FPL GW4 team selection: players to targets, differential picks and scout picks

GW3 wasn’t the best of gameweeks and I’m sure majority of us FPL managers are glad that gameweek 3 is finally over. Gameweek 4 however is here and it’s time for us to pick ourselves up and go again.

Last gameweek we did our team selection and to be fair it did quite well. Our team last gameweek, picked up 67 points which was 19 points above average. And if you did get 67 points last week, there’s no doubt that you’d have seen a lot of green arrows.

GW4 is here and in this article we’d be getting our team selection in again, we’d also be looking at players you can transfer into your team if you have one or two free transfers and then lastly we’d look at some nice differentials you can into your GW4 team.

GW4 fixtures

Well, before we get into our team selection, transfer targets and differentials, let’s first take a look at some of the GW4 fixtures and see which team has nice fixtures with good FDR(Fixture difficulty ratings).

GW4 fixtures

What teams have good FDR(fixture difficulty ratings) in GW4

According to the Fantasy Premier League FDR data, eleven teams in GW4 have a fixture difficulty rating of 2, which means eleven teams have really good fixtures this gameweek. We have the likes of:

  • Arsenal who play Fulham
  • Brentford play Everton
  • Brighton face Leeds
  • Everton go to Brentford
  • Leeds travel to Brighton
  • Liverpool play Bournemouth at Anfield
  • Man City play Crystal Palace at the Etihad
  • Man United go to Southampton
  • Newcastle play Wolves at the Mollineux
  • Spurs who go up against Nott’m Forest and
  • West Ham play Aston Villa

Already, GW4 is looking like much better gameweek than gameweek 3 and that’s because in this gameweek, there are a lot of really nice home games.

The likes of Man City, Brentford, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea all play at home in gameweek 4 and that’s good. Because one thing that GW3 had, was that most of the bigger teams played away from home, and that, we think is one of the reasons why there was few clean sheets in gameweek 3.

Now that we know what teams have really nice fixtures, what players should we target ahead of gameweek 4?

GW4 transfer targets

Well, since the maximum amount of free transfers we can have is two, we’d only be recommending two players that we think would be good additions to your GW4 team and would also be good in the long run.

1. Gameweek 4 FPL transfer target: Rodrigo

Rodrigo is one player we can’t ignore any longer. He has been in superb form this season. The Leeds man has got himself four goals and one assist, picking up a whopping 35 points so far this season.

Another thing that makes Rodrigo an even much better pick is the fact that he plays as a striker in real life, but he is a midfielder in the game, which is every FPL managers dream.

Rodrigo is also on penalties which is an added bonus. He is also a really cheap FPL asset and if you reduce one of your 8.0million midfielder to Rodrigo, you’d have enough funds to probably get in a third striker.

Rodrigo is also not just a short term transfer for GW4, rather he’s one you can play in the next five gameweeks as Leeds have really good fixtures with nice fixture difficulty ratings.

A game against Brighton this weekend is really nice as well and the potential for Rodrigo to haul is high. We all know that Leeds and Brighton are in really good form and they’d definitely have a go at each other, chances are it could be a high scoring game and with the form Rodrigo is in right now, you’d expect him to haul this gameweek.

2. Gameweek 4 FPL transfer target: Ilkay Gundogan

The second player on our list of GW4 transfer targets, would be Ilkay Gundogan. Gundogan, a 7.6million Man City midfielder who looks pretty nailed is a no brainer for us.

Man City this season have made a few tweaks to their style of play. They no longer use Bernado in that deeper role where he’s closer to Rodri.

This season, Pep has decided to use his full-backs to make up the numbers in midfield and what this means is that players like Gundogan and De Brunye are now further up the pitch.

This change in style has made Gundogan a really attractive FPL asset. The Man City man has scored two goals in his last three games and those goals have come from him making late runs into the box.

In the match against Newcastle, Gundogan had 3 shots in the box, created four chances and also had ten penalty area touches. The early signs are great and we think Ilkay Gundogan is being overlooked by FPL managers. He is currently owned by just 3.9% of managers and he’d be a good differential to add into your GW4 team.

A game against Crystal Palace this weekend is yet another opportunity to get him into your team.

FPL Gameweek 4 team selection and team reveal

GW4 team selection

Our GW4 differentials would be

Gündogan – £7.6m – 3.9% – MID / MCI

Harrison – £6m – 2.5% – MID / LEE

GW4 team selection dilemmas: questions answered

What should you do with your Liverpool FPL assets

The answer is simple, hold them. We all know that Liverpool haven’t had the best start this season. They’ve failed to keep a clean sheet in the three games they’ve played so far. And it must be really frustrating if you own both Trent and Robertson.

That being said, it won’t be the best of moves to sell or transfer out your Liverpool asset when they play one of the worst teams in the league this weekend. Liverpool face Bournemouth at Anfield this weekend and we all would be expecting a reaction form Jurgen Klopp’s men.

So it would be better to hold your Liverpool assets for now and see how they perform before selling or moving them out.

Should I go big at the back or get an extra striker

We do think having a balanced team that would allow you to go big at the back and also get in that extra midfielder and striker is the best way to go about things.

In our recent GW4 wildcard draft, we created several teams with different formations from 5-3-2 to 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 and to 4-4-2. We then decided on which one had the best balance that’d allow us to go big at the back and also get in those extra forwards and midfielders.

Here’s a link to our GW4 wildcard draft article: GW4 wildcard draft tips: some of the best gameweek 4 wildcard drafts.

What about Man United assets should I bring their assets in

For now we want to wait and see how things develop. Man United looked really good against Liverpool and played really well, but we’d like to see how they do against smaller teams that they’d have to break down and not counter attack.

However, if you really want to get a United asset, then Marcus Rashford is one that you could bring into your team. Against Liverpool, the United winger looked really lively and took five shots in the box.

Kane VS Haaland is it time to move Haaland on

Following those comments from Pep Guardiola, many FPL managers have had a rethink and are trying to decide on what to do with Erling Haaland.

For now, it’d be better to hold onto him and see how things develop, but we also want to keep it at the back of our minds, that Erling Haaland is a rotation risk so keeping him is at your own risk.

It won’t make sense to use your free transfer to just take him out. If you’re on a wildcard, then yeah moving him for Harry Kane isn’t bad.

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