FPL GW35 tips: the best FPL players to own in gameweek 35

With three more gameweeks left in the Premier League this season, FPL is getting a lot more interesting. A lot of managers have used their various chips, which means that using your free transfers to buy players is very important. That’s why in this article, we have compiled a list of top players to buy for GW35, covering all positions from goalkeepers to attackers.

Our recommendations are not only focused on this gameweek but also consider the best long-term FPL transfer options. We hope this article will be helpful to FPL managers as they prepare for GW35 and beyond. Remember to follow us on Twitter @raen_sports.

The Best FPL Players to Buy Ahead of FPL GW35

If you’re looking for the best players to buy, these are the players you should be targeting:

  • Erling Haaland of Man City
  • Mitoma of Brighton
  • March of Brighton
  • Rashford of Man United
  • Mo Salah of Liverpool
  • Diogo Jota of Liverpool
  • Jack Grealish of Man City
  • John Stones of Man City
  • Alexander Arnold of Liverpool
  • Steel of Brighton

These players are great short-term picks as well as long-term picks.

GW35 Most Transferred in players

There are a lot of really good players to buy this gameweek and FPL managers are already transferring these players. Here are some of the best players to buy in GW35:

From the list of popular transfers in this gameweek, we can see that FPL managers are targeting Newcastle, Man United, Brighton, and Liverpool assets. This is a good strategy, as these players have great fixtures in GW35 and some of them have double gameweeks coming up.

1. FPL Goalkeepers to Buy GW35 and Beyond

Although often overlooked in favor of midfielders and forwards, goalkeepers are a crucial component of any Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team. In the world of FPL, they may not be as glamorous as their attacking counterparts, but they can often be the difference between winning and losing.

If you’re looking to add a goalkeeper to your FPL team for Gameweek 35 and beyond, there is one budget option that we’d recommend, and that’s Steele of Brighton.

FPL Goalkeeper Jason Steele: A Great Pick for GW35 and Beyond

Projected to score 4.0 points in GW35, Brighton’s goalkeeper Jason Steele has been on a hot streak, earning 16 points in the last two matches with a penalty save and a clean sheet. Since taking over the starting role in GW26, Steele has recorded two double-digit hauls.

FPL Goalkeeper Jason Steele stats

With such impressive performances, managers who have not already tripled up on Brighton should consider adding Steele to their teams as he provides excellent value at this stage of the season.

Moreover, Brighton boasts the easiest remaining defensive schedule, and with plenty of fixtures left, Steele has ample opportunities to continue accumulating points. As the team with the most remaining fixtures, including two DGWs, and with his affordable price, Steele is a highly recommended choice for GW35, especially for those who have not already invested in Brighton.

Adding to his value is the fact that Steele’s recent performances have been a crucial part of Brighton’s push for a top-half finish, making him a reliable pick for the rest of the season. So, for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective goalkeeper option with a great potential for points, Jason Steele is a strong choice.

If you’re on a wildcard and not sure what players to buy, then feel free to check out our: FPL GW35 wildcard team: the best gameweek 35 wildcard FPL teams.

2. Analyzing the Best Defensive Picks for FPL GW33 and Beyond

1. Pervis Estupinan – A Great Defensive Pick for GW35 and Beyond

At a price of £4.8, Pervis Estupinan is a solid defensive pick with projected points of 4.3 for GW35. While predicting clean sheets is difficult in the current Premier League climate, those seeking to invest in a defender should consider a player with a strong attacking threat and plenty of fixtures remaining. Estupinan fits the bill perfectly.

With the most remaining fixtures, including two DGWs, Estupinan has the easiest remaining defensive schedule for defenders, making him a favorable pick. Moreover, he poses a significant attacking threat with 0.26 xGI per 90 minutes this season, which is more than what his eye test might suggest.

With plenty of fixtures remaining and a great attacking threat at an affordable price, Estupinan is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective defensive option for the rest of the season

2. Ruben Dias – A Strong Defensive Pick for GW35 and Beyond

Despite only keeping two clean sheets in their last 12 matches, the Manchester City defense has been a solid unit this season, conceding no more than one goal in each of those games. With the clean sheets likely to return, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers should consider investing in their most nailed defender, Ruben Dias, who is priced at £6.0 with a projected points score of 4.3 for GW35.

Dias has a great chance of starting most games and though he has minimal attacking threat this season, he still managed to provide seven attacking returns last season. With the fourth easiest schedule over the remainder of the season, which includes a DGW in GW37, Dias is a great option for those looking to maximize their transfers.

It is important to note that Ruben Dias could be rested this week against Leeds, as City have to face Real Madrid in the UCL on Tuesday. Going for a player like Akanji could be a nice move as he was rested against West Ham on Wednesday.

