September 23, 2023


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FPL GW38 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 38

FPL GW38 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 38

The thrilling finale of the FPL season is upon us! We can hardly contain our excitement as we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on together. Every moment of this season has been an absolute blast, and we sincerely thank you, our fantastic community, for joining us on this exhilarating ride.

But fear not, dear friends, for the adventure doesn’t end here. We’re already brimming with anticipation for the next season, where we’ll continue to deliver even more engaging and inspiring content that will take your FPL experience to new heights. Remember to drop a follow on our twitter @raensports.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter. In this climactic week, we’re thrilled to present our grand finale—an epic compilation of the absolute best players to own for GW38.

The Best FPL Players to Buy Ahead of FPL GW38

Since the league is coming to an end, it is important to be really careful when selecting players. When you select players this gameweek you want to target players that play for teams that still have a lot to play for. Here are some players and teams to target for your FPL team in GW38.

  • Leicester -Maddison, Barnes, Vardy.
  • Leeds – Rodrigo, Bamford.
  • Everton – Dominic Calvert Lewin, McNeil.
  • Man United – Fernandes, Rashford, Shaw.
  • Liverpool – Trent Alexander Arnold, Salah.
  • Newcastle – Almiron, Isak, Wilson.
  • Brighton – Mitoma, Alexis Mac Allister.
  • Aston Villa – Watkins, Ramsey, Mings or Moreno
  • Fulham – Mitrovic, Willian.
  • Arsenal – Jesus, Martinelli, Trossard.
  • Brentford – Wissa and Bryan Mbeumo.

These are some of the teams and players you can target and bring into your FPL team this gameweek. These teams have something to play for and also don’t have a lot of players that they’d be looking to rotate.

GW38 Most Transferred in players

There are a lot of really good players to buy this gameweek and FPL managers are already transferring some of these players. Here are some of the best players to buy in GW38:

GW38 Most Transferred in players

From the list of popular transfers in this gameweek, we can see that FPL managers are targeting Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool, and Newcastle assets. This isn’t a bad strategy, as these players have great fixtures in GW38 and some of them have something to play for still.

1. FPL Goalkeepers to Buy In GW38 – based on clean sheet odds and starting odds

In terms of the best goalkeepers to target this week, we’ve got four top picks and they’re Johnstone of Crystal Palace, Alisson Becker of Liverpool, Pickford of Everton and Ramsdale of Arsenal.

These four goalkeepers all play for teams that have good fixtures in GW38. In this gameweek, Crystal Palace faces Nott’m Forest, Everton faces Bournemouth, Liverpool plays Southampton and Arsenal play Wolves. These four goalkeepers play for teams that are in the top six of this week’s clean sheet odds table.

  1. Alisson for one is first on this and he has been given a 44% chance of keeping a clean sheet.
  2. Ramsdale is second and he has a 43% chance of keeping a clean sheet.
  3. Johnstone and Pickford are in fifth and sixth respectively. Johnstone has a 37% chance while Pickford has a 33% chance.

Based on the clean sheet odds metrics, Alisson is the best goalkeeper to own as he has the highest chance of keeping a clean sheet this gameweek.

GW38 Clean Sheet Odds

In terms of the Goalkeeper, that’s most likely to start this gameweek, we’d go with Pickford. And that’s because Everton still have a lot to play for, hence they can’t afford to rest their key players. Alisson and Ramsdale still have a high chance of starting this gameweek. However, the one we’re most certain about is Pickford.

Our Advice: If you’re on a wildcard or free hit and want to get clean sheet points this week, then going for one of Alisson or Ramsdale is the safest pick. On the other hand, if you just want a goalkeeper that’d start and also has a decent chance of keeping clean sheets and getting you save points, then Pickford is your pick this gameweek.

2. Analyzing the Best Defensive Picks for FPL GW38

We’ve been saying for quite some time now that clean sheets are hard to come by, that’s why we’ve stopped recommending defenders solely for clean sheet points. The strategy for this gameweek is to target defenders that are likely to start, defenders that can score or assist and defenders with a high chance of keeping clean sheets.

