October 4, 2023


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FPL Player in Focus: Is James Maddison A Great GW2 Pick

FPL Player in Focus: James Maddison

In the intricate world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the pursuit of valuable midfield assets is a constant challenge for managers seeking a blend of performance and value. Amidst the options, one name stands out: James Maddison of Tottenham Hotspur. Priced at an enticing 7.5, Maddison is a midfield dynamo deserving of the FPL spotlight.

In this comprehensive FPL player-in-focus article, we delve into Maddison’s key statistics, his upcoming fixtures, and his potential compared to other midfield gems.

James Maddison Stats: A Glimpse into His Mastery

James Maddison, the 26-year-old English midfielder, is a maestro in his position. With a FotMob rating of 8.8, he has showcased his prowess in the league. Despite not netting goals in the early stages, his playmaking abilities have been evident with two assists to his name.

In the 90 minutes of play, Maddison has proved to be a creative force, with 6 chances created and an impressive expected assist (xA) of 0.95. This statistic underscores his role in generating goal-scoring opportunities for his team. Although his expected goals (xG) are modest at 0.07, his expected goals on target (xGOT) of 0.02 shows his accuracy when taking shots on goal.

With a total of 7 Fantasy Premier League points, including 2 from his assists, Maddison has already displayed his ability to accrue points. However, his contributions extend beyond these numbers, making him a multifaceted asset in FPL squads.

Upcoming Fixtures: Navigating the Challenges Ahead

Examining a player’s upcoming fixtures can be pivotal when making FPL decisions. Maddison and Tottenham Hotspur face a diverse set of opponents in the coming weeks. Here’s a snapshot of their upcoming fixtures along with their Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR):

James Maddison's next nine fixtures
  • Gameweek 2: Manchester United (H) – FDR: 3
  • Gameweek 3: Bournemouth (A) – FDR: 2
  • Gameweek 4: Burnley (A) – FDR: 2
  • Gameweek 5: Sheffield United (H) – FDR: 2
  • Gameweek 6: Arsenal (A) – FDR: 4
  • Gameweek 7: Liverpool (H) – FDR: 4
  • Gameweek 8: Luton (A) – FDR: 2
  • Gameweek 9: Fulham (H) – FDR: 2
  • Gameweek 10: Crystal Palace (A) – FDR: 2

While some matches present significant challenges, Maddison’s creativity and his role in set pieces make him a potential key contributor even against formidable opponents.

Comparison with Other Midfield Options: Where Does Maddison Stand?

Harvey Barnes (Newcastle United)

  • Cost: 6.5
  • Form: 11.0
  • Total Points: 11
  • Upcoming Fixtures: Mixed bag of challenging and favorable fixtures, including encounters with Liverpool and Manchester City.

Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

  • Cost: 8.5
  • Form: 10.0
  • Total Points: 10
  • Upcoming Fixtures: A blend of relatively manageable matches, including matchups against Brighton and Fulham.

Solly March (Brighton)

  • Cost: 6.5
  • Form: 9.0
  • Total Points: 9
  • Upcoming Fixtures: A varied schedule, with both challenging and promising games, such as clashes against Manchester United and Bournemouth.

Jarrod Bowen (West Ham United)

  • Cost: 7.0
  • Form: 9.0
  • Total Points: 9
  • Upcoming Fixtures: A mixed series of challenges, including matches against Liverpool and Manchester City.

Luis Diaz (Liverpool)

  • Cost: 7.5
  • Form: 8.0
  • Total Points: 8
  • Upcoming Fixtures: A testing phase with games against Manchester City and Liverpool, but opportunities against Newcastle and Aston Villa.

James Maddison (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Cost: 7.5
  • Form: 9.0
  • Total Points: 9
  • Upcoming Fixtures: A diverse mix of opponents, including challenging matchups against Manchester United and Arsenal, balanced by encounters with Fulham and Sheffield United.

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Verdict: Maddison’s Potential Shine

Considering both statistics and upcoming fixtures, James Maddison emerges as a midfield prospect worthy of FPL managers’ attention. His impressive expected assists (xA) and creative abilities bode well for points generation. While the fixtures may include challenges, they also offer opportunities for Maddison to showcase his playmaking prowess against diverse opponents.

Though he shares the stage with other talented midfielders, Maddison’s potential to unlock points through assists and set-piece involvement makes him a compelling choice. His versatility and contribution to goal-scoring opportunities set him apart in the midfield spectrum.

In the dynamic world of FPL, each decision shapes the journey toward success. By adding James Maddison to your squad, you could harness his creative flair and strategic acumen to ascend the ranks of the Fantasy Premier League.

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Conclusion: Maddison – Unleashing FPL Potential

In conclusion, James Maddison of Tottenham Hotspur emerges as a captivating FPL prospect with untapped potential. His playmaking prowess, upcoming fixtures, and comparisons with other midfield options make him an enticing addition to FPL squads. With a blend of goal involvement and set-piece mastery, Maddison is poised to be a differential that elevates FPL managers’ success in the Fantasy Premier League.

As you navigate the complexities of FPL, keep a keen eye on James Maddison’s performances. His capacity to generate points through assists and all-round contributions could be the strategic edge that sets your FPL team on a path to victory.