FPL GW38 wildcard and Free hit teams: the best GW38 FPL teams for inspiration

The last and final wildcard draft article for the season. We’re excited and thrilled that we’ve been able to provide you with this article on a weekly basis. Well, it’s not over just yet.

This article discusses the pros and cons of using the wildcard chip, key considerations to keep in mind, and the best teams to target. We will also create our own Gameweek 38 wildcard for FPL managers to use as a guide.

It’s important to note that a wildcard this gameweek can double down as a free hit. So if you’re on free hit, you can follow the same template of a wildcard team.

Pros and Cons of Wildcarding In FPL GW38

Well, before we go into creating our gameweek 38 wildcard, we want to see some of the benefits of wildcarding this gameweek. Here are the pros of a GW38 wildcard:

Pros of a GW38 wildcard and Free hit

  • Using your FPL wildcard or free hit chip in GW38 would allow you to target players who are on form now.
  • Wildcarding or free hitting in gameweek 38, would allow you to target differentials that could help boost your overall rank.
  • A well-optimized GW38 wildcard or free hit would allow you to easily select players that have something to play for and aren’t rotation risks.

Cons of a GW38 wildcard and Free hit

Well, for everything that has pros, there are cons and a GW38 wildcard is no different. Here are some of the disadvantages of wildcarding in gameweek 38.

  • If you use your wildcard in Gameweek 37 without careful planning, it could put you in a tough spot, especially if you focus on players from teams that have nothing to play for. A lot of rotation would happen this gameweek, so it’s important to avoid players that you suspect would be rotated.

Our Advice: Play your wildcard or free hit if you have them available. You have no other option than to use it.

Alternative times to wildcard or Free hit aside from GW38

  1. There’s no other time to use your wildcard chip or free hit. If you’ve kept it till this gameweek, then it’s better you use and activate it.

Some important things to keep in mind as you play your FPL wildcard in gameweek 38

As you create your GW38 wildcard team, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • First, you want to try as much as possible to select players guaranteed a place in the first eleven of their teams.
  • You want to try to have a solid bench, in case of rotations and injuries.

The best teams to target for your GW38 FPL wildcard and free hit team

Since we’re looking to create a wildcard team for GW38, we must target the right teams. We’d be looking to target teams that have great fixtures in GW38. To help you identify such teams, we’d be sharing a fixture ticker done by fpltips__

These are the teams with pretty good fixtures this gameweek. However, you want to be careful when selecting players from these teams, as some of them could be rotated.

  1. Brighton
  2. Manchester United
  3. Manchester City
  4. Newcastle
  5. Chelsea

GW38 wildcard and free hit Team

GW38 wildcard and free hit Team

In this our GW38 wildcard team, we’ve picked a couple of players that we think are going to start, are in good form and have something to play for. In this wildcard team, we’re avoiding Man City assets and that’s because they’re so much of a risk and right now we trying to play it safe.

No Haaland, instead we’d have a frontline of Kane, Mbeumo and Alvarez. City still have FA Cup and UCL games to play so we think Pep would be managing the minutes of his very best players. Kane has also been consistent all season. He has scored 28 goals and in his last four games, he has also bagged four goals. He’s playing relegation-threatened Leeds the potential is there for a double-digit return.

In midfield, we’ve got Mo Salah alongside a couple of players that are fighting to stay up. Harvey Barnes and Rodrigo are nice differentials to own and we expect them to get minutes this gameweek. They’re integral to their teams and they could come good this gameweek.

In defense, we have a basic and template defensive line. Trent, Estupinan and Shaw a good mix of defenders that can keep clean sheets and also get you a goal or an assist.

GW38 Wildcard and Free Hit Team Alternative

This is another team and this one is different from the first one we created. In this one, we’ve gone for triple Man City, selecting Haaland, Mahrez and Alvarez. We’ve also got Kane and Salah it is a team with three premiums. In order to do this, we’ve had to let go of Trent. This time, we’ve brought in Mitchell a player that we think has a good chance of keeping a clean sheet.

Other than that it’s a pretty solid team and this team is projected to get 61 points this gameweek. If you’re not interested in stacking up differentials then this is one team you can go with if you’re using your free hit or wildcard this gameweek. If you want to see more alternative picks, then check out our: FPL GW38 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 38.

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