FPL GW37 Free Hit Teams: the best free hit teams for gameweek 37

FPL GW37 Free Hit Teams: the best free hit teams for gameweek 37

A double gameweek in GW37 affords FPL managers who still have their free hit chip a nice opportunity to play it. GW37 is a double gameweek for Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Brighton. Free hitting now, means that you can target assets from these teams and maximize your point returns.

In this article, we’d be creating two free hit teams that’d serve as inspiration for those looking to free hit this gameweek. We’d look at the best teams and players to target, as well as alternative times to use the free hit chip. We hope you stick around to the end.

Should you Free Hit in Gameweek 37?

Yes, free hitting in GW37 is a good strategy since it is the only double gameweek left. If you free hit in gameweek 37, you’d be able to put out a team of at least 8-11 doublers.

Pros of a GW37 Free Hit

Here are some of the advantages of free hitting in GW37:

  1. Free hitting in gameweek 37, allows you to field a team of at least 8-11 doublers without having to take a hit(-4 or -8).
  2. Free hitting in gameweek 37 allows you to bring in players from Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Brighton as these teams double and have great fixtures in gameweek 37.
  3. Free hitting now, would also help boost and protect your rank, as the majority of FPL managers used their free hit chip.

Cons of an FPL GW34 Free Hit

  1. Double gameweek FOMO. If you free hit there’s a tendency to want to target a lot of doublers and that could mean that you neglect single gameweek players with great fixtures that could outscore doublers. If your team isn’t balanced, the double gameweek could work against you.

GW37 Free Hit Alternatives – what other gameweeks can you play your free hit in?

If you do not want to play your free hit in gameweek 37, then free hitting in GW38 is a pretty good alternative and it might be a much better time to do so as well. That’s because, with a GW38 free hit, you’d be able to dead-end your team and target players that are playing in teams that still have something to play for.

GW37 Free Hit Team Planning – Players and Teams To Target

Now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of a gameweek 37 free hit, we now want to discuss and identify the best players and teams to target from each team. To begin, let’s take a look at this week’s round of fixtures:

Here are the teams with great fixtures in gameweek 37 – these teams’ fixture difficulty ratings are in the green side of things:

  1. Arsenal
  2. Brighton
  3. Liverpool
  4. Man United
  5. Man City

Other teams with favorable fixtures include: Everton, West Ham, Wolves, Fulham, Newcastle and Crystal Palace. You can check out this week’s FDR(fixture difficulty ratings) here: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/fixtures/fdr.

Players to Target For Your GW37 Free Hit Team

Here are some of the players you should be looking to target as you free hit this gameweek.

  • Man City: Stones, De Brunye, Haaland, Mahrez, Gundogan, Grealish
  • Man United: Shaw, Dalot, Bruno Fernandes and Rashford
  • Liverpool: Arnold, Salah
  • Brighton: Mitoma, Estuoinan and Steele

GW37 Free Hit Teams – Draft 1

This is our first GW37 free hit draft and in this free hit team, we’ve tried to go for a team that is balanced. This team has a good mix of double and single gameweek players. We’ve also tried to avoid selecting players that are a huge rotation risk and that’s why the likes of De Brunye, Grealish, Stones and Gundogan aren’t here.

Due to Manchester City’s participation in the UEFA Champions League and the possibility of winning the league this weekend, their players come with significant risk. It is highly likely that in the second match of their double gameweek in Gameweek 37, Pep Guardiola will field an entirely different team through rotation.

In order to stay clear of this, we’ve decided to go with single gameweek players that still have something to play for this gameweek, hence why we have Liverpool assets in our free hit team.

GW37 Free Hit Teams – Draft 2

Here’s another GW37 free hit team and this one is created by fpltips__ you can check them out on IG. From this draft, you can get further inspiration as you go on creating your own free hit team.

Here are some questions asked about this draft and the reply that was provided by the creators of the free hit team:

In regards to managers who want Rashford if he’s declared “fit” you can swap either Grealish/Gundogan ➡️ Rashford 👍
•If you worry Ferguson’s minutes you can swap him & Gallagher ➡️ Mac Allister & Greenwood.

Question: I need to know why you think Grealish will get the minutes. I Got him but I’m considering selling due to his managed minutes.

Answer: If Man City reaches the final of the champions league swap him to Bruno/rashy if he’s fit. If they are out keep him I believe Pep will go strong in the prem if they are out of the competition.

Question: De Bruyne?

Answer: if city are in champions league final then no as he might get rotated but if they get knocked out then yeah you could get him.

Question: No Bruno???

Answer: you can swap him for Grealish/Gundo.


In conclusion, Gameweek 37 is a crucial double gameweek that could significantly impact your fantasy football season. Using the free hit chip in GW37 can help you take advantage of the double fixtures that some of the top teams have. We hope our suggested free hit teams provide you with some inspiration as you prepare for the big Gameweek.

To further enhance your chances of success, it’s essential to keep an eye on predicted lineups, transfer strategies, and captain picks. Our website has several articles on these topics that can help you make informed decisions.

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