September 23, 2023


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FPL tips: The best forward picks for your FPL team Kane, Haaland, Jesus, Nunez


The signing of Haaland, Jesus and Nunez, has created even more dilemmas in the FPL world. A couple of seasons ago, the forward position didn’t have that many options and FPL managers almost always had the same forward picks.

However this season, things have changed- there are more options for us to pick from. The addition of Haaland, Nunez and the transfer of Jesus, has given we FPL managers more options and it’d be interesting to see how FPL managers setup this season.

One of the arguments or debates so far this season, is whether to go for Erling Haaland of Man city, or Harry Kane of Spurs; this is very interesting and many FPL content creators and pundits have had their say on this debate which is really nice.

However, in this article, we’d be going over the various arguments posed by team Kane and team Haaland, after which we’d add our insight on who we think the best FPL forward picks are.

Which FPL forward should you add to your team: Haaland VS Kane

First, let’s see what some of the experts have to say regarding the Haaland and Kane debate. Here’s an interesting stat that FPL Mate (Dan) shared on FPL twitter:

In this post FPL Mate(Dan) shows the massive drop-off of players who moved from Bundesliga to the Premier League. The likes of Sancho, Werner, Havertz, Haller and Aubamenyang had significant drops in their goals per game, assists per game and returns per game ratings.

This is a very valid argument and it’s one we want to keep in mind when selecting between Kane and Haaland. Kane for one is tested and trusted in the Premier League while Haaland isn’t. However Man City are a really good side and you’d expect a player like Haaland to thrive in Pep Guardiola’s system.

So, if you’re one who is worried and concerned about Haaland being new to the Premier League, then Kane is the best pick for you.

Well, another thing FPL managers have decided to do, is to switch between Kane and Haaland based on their fixtures. As shown in the tweet below,

FPL managers might try to swap both players based on their fixtures each gameweek. And to be fair, I don’t think that’s the best move because to do this, you’d need to have at least 0.5million in your bank in case there’s an increase in price and you’d also be wasting transfers if you’re just going back and forth.

Here’s another really good angle to it as shared by @fpl_jedi. In this tweet @fpl_jedi shares his thoughts on why he thinks Kane is the smart choice with the bigger upside and lower potential for disaster.

@fpl_jedi does make a really point and it’s one we totally agree with. Kane is the best and safest pick for gameweek 1. He has the better fixture and he’s tested and trusted and if he fails to perform, then taking him out for Haaland would be a good move.

If you’re one who is into stats, here’s a really useful stat shared by @JakeVlatko

And if you can’t bring yourself to choose between the pair, then you could go for both set of strikers. Here are some useful FPL drafts that have both Harry Kane and Erling Haaland in it.

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raensports‘ take on the Haaland VS Kane debate

If you had to pick one of the two in gameweek 1, then Harry Kane would be our pick. He is the safest pick, he has the better fixture and he has proven himself in the Premier League.

Man City play West Ham away from home while Spurs face Southampton in their own stadium; it really is hard to look past Harry Kane in this one.

The best FPL forward pair for your FPL draft

If you’ve picked one of Kane or Haaland, you’d need a striker within the price range of 7.0 – 8million; there are couple of decent FPL forwards in this price bracket and we’d be taking a close look at them.

Gabby Jesus

Gabby Jesus is one of the very popular picks. The Brazilian forward has an ownership of 54.1% which is more than half of the game. His guaranteed place in the starting 11 and his nice set of fixtures makes the Arsenal forward really hard to ignore.

Jesus who was at Man City last season, didn’t have that much game time, but when he was called upon, he did in fact deliver. A lot of FPL managers trust and believe that Gabby Jesus would hit the ground running in his new club and that’s fair enough giving his stats from previous seasons.

Gabby Jesus is definitely one good FPL forward that you could pair with either Harry Kane or Erling Haaland.

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney, who is one million cheaper than Gabby Jesus, is one who could be another good addition to your FPL team. The Brentford forward had a really good first spell in the Premier League last season, scoring 12 PL goals, assisting 5 and getting a total of 139 FPL points.

Toney, just like Gabby Jesus, also has really nice set of fixtures but his first two set of fixtures are a bit tricky- He plays Leicester and Man united in his first two matches. He however, could come in good after those fixtures, as his fixtures from gameweek 3-7 have an FDR of two.

Brentford's forward pick Ivan Toney fixtures

If you want to save a couple bucks then Ivan Toney is a really good FPL pick.

Darwin Nunez

Nunez is a tad more expensive than Gabby Jesus and Ivan Toney- Darwin Nunez is valued at 9.0million in the game. He is a really appealing buy considering the fact that he plays for one of the best attacking sides in the game.

Trent, Robbo, Salah all feeding Darwin Nunez is something that many of us won’t want to miss out on, but the thing is with players like Nunez, it’d be better to wait and see how he settles into life in the Premier League before jumping in on the Nunez train.

The potential is there, but it’d be better to wait and see how things go.

The best forward picks for your FPL team

Harry Kane and Gabby Jesus currently are the best pair for your FPL draft if you’re planning on using two forwards. Gabby Jesus’ nice fixtures and his nice price alongside Kane’s reliability and explosiveness make the pair really good and appealing.

But as usual it’s all about waiting and seeing for us. That’s why we’ve gone with the safe picks.

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