Some Other Great defender picks

Apart from the two defenders mentioned above, there are still some other impressive and solid picks. The likes of:

  1. Trent Alexander Arnold who has been great for Liverpool in recent weeks, he has picked up 30 FPL points, keeping one clean sheet and assisting five times in that period. If you have the funds and are looking to get a defender that’d return points, then Arnold is a solid pick.
  2. .Newcastle defenders Trippier and Schar are great options for the next gameweek as they double and face Leeds and Brighton. This week, clean sheet might be hard to come by as Newcastle face Arsenal. A good strategy would be to hold your Newcastle defenders and keep them for their double in GW36.

3. Midfielders to Consider for GW35 and Beyond

1. Marcus Rashford – A Must-Have Midfielder for GW35 and Beyond

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford is back and in top form, with a stellar performance in his last two matches, earning him 18 points. With a price tag of £7.2 and a projected points score of 5.2 for GW35, Rashford is a top midfield pick for FPL managers looking to strengthen their squad.

Marcus Rashford's stats

Many managers sold Rashford before his injury in GW31, but those who did should look to buy him back as soon as possible. Rashford’s impressive form and favorable fixtures make him one of the best midfielders for the remainder of the season. He has the second easiest schedule for attackers up until the end of the season, including a DGW in GW37.

Marcus Rashford's fixtures from GW35-38

With an expected goal involvement (xGI) of 0.76 and 0.58 since returning from injury, Rashford is showing great form at the right time. If you were one of the managers who sold Rashford, it is a priority to bring him back into your team.

2. Despite Recent Benching, Kaoru Mitoma is Still a Great Pick for FPL Managers

Kaoru Mitoma of BHA is priced at £5.6 in the FPL and is projected to score 5.0 points in GW35. Despite being benched in GW34 due to fatigue and a recent string of blanks, many FPL managers are still hesitant to give up on him. However, Mitoma is still a top pick and a great buy given his upcoming fixtures and his potential as Brighton’s most exciting midfield option.

Kaoru Mitoma's fixtures from GW35-38

Brighton has the easiest schedule for attackers for the remainder of the season, with two DGWs that give Mitoma plenty of opportunities to earn points.

Although his underlying stats are only decent with a 0.46 xGI per 90 minutes since the World Cup, watching Mitoma play shows that he has the potential to make something happen every time he touches the ball. With his impressive fixtures and scoring potential, Mitoma should still be considered a great buy heading into GW34.

Other great Midfielder picks for GW35

  1. Mo Salah is still a great pick for this gameweek and is one that FPL managers could look to add to their squad. He’s scored twice in double gameweek GW34 and we’d be hoping he can keep it up this week and beyond.
  2. James Maddison – we’ve got Maddison because we think he’d make a great differential this week and beyond. He seems to be an integral part of this Leicester side and we’d be expecting him to step up now as Leicester fight to stay up. If you want a differential, then Maddison is a solid pick.
  3. Phil Foden – is another player that could be a great GW35 punt this week and that’s because of City’s involvement in the UCL during the mid-week. Pep could rotate his squad and if he does, Foden could get a start.
  4. Not sure who to captain? Find out in our GW35 Captains: Haaland, Rashford, Salah, or Kane – Captain picks Analysis.

FPL GW35 tips and transfer strategy: the best forwards to buy gameweek 35

1. Alexander Isak: A Hidden Gem for FPL Managers with an Eye on xMins and Attacking Returns

Despite Newcastle’s Wilson stealing the limelight in recent weeks, Alexander Isak remains one of the best forward options to consider for the remainder of the season. His Expected Minutes (xMins) make him a particularly attractive choice for managers who value consistent playing time, and his ability to play both down the middle and out to the left adds to his versatility.

Isak also benefits from having the 4th easiest schedule for attackers over the rest of the season, making him a great bet for potential hauls. With impressive underlying stats and an upcoming DGW36, Isak should be high on the list for FPL managers looking to maximize their transfers.

2. Julian Alvarez, the low-ownership Forward with high upside at Manchester City

Julian Alvarez’s stunning performance in DGW34 is the talk of the town, as he bagged a goal and an assist to earn a whopping 14 points for Manchester City. Despite playing only 983 minutes this season, Alvarez has already registered four double-digit hauls. The talented forward is a great pick for managers who are chasing a better rank, as he is owned by just 1.2% of the top 100k teams.

One of the most impressive aspects of Alvarez’s game is his ability to haul every time he gets decent minutes. His xGI per 90 minutes is an impressive 0.70, which speaks to his attacking prowess. With Kevin De Bruyne still recovering from injury, Alvarez’s minutes are likely to increase in the coming weeks. Given his fantastic form, he is a solid punt to consider for your fantasy team.

Furthermore, Manchester City’s focus on the Champions League could mean that Alvarez is given more opportunities in the Premier League, which is great news for fantasy managers. If early team news indicates that Erling Haaland may not start in GW35, Alvarez could be an excellent captaincy option.

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GW35 Team Selection

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Well, it is now time for us to share with you our ideal 11 FPL player picks for GW35. These are the best players, players we think would be great additions to your FPL team.

GW35 Team Selection

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