September 23, 2023


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FPL premiums: Salah, Kane, KDB, Son, Haaland who are the best FPL premium picks

Salah, Kane, KDB, Son, Haaland who are the best FPL premium picks

FPL premiums are FPL assets who take up significant parts of our budgets, they are assets who are talismanic figures for their respective teams, these assets are explosive and rack up huge amount of points every season. They can be defenders, midfielders or attackers.

In this article, we’d be focusing on premium assets who are within the 11.5-13million price range. We’d be looking at how many of these assets you should have in your team to have the right balance, we’d also look at which of these two premium assets go well together.

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How many FPL premiums should you have in your FPL draft

There are four of these Premium assets, we have the likes of Harry Kane(11.5million), Erling Haaland(11.5million), Son Heung-min(12.0million), Kevin De Brunye(12.0million) and Mo Salah(13.0million).

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These are four of the best top-tier FPL premium assets that we’d most likely be giving the captain’s armband every week. But, the question now is, how many of these premium assets should you pick?.

Many template FPL drafts have at least two premium FPL assets within the 11.5-13.0million price range, in their team and that’s good because of the reduction in price of many FPL assets this season.

Having the right pair of two premium assets could go a long way this season. We all know that one of the main reasons why these premium assets are so valuable is because of the points we get from captaining them and if we have two really good pairs that we can switch the armband with, then we’re in for a very successful season.

What we don’t want to do is go all in on these assets and have triple premium FPL assets within the 11.5-13.0million price range. Doing that would be a bit of an overkill and would not allow for proper use of funds. In other words, going for three Premium assets would make other areas of your team suffer.

These are things we want to keep in mind when we’re selecting these premium assets. If the addition of a premium asset would cause your team to lose balance, then it is better to just go for a cheaper alternative.

The best premium asset pairs

Well if you’d be selecting two premium FPL assets in your team, then it’d be right to get the right pair- two assets that compliment each other really well; so that when one is having a tough game, we can easily place our captain’s armband on the second premium asset that we have.

Well the good thing is, that with these premium assets, you almost can be confident that they’d get a goal against any team. Like we saw last season, Kane, Son, Salah and Kevin De Brunye all did well when they played against teams in the top six.

One really good and popular premium asset pair, is that of Kane and Salah. The good thing about this pair up is that it provides really good balance in your team.

A premium midfielder, a premium attacker and a couple of premium defenders is a good way to make use of your budget.

Another really good pair up is Son and Haaland. This pair is also cheaper than the Salah and Kane pair up, which means you can use the extra million to strengthen other areas of your team. Here’s a look at Son and Haaland fixtures:

These two compliment each other really well and you can easily move the captain’s armband between them each gameweek.

Take for instance, in gameweek one, Haaland faces West Ham away from home and Son plays Southampton at home, in this case, it’d be better to place the armband on Son Heung min as he as a much easier fixture.

And then in gameweek two, Haaland could then be given the captain’s armband as he faces a much easier team than Son Heung min. The same logic could also be used on Kane and Kevin De Brunye.

Who is the best FPL premium pick

Well, Mo Salah is the best FPL premium and that’s why he is the highest priced FPL asset this season. Salah’s consistency, goals and assists and his reliability makes him the best pick.

He also has gotten over two hundred points in all his season’s in the Premier League and he’s one player you could easily captain throughout a season. He is the first name and pick in every FPL draft.

Son Heung-min would be second on this list of the best premium asset picks, then Harry Kane would be third and Kevin De Brunye would be fourth.

The good thing, though, is that we don’t have to pick just one of these premium assets, it is all about finding the right balance and the right pair-up; if we do that well, then we are all good.

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