Gameweek 34 captain picks: Kane, De Brunye, Salah or Son

The season is gradually coming to an end with just four games left. The stakes are high for those of chasing down a rival in our mini-leagues and also high for those looking to cement their top spot in their mini-leagues, we really can’t afford to slip up.

If you do not have any chips left, then your captain picks is one way you can maintain your position in your mini-league or move up your mini-league, it has to be close to perfect – you have to get it right.

In this blog post, we’d be looking at some of the best double gameweek 34 captain picks, the best double gameweek player to captain and the best differential assets to consider captaining in double gameweek 34.

Who should you captain in double gameweek 34

There are a lot of good gameweek 34 captain picks and it almost feels like you can’t get it wrong this week but with FPL you never know.

Kevin De Brunye, Mohammed Salah, Harry Kane, Heung-Min Son are all good options this gameweek amongst players who play once in gameweek 34.

Mohammed Salah and Liverpool face Everton at Anfield, Kevin De Brunye and Man City play Watford at the Etihad while Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son come up against Brentford away from home.

These are all really good fixtures for these players and each of these fixtures have a fixture difficulty rating of two. With these players having quite similar fixtures, we won’t want to use FDR as the only matrix to pick our DGW34 captain.

Let’s take a look at their underlying stats and performances over the course of their last five games.

Gameweek 34 captain picks : Harry Kane

Harry Kane over the last five gameweeks has performed exceptionally well – scoring one goal and assisting five, providing a total of 37 points in that period.

When it comes to strikers, Harry Kane has been up there and has been performing consistently over the course of his last five gameweeks.

The Spurs forward took a total of 17 shots and also made 16 passes that led to shots this explains why he has recorded five assists in his last five games.

Gameweek 34 captain picks : Harry Kane stats over the course of his last five games
Gameweek 34 captain picks : Harry Kane stats over the course of his last five games

On the xG front, Harry Kane has an expected goals of 2.44 over the course of his last five games and when you add his xA you get a total of 5.42 expected goal involvement which isn’t bad.

With that you’re expecting at least one goal or one assist every game. Harry Kane has also averaged 3 shots per game in his last five games and if you are looking to captain a striker, you’d want to captain one who bags goals and that’s something Kane hasn’t been doing.

Gameweek 34 captain picks : Mohammed Salah

Mohammed Salah has not been in the best of forms lately and his performances over the course of the last five have been below par for a player of Mo Salah’s standards.

In his last five games he has picked up 21 points and has scored and assisted one goal which is not so great. Let’s not forget that Salah’s has been intense for both club and Country so a dip in form is expected.

That being said, Salah looked quite good against Man City in gameweek 33. In that game his play making was good – he made three passes that led to shots, recorded an assist and had an xA of 0.74 which was more than his last five games.

gameweek 34 captain picks : Mohammed Salah's underlying stats.
gameweek 34 captain picks : Mohammed Salah’s underlying stats.

The game against Manchester City is proof that Salah is slowly getting back to his best and he’d be one to captain in gameweek 34 against relegation threatened Everton.

Gameweek 34 captain picks : Kevin De Brunye

If there’s one thing Kevin De Brunye has added to his game, it is goals. De Brunye has scored 11 goals so far this season, which is the most amongst center midfielders in the Premier League.

The Man City midfielder has taken a total of 13 shots in his last five games this means he’s averaging 2.6 shots per game which isn’t all that bad.

De Brunye is a player who is known for his assists. Well, this season his assist numbers haven’t been great – he has only three assists so far this season.

However stats don’t tell the full story here. In his last five games Kevin De Brunye has made 17 passes that have led to shots and also has an xA of 1.72.

Man City just like Liverpool, plays against a side that is fighting to stay in the division making a De Brunye captaincy even more appealing.

Watford really haven’t been great defensively and the last time they faced Manchester City, Man City had a total of 12 shots on target which is the most Watford have come up against this season.

If Watford are allowing that many shots on target, then the potential of a Kevin De Brunye screamer is very high.

While this single gameweek players are appealing, some double gameweek players are even more appealing and we take a look at the best one to captain in this blog post

Gameweek 34 captain picks : Heung-Min Son

Amongst our gameweek 34 captain picks, Heung-Min Son is the player who has been in top form. A whopping 54 points in his last five gameweeks, a hattrick against Aston Villa, as well as six goals and an assist in that period.

The man has been in ridiculous form recently and when a player is in such form, it is really hard to look past them when picking a captain in FPL.

Spurs face Brentford in gameweek 34 and to be honest, Brentford themselves have been in really good form. Brentford’s form doesn’t make Son a bad captain pick.

He has proven so many times that he can score against any team. If you do look at Son’s underlying stats, you’d see that he is currently overperforming and the game against Villa was a good indicator.

Gameweek 34 captain picks : Heung-Min Son stats over the course of the last five games
Gameweek 34 captain picks : Heung-Min Son stats over the course of the last five games

In the game against Aston Villa, Son had an xG of 0.57 but ended scoring three goals. This shows just how lethal Son is in front of goal – he doesn’t always need so many chances to score goals.

Son’s form, his clinical and lethal nature in front of goal makes a very good gameweek 34 captain pick.

Who we will be captaining in gameweek 34

Our gameweek 34 captain : Mohammed Salah
Our gameweek 34 captain : Mohammed Salah

If we had to pick a single gameweek captain, it would be Mohammed Salah. Mo Salah’s record against Everton, Liverpool’s form and the match being played at Anfield makes it hard to look past the Egyptian.

Mohammed Salah has not been at his best. However the signs are there and he’s due a massive haul the game against Everton is the perfect time for him to do so.