October 4, 2023


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FPL Price Reveal 2023/24 Season: What It Means For FPL Managers

FPL Price Reveal: What It Means For FPL Managers

The new FPL season is about to begin and as usual, before the start of a new season, the prices of players in FPL usually change. A few players have the prices rise, others fall and others stay the same and this season is no different. On Monday the 3rd of July 2023, the new prices for players in FPL started getting revealed.

Prices for many popular FPL assets like Haaland, Salah, Trent, Bruno and Mitoma have already been revealed. Some players are pretty expensive, others are mid-priced and some players are reasonably priced they fit well in the budget category.

Well, what does this price reveal mean for FPL managers? and who is the most expensive FPL asset in the game this season? This article would provide you with answers to these questions.

What does the FPL price reveal mean for FPL managers

Well, this season’s FPL prices have revealed a couple of things to us FPL as FPL enthusiasts and managers. First off, we believe that the prices this season would encourage variety at least at the start of the season. The prices would encourage FPL managers to look in different places when selecting players.

Secondly, the new prices make it a lot harder to fill your team up with a lot of premiums. The prices of Salah, Haaland, Kane, Trent, De Brunye simply mean that it’d be impossible to have a balanced team or top team if you pick more than one or two premiums.

There’s a lot of competition in that mid-priced slot most especially for midfielders. We expect midfielders in the 6.5million-8million price bracket to play a major role this season – a lot of points would come from those players. If you can get your selection right early, you’d have a pretty good season.

Well, with the pricing, we do not expect a lot of FPL managers to have a solid bench. The template for the bench would remain the same. A lot of players in the 4-4.5 million price bracket would still be popular on the bench.

Overall, FPL managers should be very excited about this new FPL season. We should also expect a very competitive season as the prices are encouraging competition, variety, and less template teams. With the prices and the fixtures being released, FPL managers can start planning for the new season.

What the strategy would be at the start of the season is yet to be seen. Whether this season’s strategy would be to have premium defenders, a lot of mid-priced midfielders and premium forwards, we do not know – time would tell. However, one tip we can give is to jump early on players that start performing from the start of the season.

Who is the most expensive FPL asset in FPL this season: FPL 2023/24 Price Reveal.

One question that everyone has been asking, is who the most expensive FPL assets is this season. Well, it is pretty obvious. This season, the most expensive FPL asset is Erling Haaland of Man City. The City forward is priced at 14 million in the fantasy premier league game for the 2023/24 season.

He is the 4th player in FPL history to be priced at 14.0 million. No one can argue with that price tag as Erling Haaland was last season’s FPL top point scorer, top goal scorer with 36 goals(the most in a single premier league season) and the most captained. The question though is, would you be bringing him into your team?


Well, the price reveal is still going on we expect it to be done sometime this week, probably Thursday or Friday. When that’s done you can count on us to share our thoughts on what players we should be looking to target based on their prices and fixtures. Until then, enjoy this article and follow us on Twitter: @raen_sports.