Here are some of the best GW38 defenders that you can target.

  1. Trent Alexander-Arnold: Arnold would be a great pick this week. He has a high chance of keeping a clean sheet. Not only that, he also can score or grab an assist.
  2. Luke Shaw – Shaw and United have been impressive this season – they’ve kept the most clean sheets. This week they face Fulham, we’re hoping that they can keep their clean sheet form going.
  3. Estupinan – Brighton’s game against Villa could be a high scoring one and if that happens, we think Estupinan could benefit because of how attacking he is.
  4. Moreno – Aston Villa are amongst the sides with a decent chance of keeping a clean sheet this gameweek as they play Brighton. If they do manage to keep a clean sheet then Moreno is sure to benefit from it.

These defenders carry different threats from clean sheet potential to scoring or assisting. There are ones to consider this gameweek.

3. Midfielders to Consider for GW38

Picking midfielders this week might be the toughest thing and that’s because the midfielders we’ve been relying on for most of the season have either lost form or are a huge rotation risk. Here are some midfielders that we think would perform pretty well in GW38:

  1. Mo Salah
  2. Marcus Rashford(if fit)
  3. Rodrigo
  4. Riyad Mahrez
  5. James Maddison
  6. Harvey Barnes
  7. Dwight McNeil
  8. Mitoma
  9. Alexis Mac Allister
  10. Wissa

These players are all solid options in this gameweek. They’re likely to start, they have good fixtures and still have something to play for. If we had to pick just five, then we’d go with Maddison or Barnes, Salah, Wissa, Rodrigo and Mahrez. This list we think as a good mix of nailed-on starters.

Should you buy Rashford in GW38? What to do with the United Midfielder

Rashford might not be a good pick this gameweek and that’s because United have secured a spot in the UCL and would also have the FA Cup still to play – he might be rested in GW38.

Are Brighton Midfielders Great Picks For GW38?

Brighton players and midfielders are still great picks. If you own one of Mac Allister or Mitoma, then you should still leave them in your team. If you want to get any of their players, Mitoma and Mac Allister are still great options. However, Mitoma is one that we’re still a little weary of. He has not been rested in a while now. So it’s possible his minutes are reduced in GW38.

FPL GW38 tips and transfer strategy: the best forwards to buy gameweek 38

As for forwards to own this gameweek, here are the best picks.

  1. Harry Kane – Mr consistent. 28 goals so far this season and four goals in his last four games. Kane really is a great option in this gameweek. We know for a fact that Spurs would want to finish the season strongly.
  2. Mitrovic – is a nice differential pick to have this gameweek. He has been suspended in his last six matches and has only just returned. He won’t be rotated and would most likely play all ninety minutes.
  3. Julian Alvarez – Alvarez is looking like the best way to get a City player that’d start. His versatility is something that also works in his favor. We believe that Pep would give him the nod in GW38.
  4. Mbeumo – In Toney’s absence, Mbeumo seems to have stepped up for Brentford. In Brentford’s last game against Spurs, Mbeumo scored two goals and got himself an assist. You’d expect him to perform against a City side that has won the league already and would probably not play their key players. It’s a toss-up between him and Mitrovic.

What to do with Haaland? Hold or Sell

Haaland’s minutes would most likely be managed in the league since City have been crowned champions. We would not expect him to start or play ninety minutes in games.

If you’re chasing rank and looking for a differential, then selling Haaland is ideal. However, Haaland is such an explosive asset, that he can do a lot of damage in 30-60 minutes and if you don’t own him, that would hurt your rank.

GW38 Team Selection

Based on all the analysis done above, this is our GW38 team. In this team, we’ve tried to select players that have a high chance of starting, a high chance of delivering FPL points and players that play for teams that still have something to play for.

GW38 Team Selection

Without a doubt, it’s very important for you to have a solid bench in GW38 because there’d be a lot of rotations by managers this gameweek. To shield yourself from that, it’s important you all pick and select good bench fodders.