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FPL GW5: Clean Sheet Odds, Anytime Scorer Predictions, and FPL Points Projections

FPL GW5: Clean Sheet Odds, Anytime Scorer Predictions, and FPL Points Projections

As Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers, we’re constantly seeking that winning formula to dominate our mini-leagues and rise up the overall rankings. As Gameweek 5 approaches, the stakes are higher than ever, and making informed decisions is the key to success.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the data, crunch the numbers, and unveil the essential insights you need for Gameweek 5. We’ll explore the clean sheet odds for each team, identify the likely anytime scorers, and provide FPL points projections to help you fine-tune your squad for optimal performance.

Premier League Fixture Analysis – A Look At Predictions

Now, let’s delve into some GW5 Premier League fixture analysis. In this analysis, we’ll examine predictions and odds to gain insights into which teams are expected to perform well in this round of games.

1. Premier League Clean Sheet Odds Gameweek 5

Here are the teams expected to keep clean sheets in GW5 in the Premier League

TeamClean Sheet Odds
Tottenham Hotspur (TOT)50%
Fulham (FUL)44%
Newcastle (NEW)42%
Manchester City (MCI)40%
Liverpool (LIV)40%
Arsenal (ARS)40%
Chelsea (CHE)36%
Nottingham Forest (NFO)36%
Aston Villa (AVL)38%
Crystal Palace (CRY)22%
Burnley (BUR)23%
Bournemouth (BOU)17%
Brighton (BHA)18%
Luton (LUT)18%
West Ham United (WHU)13%
Brentford (BRE)14%
Everton (EVE)14%
Manchester United (MUN)25%
Wolverhampton Wanderers (WOL)11%
Sheffield United (SHU)9%

According to the clean sheet odds predictions, it’s apparent that Spurs, Fulham, Man City, Liverpool, and Arsenal are all anticipated to secure clean sheets in GW5, as indicated by their favorable clean sheet odds.

As FPL managers, it’d be a good strategy to target defenders from these sides. To find out the best defenders to transfer in, check out our article: FPL Gameweek 5 Transfer Tips, Differential Picks and Team Selection

2. Premier League Teams With Over 2 Goals% In GW5

Here are the Premier League sides expected to score 2 goals or more in their match-up this gameweek.

TeamOver 2 Goals %
Tottenham Hotspur (TOT)50%
Liverpool (LIV)45%
Manchester City (MCI)40%
Chelsea (CHE)33%
Aston Villa (AVL)27%
Fulham (FUL)29%
Manchester United (MUN)29%
Newcastle (NEW)38%
Arsenal (ARS)38%
Nottingham Forest (NFO)23%
Brighton (BHA)22%
Crystal Palace (CRY)11%
Burnley (BUR)13%
Bournemouth (BOU)13%
Brentford (BRE)9%
Luton (LUT)8%
West Ham United (WHU)9%
Wolverhampton Wanderers (WOL)9%
Everton (EVE)9%
Sheffield United (SHU)6%

This insight is valuable for FPL managers, as it helps them determine which teams to acquire players from. A wise strategy would be to select midfielders and forwards from teams expected to score two goals or more.

Spurs, Liverpool, and Man City lead the way in this aspect. Players like Son, Maddison, Foden, Alvarez, and Salah are all excellent FPL choices for this week.

3. Gameweek 5 Premier League Win Probability

Here are the teams most likely to come out with a victory in the Premier League in GW5:

TeamWin %
Tottenham Hotspur (TOT)78%
Liverpool (LIV)71%
Manchester City (MCI)69%
Arsenal (ARS)65%
Newcastle (NEW)65%
Chelsea (CHE)59%
Fulham (FUL)60%
Aston Villa (AVL)52%
Manchester United (MUN)44%
Nottingham Forest (NFO)49%
Crystal Palace (CRY)25%
Brighton (BHA)31%
Burnley (BUR)29%
Bournemouth (BOU)21%
Brentford (BRE)17%
Everton (EVE)17%
Luton (LUT)20%
West Ham United (WHU)15%
Wolverhampton Wanderers (WOL)14%
Sheffield United (SHU)9%

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4. FPL Points Projections

Anticipating the points your players are likely to earn can guide your captaincy choices and substitutions. Here are the expected points for selected players in different positions:


PlayerExpected PointsPriceOwnership PercentageFixture
Alexander-Arnold6.07.9m12.6%vs. Wolves (A)
Udogie6.24.7m13.6%vs. Sheffield Utd (H)
Chilwell5.35.8m33.2%vs. Bournemouth (A)
Trippier5.06.5m30.4%vs. Brentford (H)
Pedro Porro5.15.0m5.2%vs. Sheffield Utd (H)
Romero4.94.7m12.9%vs. Sheffield Utd (H)
Gusto4.94.2m12.5%vs. Bournemouth (A)
Cash4.84.6m14.7%vs. Crystal Palace (H)
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PlayerExpected PointsPriceOwnership PercentageFixture
Son7.59.1m10.2%vs. Sheffield Utd (H)
Maddison7.17.8m26.5%vs. Sheffield Utd (H)
Salah6.712.5m25.8%vs. Wolves (A)
Saka6.08.7m65.7%vs. Everton (A)
Foden6.07.6m13.8%vs. West Ham (A)
Ødegaard5.88.5m21.3%vs. Everton (A)
Sterling5.97.2m16.4%vs. Bournemouth (A)
Martinelli5.17.9m10.4%vs. Everton (A)
Mbeumo5.16.8m27.0%vs. Newcastle (A)

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PlayerExpected PointsPriceOwnership PercentageFixture
Haaland8.914.1m91.9%vs. West Ham (A)
J. Alvarez6.46.7m13.6%vs. West Ham (A)
Darwin5.27.4m10.9%vs. Wolves (A)
N. Jackson5.17.2m19.6%vs. Bournemouth (A)
Isak5.17.7m27.5%vs. Brentford (H)
Watkins4.48.0m21.5%vs. Crystal Palace (H)
Ferguson4.66.0m7.8%vs. Man Utd (A)

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