FPL GW36 tips: the best Newcastle and Brighton FPL assets to own

Gameweek 36 presents a unique opportunity for fantasy football managers to consider a triple-up of Newcastle and Brighton assets. With two enticing fixtures on the horizon, in this article will discuss the top picks and starting predictions for Newcastle players. Here, we will analyze the underlying defensive numbers of Newcastle, and highlight the attacking threat of their assets, to guide your decision-making process. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

FPL GW36 Transfer Tips: The Best Newcastle Assets to Own in Gameweek 36

1. Alexander Isak

Isak is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous assets in their squad, with his attacking prowess. This makes him a top pick for the upcoming fixtures. Despite being rotated in recent games, he is expected to start both games in Gameweek 36. Isak’s consistency in delivering impressive performances and his ability to create chances make him a worthy pick for your fantasy team.

2. Trippier

While Newcastle’s defensive record has not been the best in recent weeks, their underlying defensive numbers are quite impressive. This, coupled with the attacking threat of Trippier, makes him the second-best Newcastle asset for the upcoming Gameweek. Trippier’s set-piece duties and his ability to create scoring opportunities from the back make him a valuable asset to consider.

3. Schär and Wilson

Newcastle’s Schär and Wilson are two other assets that fantasy managers should consider for Gameweek 36. Schär’s attacking threat, which is higher than that of most centre-backs, makes him a worthy consideration, even at the expense of paying an extra 0.6m over Botman. On the other hand, Wilson’s starting likelihood depends on the left-wing position. With the main options being Isak, Joelinton, and Saint-Maximin, Wilson is expected to start against Leeds and be benched for Brighton.

Newcastle Starting Predictions Based on Current Situation and Past Games

It is likely that Isak will start at LW in one of the two matches. Saint-Maximin’s return also means he could get a start as the LW against Brighton. Gordon could start at LW in one of the matches, but it is not very likely. Wilson we think could start the Leeds game, and with Saint-Maximin just returning from injury, he is unlikely to be ready for a start against Leeds but may start against Brighton.

FPL GW36 Transfer Tips: Brighton’s Double Gameweek Assets Analysis for FPL GW36

Brighton will be playing two away games in Gameweek 36, against Arsenal and Newcastle, and this presents FPL managers with an opportunity to potentially double up on Brighton assets. In this analysis, we will be looking at the three best Brighton assets to consider for this double gameweek.

🥇 Mac Allister

Mac Allister is one of the most creative players in the Brighton squad, and he has been on penalty taking duties in recent games. He is likely to start both games, and his potential to provide assists and score from set-pieces makes him a strong FPL asset for Gameweek 36.

🥈 Mitoma

Kaoru Mitoma has been impressive in his appearances this season, and he is expected to start both games in this double gameweek. He is a versatile attacking player who can play in multiple positions, and his ability to create chances for his teammates makes him an attractive FPL option.

🥉 Steele/Groß

Steele is a good option because of his price and ability to generate save points. We’ve people suggest that he may be dropped for Sánchez. However, due to the way Roberto De Zerbi wants Brighton to play out from the back, it’s very unlikely.

Brighton’s Solly March Replacement for FPL GW36

In terms of outfield players, Solly March’s injury means that his ownership in FPL has dropped significantly. Therefore, we would recommend transferring him out and bringing in either Mac Allister or Mitoma if you don’t already own them. If you own all three, Pascal Groß could be a decent option to consider instead of making additional transfers for a defender or a forward.

It’s worth noting that Brighton’s defensive assets, such as Dunk and Estupiñán, may not be the best options for this double gameweek, as both Arsenal and Newcastle are likely to score. Therefore, FPL managers may be better off playing Trent Alexander-Arnold ahead of them.

Newcastle Defence: Analyzing the Stats

Newcastle United’s defense has been a topic of discussion in recent weeks, as they have only managed one clean sheet in their last 11 games. However, a Twitter thread by @FPLJoelinton has compared the team’s pre- and post-World Cup statistics to shed some light on the situation.

Comparing Pre- and Post-World Cup Stats

According to @FPLJoelinton, Newcastle’s defensive numbers pre-World Cup (15 games) were better than their post-World Cup (19 games) numbers. The team’s goals conceded per game increased from 0.73 to 0.95, and their expected goals conceded (xGC) increased from 0.97 to 1.08. However, the team is giving up fewer big chances and shots on target per game than they were pre-World Cup.

