assets from different price range, it also has two premiums that you could easily rotate the captain’s armband with and lastly, it has a huge set of defenders that could get you both clean sheets and attacking returns.

It is a really nice draft and it’s one that you could go with in gameweek 1.

Here’s yet another 5-3-2 draft, but this time it’s with players who had really good preseasons:

If you ever wondered what a draft of the best performing FPL assets in preseason, would like? well, that’s it. It’s a 3-4-3 formation of some of the best performing FPL assets.

We have a mixture of both premium, mid-priced and budget FPL assets.

What’s the best formation for your FPL draft or team

The 4-4-2 and 5-3-2 formation are the two standout formations that FPL managers are deploying ahead of the new season. The use of two strikers has been a common theme in most FPL drafts this season.

That’s because of the value provided by FPL assets in other areas of the pitch. Going with three strikers is not the best move as you need to spend a huge part of your budget on a really good striker and so for that reason FPL managers tend to invest in their midfield and defense.