October 5, 2023


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FPL tips: budget forwards, midfielders & defenders for your FPL draft


There’s no doubt that we FPL managers always look and need some budget enablers when creating drafts. These budget enablers allow us to buy the more premium assets.

For those who don’t know, budget enablers in FPL are – cheap assets who don’t take a huge chunk of our budget, assets who might be on our bench most of the time and come in when someone in our team doesn’t start.

And these budget enablers are very key when creating a draft because we have to stay within our £100 million budget. Which means we have to try as much as possible to select FPL assets who are cheap and are starters in their teams.

In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best budget enablers for your FPL draft. We’d be looking at the best budget forwards, midfielders and defenders. It’s going to be a three part series so do make sure to click the links to the other articles.

Cheap forwards you can add to your FPL draft

Well, when it comes to forwards in FPL, it is hard to find cheap forwards who are within the price range of £4.0 -£5.5million. So, instead of restricting ourselves to £5.5million we’d add forwards who are £6.0million.

There are a lot of budget forwards within this price range, most of them are strikers from newly promoted sides. We’d now be taking a look at which budget forward would be a good addition to your FPL draft.

Here’s a list of budget forwards that are starters for their teams:

  • Adam Armstrong £5.5million -Southampton
  • Gelhardt – £5.5million – Leeds united
  • Muniz – £5.5million – Fulham
  • Mateta £5.5million – Crystal Palace
  • Edouard £5.5million – Crystal Palace
  • Bentenke £5.5million – Crystal Palace
  • Broja £5.5million – Chelsea
  • Undav £5.5million – Brighton
  • Moore £5.5million- Bournemouth
  • Davis £5.5million – Aston Villa

ten players who could get a few minutes in their various teams. Most of these Players are back-up strikers for their teams and so their minutes would be managed or shared. Realistically, we don’t want to have such players on our bench; we’d rather have cheap forwards that are starters.

And from the above list, there are four budget forwards that we could consider when creating our FPL draft.

Adam Armstrong £5.5million -Southampton

Adam Armstrong who is valued at £5.5million is one budget forward that we’d want to keep an eye on. The Southampton forward only moved to the premier league last season. His spell in the Premier League last season wasn’t so great.

He had to battle with injuries for most part of the season. The £5.5million forward started 17 games in the Premier League last season and ended the season with only two goals.

His underlying stats wasn’t that great either as the Southampton forward scored just 2 goals from an xG of 4.20, he also didn’t take that many shots in games; in fact, he averaged two shots per appearance. He also had an xG of 0. 18 per apperance.

Those aren’t the best of stats, but one thing we can hope for is for Adam Armstrong to stay fit. If he does stay fit, he would get minutes and if he finds his form, he could be one of the best budget forwards in the game this season.

Edouard £5.5million – Crystal Palace

Edouard, just like Adam Armstrong joined the Premier League only last season and he did quite well for a new forward in the Premier League – Edouard got himself ten goal involvement, scoring six goals and assisting four.

From an FPL stand point, he did have his moments last season where he was hyped by FPL experts and managers. One of those moments being after his 15 point double-digit haul return against Norwich club.

Well, that hype didn’t last long as Edouard managed only 2 goals after his impressive return. We shouldn’t be too harsh on Edouard because last season was his first season.

He also played out of position in some games last season and he also had to share minutes with Christian Benteke, Mateta and Olise.

This season however, we are expecting Edouard to improve on his numbers. He is one to keep an eye on and he looks like he’d be a much better budget forward than Adam Armstrong.

Undav £5.5million – Brighton

Here’s an interesting analysis done by @FPL_Architect on Undav- it’s great so we’d share with you.

Brighton have missed a good striker for many years now and I wouldn’t be surprised if Undav turns out to be the one for them. The German 25 year old has managed 59 attacking returns (43 goals) in 65 games over the last 2 seasons in the Belgian league and judging by highlights videos he looks like a natural finisher, something that can’t be said about Neal Maupay or Danny Welbeck, his competition in Brighton. I expect Undav to be Potter’s first choice striker, making him a great pick at only 5.5m.

Totally agree with what he said. Undav has the potential to be the pick of the bunch; Brighton play really good football and create a ton of chances and if Undav can make the number nine position his, he’d be one of the best budget forward in the game this season. He’s one we all should keep an eye one.

Which budget forward has the best set of opening fixtures

Now that we have an idea of some of the best forwards in the game, we now want to analyze the fixtures of these budget forwards and see which one of them has the best set of fixtures.

From these set of fixtures, it is clear that most of our budget forwards have really difficult set of fixtures.

Southampton’s set of fixtures are the worst as they have only two games with an FDR of two in their first six games.

Brighton however, seem to have the best set of fixtures as just one of their first six games have an FDR of four- this makes Undav even more appealing.

However, there are more strikers and teams with much better set of fixtures. In this post we analyze the fixtures of teams in the PL this season, do make sure to give it a read.

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