In terms of clean sheets, the team averaged 0.47 per game pre-World Cup, compared to 0.32 post-World Cup. Despite this, Newcastle still boasts the second-best xGC since the restart, behind only Manchester City.

Trippier’s Performance

@FPLJoelinton also looked at the performance of Kieran Trippier, who has been a popular choice for FPL managers in recent weeks. Trippier has three assists in his last 19 games, which is a decrease from his pre-World Cup average of 0.27 per game. However, his expected assists (xA) and expected goal involvement (xGI) have actually improved since the World Cup.

Trippier’s chances created per game have also increased, from 2.27 pre-World Cup to 3.50 in the last six games. He has been unlucky not to get more returns, as @FPLJoelinton pointed out that Fabian Schar has missed several clear headers from Trippier’s crosses.

Other Defenders

@FPLJoelinton believes that goalkeeper Nick Pope, Schar, and Botman are all nailed on for Newcastle’s defence, while Burn is also likely to start but may be rotated with Targett. Schar’s finishing has let him down, as he has missed eight big chances with an xG of 4.19. However, @FPLJoelinton predicts that he will score soon.

Overall, the statistics suggest that Newcastle’s defence has not deteriorated significantly in recent weeks. While their clean sheets have dried up, they are giving up fewer big chances and shots on target per game than they were pre-World Cup. Trippier’s attacking numbers have improved since the World Cup, and he is still considered a good captaincy option. Newcastle’s other defenders are also solid picks, with Schar likely to start and potentially get on the scoresheet soon.

Newcastle’s Injuries and its Impact in GW36

Injuries can have a significant impact on a team’s performance, especially when it comes to the fantasy football world. In this segment, we will discuss the injury status of Newcastle midfielder Sean Longstaff and its knock-on effect on the team’s lineup and fantasy picks.

Sean Longstaff’s Importance to Newcastle

Despite his lack of game time this season, Longstaff’s importance to Newcastle cannot be underestimated. His role as a right central midfielder is vital in blocking passing lanes, defensive positioning, and general control of the game.

  1. Longstaff’s Injury Status: At the time of writing, Longstaff’s injury status is uncertain. However, early team news will be crucial in predicting how others will fill the gaps left. If Longstaff is fit, it is likely that Joelinton will play left wing, and Willock will play left central midfield, as they are interchangeable anyway.
  2. Impact of Longstaff’s Absence: If Longstaff is unavailable, Joelinton will likely play right central midfield, and Willock will play left central midfield. This will create a space on the left wing for one of Isak, ASM, or Gordon.

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Newcastle Player Comparison GW36

1. Willock vs. Joelinton

The heat maps for the last six games show Joelinton attacking the right wing less, and not in overly threatening positions. Right central midfield is not his ideal position.

On the other hand, Willock’s stats show that he is more creative but also more wasteful. Both players’ last six games haven’t been great.

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Isak vs. Wilson

If Longstaff is unavailable, Isak and Wilson are both in contention for the left-wing spot. Isak is the all-around better player, can play two positions, and has a higher expected minutes count. Wilson, however, is a prolific goal scorer who plays only centrally and is expected to get significant minutes off the bench. Wilson is also likely to be on penalties if both players are on the field.

Comparing Wilson and Isak’s stats for the last 10 games, Wilson has played fewer minutes but has more goals and big chances. Isak is more involved in build-up play and has higher expected goals and expected goal involvement.

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In conclusion, the injury status of Sean Longstaff will have a significant impact on Newcastle’s lineup and fantasy picks. If Longstaff is fit, Joelinton and Willock are likely to play left-wing and left-central midfield, respectively. If Longstaff is unavailable, Isak and Wilson are both viable options for the left-wing spot. Ultimately, both players’ last 10 game stats suggest that they are both good picks, but Wilson is the bigger goal threat.

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GW36 Team Selection

GW36 Team Selection


The upcoming fixtures present a chance to maximize points, with two enticing games on the horizon for Brighton and Newcastle. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and remember that sometimes single gameweek players can be better options.

In this article, we have analyzed the underlying defensive and attacking numbers of Newcastle to guide your decision-making process and highlight the top picks and starting predictions for Newcastle players. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual manager to assess the risks and rewards and choose the best strategy for their team. Happy tinkering!

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