FPL GW8 Transfer Tips and Strategy – Four Transfers You Could Make

Transfers play a pivotal role in FPL, and before each gameweek, countless FPL managers make critical transfer decisions. Gameweek 8 is no exception. At the time of writing, the player most frequently transferred in ahead of GW8 is Ollie Watkins, with a staggering 472,927 FPL managers acquiring his services.

It’s customary for FPL managers to utilize their one free transfer each gameweek to optimize their squads. However, this article aims to go beyond the routine by identifying four standout transfer options for GW8. We’ll assess the top choices for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards as we prepare for the upcoming gameweek 8.

The Best Goalkeepers To Transfer into your Gameweek 8 FPL Team

The first position we’d be covering in this article is the goalkeeper position. We’re very well aware that very few managers would be using their free transfer to get in a goalie but if you’re one of the few managers looking for a goalkeeper in gameweek 8, here are a few you could consider. There are two players on our list and they are:

  1. Bernd Leno of Fulham
  2. Vicario of Spurs

Leno is a really attractive option this gameweek if you’re looking to get in a goalkeeper. He plays against Sheffield United in gameweek 8 and on paper it is a game that you’d at least expect Leno to keep a clean sheet in. The bookies also agree as he has a clean sheet odd of 44% and an expected point return of 4.5.

He’s also a lot cheaper than the player we’ve got in second place. Well the only downside with going with Leno, is the fact that he has tough fixtures coming up after GW8.

FPL GW8 Goalkeeper transfer pick upcoming fixtures: Leno of Fulham
FPL GW8 Goalkeeper transfer pick upcoming fixtures: Leno of Fulham

In fact, his next four games starting from gameweek 9, he faces Spurs, Brighton Man United and Aston Villa. This means he’s not a great long-term pick.

Vicario on the other hand is not only great for gameweek 8 since he faces Luton, he’s also a great long-term pick as he has a much better run of games when compared with Leno’s. In fact, four of his next six games have a fixture difficulty rating of 2.

FPL GW8 Goalkeeper transfer pick upcoming fixtures: Vicario of Spurs
FPL GW8 Goalkeeper transfer pick upcoming fixtures: Vicario of Spurs

He’s 0.4 more expensive than Leno but with that 0.4 extra, you’d get a couple more points. If you’re on a wildcard then he’s a really solid pick.

Our FPL GW8 transfer tip: Based on fixtures Vicario is the best goalkeeper out of the two. However, if you have Leno, then going with Areola would be a great transfer strategy as you can rotate the two.

The Best Defenders To Transfer into your GW8 FPL Team

If you’re looking for defenders to transfer into your FPL team in GW8, here are a few you should consider:

  1. Trippier
  2. Cash
  3. Pedro Porro

In the last two gameweeks, defenders have looked pretty solid. They’ve been returning FPL points either by keeping clean sheets or getting goals or assists. It’s very impressive and encouraging – it is something I love as an FPL manager.

And over the period of those two gameweeks, these three defenders have gotten my attention and I think that they’d be great buys this week and beyond.

Here’s what Cash’s underlying numbers look like:

5Crystal PalaceW1000.680.040.720

Here’s Trippier’s underlying number as well:

6Sheffield UtdW18030.000.680.681
2Man CityL2000.000.070.070
1Aston VillaW2000.000.260.260

and here’s Pedro Porro’s:

5Sheffield UtdW2000.030.250.280
2Man UtdW6000.100.120.221

looking at all three tables, it is fair to say that all three defenders have done pretty well this season. Their underlying numbers are great and their point returns match those underlying numbers. Well that’s not the only reason why they are great transfer picks, their fixtures also make them really appealing.

These three players play for teams whose fixture take a positive swing starting from GW8. So I’m confident that they’re solid long-term picks. Here’s a fixture ticker that shows their upcoming games:

Our transfer strategy: In terms of fixtures, you might want to priortise Cash or Porro over Trippier as they have much better fixtures.

The Best Midfielders To Transfer into your Gameweek 8 FPL Team

Here are the top midfielders that you might want to target this week:

  1. Son
  2. Maddison
  3. Bowen
  4. Diaby

Son, Maddison, Bowen and Diaby are the top midfielders that you should be looking to target this gameweek. They have good fixtures and are in pretty good form. And because of how good they’ve been performing, they are the four most transferred in midfielders ahead of gameweek 8.

GW8 most transferred in midfielders
GW8 most transferred in midfielders

Son rightfully claims the top spot on the list, primarily due to his favorable fixture compared to the other two options. Furthermore, his classification as a midfielder, despite playing as a forward in real life, adds to his overall appeal.

Maddison also emerges as a reliable choice, offering a more cost-effective entry point into Spurs’ midfield. With his involvement in set-pieces and the centrality of his role in Spurs’ attacking plays, he presents a compelling case for selection.

While both Diaby and Bowen are solid options, Diaby takes precedence over Bowen in the rankings, mainly because he faces Wolves, whereas Bowen is up against Newcastle.

Here’s our transfer strategy: If you currently do not own any Spurs midfielder, prioritize acquiring Son as he tends to deliver explosive performances. If Son isn’t within your budget, Maddison stands as an excellent alternative.

For those already possessing both Maddison and Son and seeking to add another midfielder, Diaby emerges as the top choice. His FPL positioning aligns with that of a midfielder, yet his real-life role places him in a more advanced position, offering an attractive blend of attributes.

The Best Forward To Transfer into your Gameweek 8 FPL Team

Well, when it comes to forwards, there’s a standout player on the horizon, and that’s none other than Ollie Watkins from Aston Villa. His exceptional performance in the last gameweek has prompted a staggering influx of over 400 thousand FPL managers transferring him into their squads.

Taking a closer look at his upcoming fixtures, making this move appears to be a rather astute strategy. You’re not merely taking a gamble on a player; instead, you’re securing a striker who promises to be a valuable asset in your team for more than just a single gameweek.

What’s even more remarkable is that Watkins has only failed to produce FPL returns on one occasion this season. This consistent point-scoring ability is precisely what you seek in your FPL assets, and Watkins delivers just that.

Our transfer strategy: If you’re looking to get a striker into your side, then get Watkins he’s a solid pick.

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