September 23, 2023


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FPL TIPS: some of the best budget FPL midfielders for your FPL draft


Welcome to the second part of our budget enablers series. If you missed the first part which was one about the best budget forwards, do make sure to click the link that’d be at the end of this article.

In this part of the series we’d be taking a look at some of the best budget FPL midfielders within the price range of 5.0million -6.0million. We’d be judging these budget FPL midfielders based on their fixtures, prices and gametime.

Here’s a list of some of the best budget midfielders that’d we’d be covering in this article.

Budget FPL midfielders within the price range of 5.0million and 6.0 million

  • Leon Bailey – £5.0million -Aston Villa
  • Martinelli – 6.0million – Arsenal
  • Christian Pulisic – £6.0million -Chelsea
  • Antony Gordon -£5.5million -Everton
  • Jack Harrison – £6.0million -Leeds
  • Neto -£5.5million -Wolves

Leon Bailey – £5.0million -Aston Villa

Here’s what @FPL_Architect had this to say about 5.0million Aston Villa midfielder, Leon Bailey

Bailey signed for Aston Villa last summer, but got almost the entire of his first season ruined by injuries. Most Villa fans believe that Bailey is in Gerrard’s first XI when he’s fit, and if that will be the case when the season starts, then Bailey could be great value for money. He registered 17 attacking returns in 30 Bundesliga games the season before moving to Villa, so there is undoubtedly potential there. Might not be a player to start the season with but definitely one to watch.

We Totally agree with him. The potential is there for Leon Bailey to be a really good budget FPL midfielder if he can stay fit.

Martinelli – 6.0million – Arsenal

Gabriel Martinelli is another player who looks like he could be a good budget midfielder. He is valued at 6.0million and it kind of reminds me of Bukayo Saka before his price went all the way to 8.0million.

Gabriel Martinelli would definitely get some game time in this Arsenal team as a left winger. Even though he won’t start all the games this season, you can be confident he’d play 20 plus matches for Arsenal.

Arsenal also have really good fixtures at the start of the 2022/23 FPL season and their fixtures makes Martinelli even more appealing.

Martinelli - 6.0million budget FPL midfielder - Arsenal
Martinelli – 6.0million budget FPL midfielder – Arsenal

At 6.0million I think Martinelli is a good buy and I’m sure the 14.8% of FPL managers who have selected him, agree with me.

Christian Pulisic – £6.0million -Chelsea

Christian Pulisic is a bit of a tricky one and he’s one we’d want to wait and see how he’s used this season. The reason why we’ve got Christian Pulisic on this list is because he could be deployed as a wing-back this season.

If he is used as a wing-back this season then he could get some gametime and he could be a good addition to your squad. Like we said earlier, we’d have to wait and see how things develop.

Christian Pulisic - £6.0million budget midfielder -Chelsea
Christian Pulisic – £6.0million budget midfielder -Chelsea

Antony Gordon -£5.5million -Everton

Antony Gordon is yet another very good budget midfielder that could get a ton of gametime this season for Everton. The young Evertonian last season, showed us just how good he can be and with a valuation of 5.5million he’s one spicy budget enabler.

Antony Gordon managed to pick up 100 FPL points last season from just 25 starts and managed to get himself four goals. The midfielder is one that I look forward to seeing and he’d be in my team. It’s really hard to ignore him when he has these sorts of fixtures.

Antony Gordon -£5.5million budget FPL midfielder -Everton
Antony Gordon -£5.5million budget FPL midfielder -Everton

Jack Harrison – £6.0million -Leeds

Jack Harrison is another midfielder who has so much potential. One of the reasons why he’s on this list is, Leeds easy set of fixtures.

Leeds have just one fixture with an FDR of four in their first seven games – these set of fixtures make Harrison even more appealing.

Also, in previous seasons Harrison has shown just how good he is. In fact in his last two FPL seasons, he has picked up a total of 277 points. The potential for him to get even more is very high especially if the likes of Bamford can stay fit.

Jack Harrison - £6.0million budget FPL midfielder -Leeds
Jack Harrison – £6.0million budget FPL midfielder -Leeds

Neto -£5.5million -Wolves

Pedro Neto would be the last player on our list of budget FPL midfielders. And just like the rest, Pedro Neto has some really good fixtures. Neto wasn’t involved in so much action last season as he was injured.

However, the season before last season, Neto was quite impressive. He managed to get himself 13 goal involvement scoring 5 goals and assisting 8.

He’s currently selected by 22.6% of FPL managers and that’s a good sign. A lot of people expect the young Portuguese to find his form and return points early on in the season; especially when he has fixtures as good as this:

Neto -£5.5million budget FPL midfielder -Wolves
Neto -£5.5million budget FPL midfielder -Wolves

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