September 23, 2023


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FPL GW36 Free Hit: the best free hit team for gameweek 36

The Best players for your gw36 free hit team

GW36 is only a couple of days away and as FPL managers we’re going to try our best to pick up as many points as possible this week. One way for us to do that is by free hitting. Free hitting in GW36 is a pretty decent strategy and it is one that could pay off this gameweek.

In this article, we’ll provide some inspiration for your GW36 free hit team, and offer some ideas on selecting the right players to maximize your points haul.

Should you Free Hit in Gameweek 36?

Yes, free hitting in GW36 is a good strategy. If you have many Man City assets that could be rotated this week, then free hitting would be ideal. This would allow you to set up your team without these City assets and then in DGW37, you can then make use of them.

You can also target assets that double this week with your GW36 free hit. Overall it’s a pretty good strategy and one that could give you an edge over your mini-league rivals.

Pros of an FPL GW36 Free Hit

Here are some of the advantages of free hitting in GW36:

  1. Free hitting in gameweek 36, allows you to field a team of 11 players that double without having to take a hit(-4 or -8).
  2. Free hitting in gameweek 36 allows you to bring in players Newcastle and Brighton as these teams double in gameweek 36.
  3. Free hitting now, would also help boost and protect your rank, as the majority of FPL managers used their free hit in GW32.

Cons of an FPL GW36 Free Hit

  1. Free hitting this gameweek is not so ideal, as GW37 is a much bigger double gameweek. In GW37, Man City, Man United, Brighton and Chelsea double so it’d be better to use the free hit chip then, as you’d have more options to pick from.

GW36 Free Hit Alternatives – what other gameweeks can you play your free hit in?

If you do not want to play your free hit in gameweek 36, then free hitting in GW37 or GW38 is a pretty good alternative and it might be a much better time to do so as well. That’s because, with a GW38 free hit, you’d be able to dead-end your team and target players that are playing in teams that still have something to play for.

Free hitting in GW37 is also much better as you’d be able to target more players that double in GW37 – Man City, Man United, Brighton and Chelsea all double, so using it there is much better.

GW36 Free Hit Team Planning – Players and Teams To Target

Now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of a gameweek 36 free hit, we now want to discuss and identify the best players and teams to target from each team. To begin, let’s take a look at this week’s round of fixtures:

GW36 fixtures

The teams that have decent fixtures this gameweek, are: Newcastle, Arsenal, Brighton, Man United, Man City and Liverpool. Targeting players from these teams would be a pretty good strategy.

Players to Target For Your GW36 Free Hit Team

Here are some of the players you should be looking to target as you free hit this gameweek.

  • Man City: Lewis, Foden, Alvarez
  • Man United: Shaw, Dalot, Rashford
  • Liverpool: Arnold, Jota, Salah
  • Newcastle: Isak, Trippier, Wilson
  • Brighton: Mitoma, MacAlister and Steele
  • Arsenal: Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard

GW36 Free Hit Teams – Draft 1

GW36 Free Hit Teams – Draft 1

In this GW36 free hit team, you can see what we’re trying to do – we’re trying to select players that have low rotation risks. That’s why we’re avoiding some City players like Haaland, De Brunye and Grealish. We also don’t have the likes of Wilson and Isak because we think their minutes could be reduced.

Instead of going for such players, we’ve decided to go for some of the more nailed-on players that are less of a rotation risk. We know that going without Haaland is risky, but it is a risk we’re willing to take.

GW36 Free Hit Teams – Draft 2

GW36 Free Hit Teams – Draft 2

Here’s another GW36 team and in this one we’ve switched things up a little bit. We’ve decided to go with Haaland, Rashford, Wilson and Jesus. This team isn’t bad and it’s expected to get ten more points than the previous team. The addition of Haaland, Wilson, Jesus and Rashford must have contributed to that.

It’s a pretty solid strategy as we’ve got a good mix of high-rotation players and players that are pretty nailed on. We know also that there’s a lot of debate on who to pick between Wilson and Isak. We’ve decided to go with Wilson because his underlying numbers are much better and there’s a huge chance they both get a game each.

Not sure who to captain this gameweek, then check out our: GW36 Captains: Haaland, Isak, Wilson, or Salah – Our Top Picks

We’ve also seen Wilson come off the bench in previous games and do pretty well. We believe his explosiveness and clinicality could be a great asset this gameweek. Feel free to check out: FPL GW36 tips: the best Newcastle and Brighton FPL assets to own for more transfer tips.


In conclusion, as the season draws to an end every gameweek is crucial. Using the free hit chip in GW36 can help you take advantage of the double fixtures that some teams have. We hope our suggested free hit teams provide you with some inspiration as you prepare this Gameweek.

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